Team killing policy - follow up thread

So do You belive that stats reflect on what You do in battle or not? Because I’m pointing out this system for the sake of players like You, who don’t belive in stats reflecting their effectivness.

(If You can’t see it, I’m trying to be nice but You are making it harder)

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Ahhh the old ‘effectiveness’… Goes along with your fixation of me saying stats, to you making it to be their overall statcard…

I’d already typed up the following knowing you were going to post back because of this fact, you are the one arguing to argue, as per usual, and you’re trying to use that conflation of stats to be your statcard… As per usual, a very lame hill to stand on…

Take Sim for instance, a new player joins sim, ends up crashing a few times, doesn’t actually engage enemies, or even being engaged by enemies, they won’t accrue your deemed points, and if they end up unfortunately hitting an ally, they will lose some points, and to the point that if they keep struggling and not understanding they will end up in that dunce lobby.

The fact you’re bringing the statcard into it compared to actually acknowledgeing the sentiment I have put means you don’t understand what I’ve said, and are just going to argue because it is me.

I don’t think your SBMM want, is going to fix anything, not nearly in the effect that you think it’ll make your matches ‘better’ by just surrounding you with ‘good players’.

That’s the same as someone last week telling me they’d want to respect me as a human when I was opposing thier stupid airfield camper nonsense whilst they were being abusive on the regular… Get out of it.

I tried to be nice, but I see that You can’t be helped.

He will be put with players that are just like him in order for him to learn and get better, nothing wrong with it.

You are the one who started talking about stats in general, I was talking about points done in battle.

What I have proposed should be to Your liking as the ‘battle points’ should reflect about Your ‘effectivness’ in the battle itself. But I can get why You wouldn’t like SBMM ;)

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Such a dig… Not a wise thing to be honest.

Proved my point.

If You really want to discuss things that are going to improve gameplay instead of what You are doing right now, You can @ me.

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I am not sure why i saw ~ 50 more or less non “Team killing policy” related posts.

Do you guys really think that somebody who would like to inform himself about the current status of this issue want to read through a hell of non-topic relevant issues or private clashes?

It would be great if we could stay on topic.

Thx for understanding!

I saw this post:

…and saw then a imho rather useless discussion about manual reportings of team killers.

Why useless?

If you would have followed this topic as closely as I do, you would have been aware of the following:

  1. Game Masters (GMs) openly admitted multiple times, that they are not interfere with the “auto-ban” game mechanic (which tracks damage of friendlies and team kills) - and do not react on manual reports.
  2. The in-game reporting (so whilst playing the specific match) was always a dead letter box due to missing evidence, and the server replay reports (with evidence = the replay with time stamps) were not processed.
  3. I saw one exception from this rule, when a Community manager (CM) reacted on a vid with a team kill of a nuke carrier (link).

So the current status looks for me as following:

  1. A lot of “regular” players are extremely annoyed by team killers. Either direct (as being team killed) or indirect (own or enemy team “team kills”) as it alters the outcome of matches if done with “sufficient” losses right after spawn.

  2. Gaijin itself ignored the problem and introduced some time ago this “auto-ban” functionality which is now proven as useless to be an actual deterrent, but it also indirectly confirmed that team killing is a massive problem, otherwise there is no need for an automated process.

  3. Last year we saw an official statement and a change of game mechanics which now disables repair cost if you get team killed. There is no refund of activated boosters and the extremely annoying team killing by ramming is still an issue - there are dozens of unprocessed bug reports regarding “ramming” visible for everybody.

It would be great if the discussion could be focused on those topics:

  1. How can gaijin (their devs) be convinced that the current situation needs to be fixed? How can CMs and GMs (as imho also passionate about the game) support fair players in order to stop those malicious team killers?

  2. What are realistic ways to prevent team kills in the first place and how shall malicious team killers be handled by gaijin and the community?

  3. How can “innocent” pilots be adequately compensated for the loss of boosters or disrupting of running orders (due to griefing) or running wagers?

Have a good one!

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In addition a classic example of a team kill due to lack of severe punishments:

Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

A B-17 pilot team killed a friendly Yak-3 pilot on final approach (so helpless) because he “felt like it” (as stated in the chat log), so a severe punishment would imho be suited to prevent such totally unmotivated & unprovoked team killers from having such “feelings” a second time…

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7 days ban ended.
Logged in, killed ~10 team members during takeoff in 6 battles total.
Again 24hr ban :D
Well, we’ll see)

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never forget that hes the type of person that plays in ULQ mode so he can have an advantage shooting people.

You guys still think that I play on ULQ or that ULQ is what gives advantage?

You could try changing your name 😆

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I thought about it, but many people told me to not do so as there is a huge legend behind my nickname.

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what if your avenging the player that TK?

tk gives more SL to u. Not

TK doesn’t give SL to the player who was TK.

I was joking man

You will suffer the same fate as the TKer.

Under no circumstances is TK allowed, also not in retaliation or revenge.


Should i believe this?

I’d strongly recommend to believe what a Senior Game Master states about rules and punishments, yes.

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Alright, have a great day

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