Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

While true, DCS is not a good indicator of performance and has been shown to be worse that WTs radar modelling.


whatever you say bud

Heatblur is the ones who developed the Tomcat for DCS not DCS itself so your logic is out the window

And Heatblur is still stuck within the confines of EDs simulation. ED in particular are in charge of all ordnance modeling. They do not simulate many of the aspects of radar which are critical to weapon employment.


I also believe they don’t do the CWS seeker errors like Sparrows going for a non locked target because they have a bigger DP shift in the wider radar cone around it.

Hey guys, for those interested in Chinese IFV’s, one of my suggestions was just posted, so feel free to take a look!


Thats interesting. Its up to Gaijin if and how they want to do it, but as Israel was created in 1948 the tier 4 onwards method works, as it would for the Koreas. Turkey existed during ww2 so shouldn’t use the same method IMO. But its debatable and thats just my stance.

In terms of air Turkey brings little to the table besides the fifth gen KAAN and PZL.24 until Poland arrives. An Egypt sub-tree could at least bring the HA-200, HA-300 to pad out the mid tiers with something unique. Both used a wonderful mix of tech though, even using some axis aircraft like G.55s, He 111s and Fw 190s, which not many copy paste nations did. I have no actual reasons for why Egypt should be a sub-tree of Turkey tho, besides them both being Islamic. Did someone say Iran sub-tree?

If they don’t put thermals on the 292, there’s no point in it going beyond 10.0, 10.3 maximum.

Yeah but it had full K-5, a rooftop MG, smoke grenades, and an APS that could kill almost any incoming low velocity ordnance.

It’s not useless, it’s just not entirely helpful.

Having the best AP shell in the game and better mobility than something like the T-80B means that it should be no lower than 10.7.

Does it have better mobility than the T80B?

Its engine has 150hp more than that of the T-80B, though, thinking of it now, I don’t know how heavy the 292 is, so I may be wrong.

Had it stop a heil spamming its missiles at me just to die to a MQ1 from behind

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i doubt the weight increase is serious enough to be detrimental to mobility

The better engine may make it slightly faster, but you have to remember the Object 292 also have a slower reverse than a normal T80. Also you lose the .50 cal, thermals and smokes in the process. Not counting the worse turret protection, reload and other stuff that doesn’t come to my mind at the moment.

Yes, however the massive firepower advantage it has over everything it faces means a lot more than people are giving it credit for.

You have more penetration yes, at the cost of reloading each 10 seconds, when people here reload in 5/6 seconds, which is a huge detriment.

Yes but whats stopping you from utilising cover and range to offset this reload?

It’s somewhat detrimental if the player is smart, and largely if the player is not.

The maps? Most maps are cqb here, of course you can use cover, but its not always possible with this maps, you can’t snipe that easily as well, because you do not have thermals, neither you can go hull down, because your turret protection is somewhat betwen 400mm for the turret and most shell at 10.0 penetrate it

i swear the turret protection is strong enough to stop every shell it could face at 10.0, and Thermals are not required for good sniping id argue a LRF is more integral to sniping than thermals are.