Team killing policy - follow up thread

This might look like an advantage - but imho it is not; mainly because the average 0.50 cal user has no problem with trying it; and often there are more than 2 of these “specialists” active in such attempts to kill burning planes without wings.

And 2 or 3 go low and get jumped by enemy fighters - and you play 2 vs 8, as usual when paired with an US team…

But @Loofah is right, the kill allocation is not comprehensible.

In my last match I scored 2 lousy hits on a B-25 (which killed a friendly Spit 30 seconds before) - and the B-25 tried to bomb airfield and got disintegrated by af aaa - and i was rewarded with 90 points for "Severely damaged finished off) and 2 x 25 points for the hit.

According to their own rules this is impossible as i scored no crit or anything like that - and i actually feel sorry for the dead spit as i robbed his kill - the B-25 flew without smoking or any signs of a damage…

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This is an old issue.
I remember how back in the day single AP-I to spitfire that turned 2 tiny parts yellow could be counted as crit, then if somebody else shot the plane to pieces but WITHOUT scoring a kill, if pilot bailed out - the 1st guy received the kill, even though he did nothing.
I was on both sides of such events multiple times, of course more often I was the one battering the plane into submission only to be rewarded with an “assist”. Watching replays shows a lot of ugly truth.

But hey, we’re playing a game where nowadays this doesn’t even count as crit:

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Damage reflection is always a bad thing because if someone flies in front of you engageing something, you’re going to get totalled through no actual fault of your own.

We’ve got the forgive system, and whilst it needs more work and actual ‘usage’, it’s ‘there’

Permanent bans and deletion of actual problem players who do this stuff, isn’t a bad idea, but someone will be all ‘Oh but they’ll get thier lawyer in’ which is just an excuse to avoid acting on it.

You think that, but it’s not the case with the players. Like, a lot of the issue itself, revolves around bad players, being ignored and excused for so long that they no longer give an actual toss about the game rules, they’ll TK you out of spite.

Case in point, 2 individuals on the forums here, one was upset at the teammate for not saving them in thier tank, so the returned with some bombs to make it clear that they were the asshole…

Another goes to TK the nuke carrier because they wanted the match to play out longer.

These are players who are making out that there are other issues with the game. They do need removal, but I see the chicken coming out when they pull out the old ‘I’m talking to my lawyer’.

Thank you for sharing your perspective.

It’s clear that there are players who misuse the game mechanics for their own purposes, which can ruin the experience for others. While the idea of self-damage from friendly fire might not deter all such behavior, it could still be a step towards promoting more responsible gameplay.

However, it’s also important to address the issue of players who intentionally disrupt the game.
This is a matter for the game’s moderation team, and I agree that consistent enforcement of the rules is key.

Players who repeatedly break the rules should face appropriate consequences

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Absolutely… To even STILL have TKing being a thing this many years down the track, with so many older players, level 100s, all having no issue whatsoever to TK someone, obviously shows the ‘prevention’ that they bring in on a blanket method isn’t the solution.

The thing I REALLY hate is that they took the team damage off the RB tanks in the first place… When they did that people started just straight out MGing people an annoying people.

They make out that you’re being silly being upset that they’re shooting you, but the issue I had with that is that the ricocheting shots off MY tank, were giving away where I was heading. Much the same as the reason I hate peopel MGing into the sky as they’re moving about at the start of the match, they disclose to the enemy where and how many are headed out in a direction bcause of it.

There is definitely a group who think it’s funny to mess with everyone and make out that they’re being silly about it, when they’re genuinely being disruptive and ruining the game for others.

When you have issues and take them to the moderation team, to be told they can’t do anything about it, thenyou find yourself talking to the Community Managers, who then take 6 months to evn respond to you, let alone even actually respond compared to a ‘Thank you for this, I’ll investigate’ well down the track you end up facing a problem that the moderation team aren’t actually moderating anything other than chat.

I’ve had to escalate so many things… From squadrons with the N word in them (Took almost a YEAR to get ANYTHING even removed), to the botters in the past wave taking 6 months to get any progress on, where a botter could make level 100 in 10 days as I’d pointed out to the Moderation team and the CMs and even a dev, to literally just be ignored.

Continuing the discussion from What kind of punishment should this result in?:

I mean it would be great if the 60-90 seconds right after spawn would be covered - it doesn’t matter in Air RB if it is intentional or not, but if no enemy can’t be technically near you (like right after spawn either on airfield or with airspawn) any team kill is to be seen as intentional.

