Sources and proofs for German tanks in Hungarian usage

Since Gaijin needs evidence for the Hungarian army having used German tanks, to add said German tanks to the Hungarian sub-tree, I started this thread to provide evidence for it.

Personally, I would only add the Tiger I and Panther as tech tree versions so that hopefully alongside the TAS we could have a nice lineup. The Stug is iconic and unique but since Italy already has one, this could be a good premium for the tech tree.

Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. F1 of the Royal Hungarian 2nd Army at the Don river with German troops and StuG, Russia, 1942.

Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. F2 in service of the Royal Hungarian 2nd Honvéd Army’s 1st Armored Field Division, Russia 1942.

After the fights in August 1942, the Hungarian 1st Armored Field Division got 10 Pz.IV F2 tanks from the Germans to refill their losses. These tanks were operated by Hungarian crews and received Hungarian registration numbers; 1H-834, 1H-835 1H-836, 1H-854, 1H-859, 1H-860, 1H-861, 1H-862, 1H-863 and 1H-864. All of them were destroyed by the Soviet forces during their winter assault in 1943

Hungarian Stug III’s all with Saukopf mantlet, manned by HU crew’s. Newsreel from 1:28

note the Hungarian cross/marking on the side


List for foreign made tanks in Hungarian service with service numbers

Tiger I tank in Hungarian service with Hungarian crew + add-on track armor at page 134-136
Tiger I with extra track-add-on armor in Hungarian service


Panther in Hungarian service.
Rare photo of a Pz.Kpfw. V “Panther” in Hungarian service. This Panther was one of the first five which was given to the Hungarian 2nd Armored Division on September 1, 1944, Transylvania.

We know that Panthers were in service in Hungarian units, crewed by Hungarian crewmen. In 1944 the Germans gave 5 Panthers for training to the Hungarian army but they also were used in combat by the Hungarian 2nd Armored Division in Transylvania.
There are sources that indicate that a Panther shipment initially intended for Romania was diverted to the Hungarian army in 1944 August. 23 after Romania switched sides.
Magyarország a második világháborúban. Lexikon. Főszerkesztő: Sipos Péter, szerkesztő: Ravasz István. Budapest, 1997. PETIT REAL, 377. o. (a továbbiakban: Lexikon), also, Bonhardt Attila—Sárhidai Gyula—Winkler László: A Magyar Királyi Honvédség fegyverzete. (Budapest, é. n.) 136. o.

We know for sure that there were Panthers under the command of the Hungarian tank commander ace, Tarczay Ervin and he himself served on one.


Gaijin never said they needed evidence for German tanks in Hungarian use. In the article “Sons of Attila — Answering your questions” they said that, alongside different variants of domestic Hungarian tanks and the 40.M Nimrod SPAA, German vehicles in Hungarian service may appear in the Italian tree in the future, both in the tech tree and as event vehicles.

Q: One of the reasons for asking to add the Hungary branch to Italy was Tigers/Panthers they had, being more heavily armored vehicles to diversify gameplay for Italy. It would also be nice to see more domestic vehicles, such as Turan II, Toldi, Zrinyi I, as well as the 40M Nimrod SPAA. Are there any plans for them?
A: Different variants of the domestic tanks, as well as German vehicles may come to the game in the future, both in the tech tree and as event vehicles. The Nimrod SPAA might come to the game in the future as well.


I stand corrected.

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@Smin1080p Could you look at the sources and tell us if you all need more sources for the HU usage of GE vehicles?
We have primary sources in the form of newsreels and secondary sources in the form of Haditechnika, that support the information gathered by Hebime which indicates type,number and registration/tactical numbers that align with the primary source

Added the Panther and sources for it. @Smin1080p

So make some skins for them in the German tree - noting else needs be done.

As Hungary being the only axis user of these tanks besides Germany I think that aside from Italy needing heavy/medium tanks, Hungary has the right to have these tanks. These are not captured, not, bought but never received, but tanks that Hungarian aces and tankmen served on and died in.


Why? If there is a Hungarian subtree. Some of these tanks will fill gaps the whole TT has, especially Tiger, which gives a heavy tank → the ability to complete task without the need to research a different TT.
Also the tree in general lacks tanks at that tier.

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A good little on-topic video

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Could anyone tell me exactly which version of the Panther did Hungary used?
Thanks a lot

Presumably, D and A versions. the D is listed in the used foreign vehicles list and the photograph shows an A-type hull.

So currently there are only photographical proof of the Panther A, right?

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yes, at least at my disposal

I kinda miss the most numerous german tanks given to hungarians, according to Tank encyclopedia et least. Which are 108 Pz 38t ,either like 70 or 10 Pz4H (the site really contradicts itself, I would think it probably the latter, so in that case ignore this) and 75-85 Hetzers. Well I am not sure correctness of the source on the later two, the Pz 38 could enrich the 2.3 line-up.