Team killed while using the Nuke

when you get a nuke you should be immune to team kill or team killing someone with a nuke should instantly give you a ban for a week this is only my 3rd nuke and its been ruined by some jealous guy who cant even rack up a double kill. Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

is there a way to avoid getting shot down by teammates at all?


Feel free to read this:


Most fking annoying thing about dying after spawning a nuke carrier is that you loose all 2500 SP, and you are usually unable to go back to the ground if need be. Teamkills aside, in top tier the moment an enemy can spawn and nuke and gets noticed doing so, you will have 8 ERs, 6 pheonix and a couple dozen aim9m&r73 coming your way. GL with the IR ones…


It takes a special kind of person to deny themselves almost certain win by TKing a nuke.

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no ban, just disable teamkill on friendly planes


This is the way to go but only for the nuke plane imo

I think they would just ram your jet/bomber into the ground to bypass the disabled team kill

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We shouldn’t have to disable everything to make players play fair, and not be breaking rules… Stopping it in this method, they will just find another way to do it and be assholes.

The just need to be excluded and removed, and made an actual example of.

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You should be immune to team kills period.

Can maybe argue allowing bombs to kill friendlies, same with artie… but besides that… it shouldnt be possible to kill or even injure your teammates


Nope, that doesn’t fix it… Stop TKing, get banned otherwise. That is the solution.


by doing that you risk making WT as overly moderated as world of tanks with its bans for small problems