So these “sorry misclick” guys should either l2p or get a ban…

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If anyone believes the ‘misclick’, or the ‘oops’, have I got a bridge to sell you…

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Another possible solution to what you describe, that could also benefit many other parts of the game, would be to have a timer at that start of each match. No weapons can fire for “X” amount of time from the start. The mechanic is already in game, as used in the old “Duel” events. Say :20 - :30 secs, depending on the mode and vehicle type would prolly work wonders. No more blatant or accidental TK’s at the beginning of Air RB matches, no more annoying players peppering everyone in sight in tank/air spawns. They could even increase the TK penalties after implementing such a timer, as after the timer runs out, anyone still participating in “friendly fire” activities is doing it to be disruptive and annoy other players who are trying to legitimately play the game as intended. While I’m not sure they can ever completely remove TK’ing, at least these measures, which should be pretty easy to implement, would seem to lessen a great deal of the “opportunity” for this type of bad behavior. Just a thought . . .

‘Stopping’ them doing it by this forcing them not to fire, doesn’t address anything and merely makes it not happen at the start.

It’s not fixing the dumbass player who can’t control their trigger, and is obviously needing to sort themselves out before playing with others.

It’s like Ground RB with no tanks able to hurt each other, yet the idiot can come in flying with a bomb to drop on their teammate, or artillery thier teammate. You can’t stop both of those otherwise people would be impervious to damage whilst being in combat, and you’d be able to have everyone dogpile into a heap to scrap, and have a bomber just drop in the middle of everyone and end up with them just killing the enemy.

Thing is if you do the 20-30 seconds, then it goes further out, are you going to keep making more and more timer, or just outright block the damage, compared to actually fixing the player?

It does amaze me when a teammate shoves someone out of cover, and that player getting killed now being in full view. Not sure what the purpose of that is other than the one being that way just too young to play a game that relies on teammates. It does get aggravating, especially when you have a booster in play - moreso when in AB. I’ve been the victim of this more often that I care to mention and have reported the violator. Not sure what happened to them, other than a GM looking into how many times that player’s been reported?


…thinks that he can shoot at friendlies (in this case at me), spent all hi ammo, needs then to land and rearm and we lose subsequently on tickets - just because he did not fight the enemy and prevented me from supporting other team members as i had to evade his attack and to extend to gain separation.

Example of failed team killing attempt leading to defeat:
  • I flew my first match (replay) in a full stock I-185 (M-71) on Frontline Korsun. I tried to sideclimb and looped back to our airfield as i saw an enemy B-17 flying towards my airfield . The B-17 flew direct into my guns - instant 3:54.

  • The B-17 was chased by a friendly T-18B, but he never scored a hit on the B-17, so no damage, nothing. This “friendly” tried the in the next 80 seconds to team kill me. As i always check my surroundings i saw his attack coming just due to watching his flight path (4:10) fired all his ammo on me and broke off at ~ 5:30.

  • Actually i was unsure what to do.

  • Following him and kill him when he landed to rearm was one option (just in order to prevent new attacks), the other to extend and hoping that this guy could be useful for my team later in the game the other option.

  • Additionally there was a risk if he did not land on his airfield - the T-18B is actually faster vs a stock I-185 and completely outturns me. And chasing him at low alt makes no sense due to the insane range of his gunner (>2 km).

  • And ofc - i made the wrong decision - i did not team kill him, extended too far and my team managed to lose by tickets vs just 2 opponents left.

It is not solely the team kill it self (supported by the lack of fear to team kill as a result of the absence of severe punishments) what is so annoying - team kills have often also indirect impacts - either due to the numbers game (locally on the map and in general) or by preventing decisive actions of the team killed player suited to win a match.

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Just in order to be complete - a link to a imho interesting thread regarding harder punishments:

And another thread dealing with team killing of nuke planes in Ground RB:


I do agree, it’s funny when you see an opposing player bomb a cluster of players and it seems only the enemy team get killed, not their own teammates sitting right next to the victims. I’ve seen that a few times also.

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My biggest frustration when being team killed in ARB is that I still get charged for the repair of my vehicle! Can that be fixed?

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The are no repair costs if you get team killed in Air RB, they stopped this some time ago.

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Thanks, it’s been a few months since I was team killed. Good to know!

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Whilst it is a bit of a chortle if it were actually accidental, when it’s intentional, someone just screwed over the match and that team, for the sake of it.

I appreciate my opponents, unlike many of those who get upset at dying to things, and others, or losing ‘because the team was bad’ kind of thing.

Can we please introduce the possibility to appeal team kills by arty strikes. It pisses me off to be penalised for the carelessness of others …

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I am so tired that you do zero against this team killer SCUM polluting Air RB.

I just came out of a match in which an absolute disgusting piece of sh*t killed 3!!! of my team right at take-off.

Just watch this replay and go into the player view of the B-17 which decided to use an airfield take-off and killed an F4U, a J26 and a P-47 within seconds.

Such guys need an immediate perma ban and not a temp ban via your auto-ban system.


Rant out

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wow he pushed me out from the map what a ass le max_trebog, a complety lowskiller his states 14.000 deaths with tiger 14.000 kills