What the Hungarian Ground Subtree SHOULD look like! - How it can be improved

Should Gaijin work to improve and expand the Hungarian ground subtree and make it look more like my subtree presented here?
  • Yes, improve and expand it to look more like the subtree presented here
  • Yes, improve and expand it, but it should look quite different to the subtree presented here
  • No, leave it as it is

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The long-awaited Hungarian ground subtree for Italy has been released, but it includes too few Hungarian vehicles, too many unnecessary copy-paste vehicles, and has too many gaps.

I present to you my Improved Hungarian ground subtree for Italy which includes much more Hungarian vehicles, much less copy-paste vehicles, and helps fix a few problems that the Italian tech tree faces, such as a lack of SPAAGs, a lack of heavy tanks and original WW2 tanks. It includes 28 researchable vehicles (only 4 of which are copy-pastes) and 1 more premium vehicle that could also be added if needed!

Compare that to the recently released Hungarian ground subtree with just 11 researchable vehicles, 6 of which are copy-pastes!

HERE YOU CAN SEE MY SUBTREE FOR YOURSELF: Improved Hungarian Ground Forces Subtree

My subtree in image form (unfoldered):


My subtree in image form (foldered):


The purpose of this post is to show what the Hungarian ground subtree for Italy could have looked like on release and how good it can become with some improvements. Hopefully we can get Gaijin to improve the current Hungarian ground subtree by adding some of the Hungarian vehicles they are missing, both WW2 and postwar/cold war/modern vehicles. This can be done in future patches, improving and expanding the Hungarian subtree in multiple updates to a size and quality closer to what I have demonstrated Hungary can reach.

Statcards I made for some of the new vehicles

I would like to thank atta26hu for finding and researching some of the obscure/forgotten vehicles shown here.

So, what do you think about my improved subtree? Is it better than the one introduced in the “Sons of Attila” update? Should Gaijin work to expand and improve the Hungarian subtree and make it look more like mine?


I fully agree with this tree aside from the 44.M Tas because that, to my knowledge, never even had its prototype finished.

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Where is the Leopard2A7HU?

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Thanks, while I don’t agree with leaving out the 44M Tas, there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t add most of the other tanks here into the tree. Most of these additions are just objectively good, being indigenous, unique, fun and useful.

I think the 44M Tas should be added as it had 2 mostly complete prototypes that would have been finished, tested, produced, and seen combat (as it would’ve been Hungary’s best tank at the time) had the entire factory including the prototypes and much of the documents and blueprints not been destroyed in a huge American bombing campaign.

Besides, Gaijin allows partially completed prototypes to be added (e.g. E-100, Chi-Ri, Panther II, Ho-Ri (x2), Coelian, Ho 229, J6K, R2Y2 (x3), Ki-200, XP-50, etc.) so the 44M Tas shouldn’t be a problem.

Also, Gaijin allows “less feasible” additions, such as the XP-50 (exploded during first flight, project abandoned), Ho-Ri (literally none of it was built except the gun), basically every Obj. tank and literally half of the prototypes in the game (projects abandoned), Coelian (only had a wooden mockup turret), HT. no. 6/Japanese Tiger (never even reached Japan for testing, never crewed or used by the Japanese, remained a German Tiger), and the F-16AJ (controversial, no info about it, Japan literally rejected the offer, none made, not even a prototype!).

If such unfeasible vehicles can be added, then why can’t a tank prototype that would easily have been completed had some bombs landed a few metres away instead?

Anyway, the full history, my full justification for why it should be added and loads of information about the 44M Tas can all be found in my suggestion for it.


At the time when I made this, there were no Leopard 2A7s in the game and no rank VIII ground. I was already aware of the Leopard 2A7+ HU, but I didn’t think there was much point adding it until Leopard 2A7s start getting added into the game. I could add it soon, but I don’t know whether it should be at BR 11.7 or 12.0 or 12.3. Keep in mind that the Leopard 2A7V is at 11.7, and I assume that the 2A7+ HU is better, but I don’t really know by how much.

The issue with the examples you brought up is that those were all added years ago and Gaijin has stated that they no longer meet their criteria for adding vehicles to the game. Other than the 44.M Tas, I fully agree with this tree and I think it is what the Hugarian subtree should look like, with the addition of the Leopard 2 A7 HU.

Well yeah, at the end of the day the decision is up to Gaijin. But the rest should undoubtedly be added.

dont forget the skyranger lynx which can be a new anti air

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Yeah, but I don’t think this is even in service yet. It’s a bit too new. Maybe a few years later I’ll add it.

I shall raise the issue of the Japanese-almost purely - fantasy F-16.
Also the Japanese O-I got passed to devs…don’t see a reason why the TAS is out of the realm of possibility


Gaijin has already said the only reason the F-16AJ was added was because Japan desperately needed it and the brocure made it clear that it is literally just an F-16A. That’s it. It has already been stated that the F-16AJ is not indicative of an overall trend

As for the O-I, passed to the devs doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a status on the forums that means some info was sent to Gaijin. It’s a decision by suggestion mods. It doesn’t mean anything. Whether something is passed to the devs has no bearing on if it is added.