How can I ensure that a player gets punished for a blatantly obvious teamkill

I just achieved my first ever nuke in 1600 hours of playing warthunder. My entire team was cheering me on basically and I even had a fighter escort. And yet I was shot down by a player named “Fumio5099” (Ryuho_Official) for an intentional teamkill after I announced that this was my first ever nuke. I say completely intentional as they were over the combat zone and as soon as I said it was my first ever nuke, he headed towards our base and shot me down with a AAM. He also blacklisted me as I tried to message him after the match but couldnt. (the option was greyed out). Reporting players in the past does nothing as we do not get feedback from gaijin on what results our reports have, but I want to know that this player has either been banned or at least severely punished. A nuke is a major achievement, and for my first one to be stolen due to blatant disregard for game rules and poor sportsmanship, and to effectively get away with it feels like I had a major milestone just stolen by gaijin’s lack of action. This is frankly appalling and I’m disgusted that this has been allowed to happen.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? What actions did you take?


I am sorry this happened to you, it is terrible for the other player to have done that.

Gaijin didn’t take the milestone from you, some other jerk did.


Go to the Gaijin Website where they store the replays, check the box to beside Find replays with my participation, and search for the replay of that match. Select the replay, review it to find the time where the incident occurred and note it. Click back on the original link, find the player in question and use the report function.

Whether or not it works, I can’t say, but that’s the way I’ve dealt with blatant teamkills.

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I almost feel like Gaijin is taking it from me by guilt of non-action. I’ll never know if this player gets punished or what actions are taken because of “gAiJiN PoLiCy” so even if he gets punished, to my knowledge he still gets away scott free…

I did that, as well as report him in game for intentional teamkill, poor sportsmanship, and harassment.

But my point is we will never know that it works or if he was punished.

You might want to look at this thread:

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You should have expected that to happen. lol
Sorry. Better luck next time.

If I should’ve expected that to happen, then clearly I’m playing the wrong game. If that’s the “Norm” I legitimately hope that players that get off to ruining other players days get food poisoning every other day or contract a rare form of cancer.

Cancer for the cancerous player base I say.

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hopefully i can get confirmation from the gamemasters that something has been done. Im really just in search of some form of vindication…

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Now THAT is the toxic attitude expected of WT players!

I mean I’d say other things, but those would likely get me booted off the forums really quick ^-^’

To say that I would LOVE to send a bag of gummy phalluses or ethically sourced dog waste to Fumio5099’s address as a “thank you for intentionally depriving me of a nuke” is an understatement. I might even order him 50 pizzas as a pizza party for his family, and accidently forget to pay.

Sadly the above requires more effort than im willing to give, and as such I’m just hoping that mods confirm something has been done.

You’ve already expended far more effort than this deserves.
Ruining other player’s day is literally the objective of this game. Every time you get a kill you’ve done that.
Fratting teammates trying to nuke has been a thing since nukes were brought into the game. I doubt Gaijin is going to do anything since it happens allthetime.
If you’re this pissed, you should probably take a break for a while.

I disagree. PVP tank combat isnt all fun and games. You will get killed. A LOT But when your teammates, somebody that you arent supposed to kill and instead work alongside, decides to kill you during such a large event is outright unacceptable.
My day is not ruined every time my tank blows up or my plane gets shot down. Sometimes it happens by friendlies which is usually attributed to general stupidity or lack of knowledge at how AAMs work.

But when you intentionally turn around, fly towards a teammate, lock on intentionally to a friendly, and fire a missile when there is no enemy in sight…that’s a whole different level of shenanigans that should not be tolerated. If that’s something that I should expect, ill just make sure to clear the airspace of friendlies before taking off with the nuke.

The behaviour in a video game can be seen as mirror of social behaviour. At least it allows some conclusions. Guys with such negative appearances in video games will most likely end lonely living under a bridge - that should give you enough satisfaction…

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Even though we can all agree that such a situation is very frustrating, please, do not use the forum for reporting.
As already mentioned, please use the server replay report tool.

The player’s case will be reviewed by a gamemaster and actions will be taken if necessary.

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