What kind of punishment should this result in?

nuke are hard to come by and each one you get feels like it is the last one
so when a teammate team kills you after you finally get a nuke
it can be a pretty extensive game-killing experience

so I’m wondering can i submit this video anywhere? so that there may be taken a more direct action rather than just a ‘‘report’’ via in-game means where you hope for the best


I would be properly disappointed if that guy doesn’t get at least a month worth of temp ban.


Intentional tk should be temp ban, very simple.But we all know never gonna get implemented :D

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Hi! Sorry that this happened to you, we usually do not act on videos as proof but i had reviewed this player’s behaviour via some replays, and action has been taken.

Please do report such players via in-game reporting system but also via replay system on website.


oooh fancy, i shall make a report right away

Found the replay and reported the dude

good hunting

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Actually had the same thing happen to me on my first nuke ever. Some dude in a Ostwind shot me down perhaps 3 or 4 seconds befor I could drop it. Sucks, but I saved the replay and reported via InGame tool with time stamps.


Nice to see that a vid can change/accelerate some things.

You might want to check these 2 intentional teamkills too:

Teamkill right after air spawn 6 kills in Wyvern - 19.09.- 16:36:
Teamkilled right after spawn

Teamkilled after 8:30 by the same guy 19.09. - 23:40
Teamkill in order to deny kill - griefing

I mean this piece of **** teamkilled me twice on the same day. He even changed his gamertag between those 2 teamkills in order to sneak up the 2nd time…

In addition it looks for me that this guy reported me in August for calling him 3 times in a game trash after he provoked in all chat. I bombed and killed him whilst repairing on his airfield - so he got what he asked for. My only feedback so far was a chat ban for calling him trash…


can we know what actions you mean ?

We do not share any information on any punishment any player receives. So sadly i cannot tell you anything.

How do you embed / put video like this on the forum?

i first uploaded it to reddit r/warthunder and then downloaded it with a reddit downloader

and then download it as the smallest file possible so it was under 4 MB

Ewww, just put it on youtube lol, and link it here.

You’re just doing extra steps, and making the quality of it worse.

then i cant get some karma and share my pain
i rarely put anything on youtube and i don’t have a youtube downloader

and if i link it to youtube it wont show in here as a video?
won’t it show as a link with a thumbnail

how to make it lower than 4MB?

you chose the SD versions
there you can choose
220p (mp4)
270p (mp4)
360p (mp4)
480p (mp4)
or higher if it supports that
i just normally pick either the lowest or the second lowest and see how big the file is

do you know what happened to the dude?

There is zero need or use for team kill in realistic air, it adds nothing to the game, we don’t have it in GRB for land vehicles. Keep it for sim. There are rounds flying everywhere in air battles in War Thunder and team kill in those situations is ridiculous.

And this nonsense would cease to exist.


They’d just find other ways to do it.

They need to be impacted by the rules they agreed to, much the same as you.

I am guessing the issue is the “intentional”…it can be hard to automatically detect intentional kill…

I play mostly ABGF, and we dont have TK for tanks, but it does exist for aircraft (and artillery)…
I believe the reason is the fast firing weapons and forcing players to stop firing if friendlies are in the line of fire…as they would have to do IRL.

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