Make reporting easier for console

Pretty much as title says. There’s been so many more hackers and cheater in lobbies ever since the events started. Reporting them from console is much more painstaking than it is from PC.

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Its literally just right a 2 clicks and than report…

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That’s not how you report cheaters for using hacks. The in game report is for chat reports. Might want to do some digging on the forums on how you’re suppose to report cheaters.

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5 clicks after the battle is to much, got it XDDDD

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Should learn to read there bud. List doesn’t include cheaters because of the way you have to report them. It isn’t 5 click. lol. It’s log on to a computer, find the replay, clip it, find a admin on the forum and send it to them with listed details and wait for a reply since those reports are supposedly looked over.

Before ya try to troll, least know the material before looking like a tool.

You don’t need a pc for reporting when u use a console.

I play exclusively on console and i report like this:

  1. I wait until the match is over, i report chat violations from result screen by clicking on the player name and done.
  2. For stuff like griefing etc, i use the battle summary message, which includes the server replay link for this specific match.
  3. By clicking on the link the browser on my xbox opens the replay site with this match.
  4. I start replay, switch back to wt an do my report.

You have to report on the site, not in game

Not sure if you are trolling or if this i serious.

  • Reporting of chat violations work in running games and with replays as the chat log is attached to your report.
  • Everything else has to be done by server replay as the game id and the replay link itself will be attached to your report - in order to allow the Game Masters to do the job.
  • if your memory is good enough you can do this via the server replay site, if you want to report accurate time stamps you might need to run the replay to determine the exact time.
  • From a holistic pov the replay site is just a UI to the game, another way to the game. There is no technical difference of using the site or a server replay.

You find this and much more explained in detail in the old forum, you might want to check the old team killing policy thread in which GMs explained this.

I added our fellow Swiss GM @Schindibee - just in case they changed something…

Yes, but OP refers to cheaters and hackers, not chat issues

Literally posted by Schindibee


If that’s true, why are cheating/exploiting and teamkilling report options in the first place?

Also, that’s an absurd flowchart just to report a cheater…

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No idea, I’m just random dude, maybe it worked differently in the past and they just didn’t remove it? Maybe it’s the same reporting system for both server replay site and game, dunno.

Or tinfoil hat theory - so when people report they can ignore them = less work :D


I appreciate your reply as it looks like we are talking about the same just from different (technical) angles. So as long as i can’t prove that my opinion regarding UI (no difference of reports by reporting from the site or a running server replays) is correct (and i am unable to find the thread where i read this) it looks like that i am wrong and i have to apologize. Sorry for that!

Regarding the usefulness of in-game reports of non-chat related in-game reports:

You find a hell of posts describing them as “dead letterboxes” - especially regarding reports of team kills; the GMs admit that in-game reports are useless due to missing evidence - and server replay reports too, as they don’t want to interfere with their auto-ban system.

The only exception i am aware of is described in this thread - a CM (Community Manager) acted after a fellow player was team killed whilst carrying a nuke…

The only strange thing in this reply is mentioned that you should use the in-game report function for reporting team kills - whilst the GMs stated in the past that they are useless…

So i am still confused - maybe @Schindibee can clarify this. Thanks in advance!