Things wrong on Leclercs Thread for "Alpha Strike" Update

This thread will be used to discuss about the Leclercs; what has been reported, and eventual fixed reports.
Here, a list of all the current active reports, including the one that got fixed this update.

Current Issues:

Fixed Issues in Alpha Strike:

Personal Thoughs:
While this is quite a large amout of reports, i do understand that Developers have to work on other vehicles as well; personally, and i think that idea would be shared by most people, it would be a priority getting fixed the acceleration and the reload.
Currently, the Leclerc have the worse round out of all top tier vehicles, additionally its armor isn’t great either. I do think fixing those issues would make the vehicle much more enjoyable.

Additionally, in the case of future Leclerc addition, whatever they would be prototypes or not, i’d suggest fixing the side turret armor as well, in case it wouldn’t, that would mean more work for the Developers for future Leclercs addition, since it would mean having to fix the issue in those new vehicles as well.

Here is am imagine that shows the difference betwen each Leclerc on the side turret armor, for anyone curious:



Would love to see if this thread can gain some visibility, so Developers can take a look at the issues and fix some of them.

Thanks for passing by!


It’d be fucking nice but I’m not holding my breath.


We all want this to happen, but those reports have been submitted for such a long time now.

We all know Gaijin isn’t putting any effort towards minor nations, so i wouldn’t hold your breath if i were you.

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The engine sound fix is good, but Gaijin needs to seriously start working on fixing the vehicle. I don’t want to be too optimistic that perhaps now they will give the Leclercs attention. I just don’t want to be dissapointed more.


If all of these issues were solved, or even only a selection of them at the time, it would change the tank SO MUCH ingame!

It would go from a mediocre tank that relies on good players to have good stats, to an actually, genuinely good tank, which is what it is in real life.


And from a business perspective, more people would grind for it, generating more money for gaijin. I fail to understand why they do not see it that way. I understand the “gaijin hates france” narrative, but it also seems a bit banal. The proper business decision would be for them to portray them in game, either as realistically as they can, or as competitively as they can. Until they do that, they won’t generate the amount of cash that other trees do.

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If Leclercs aren’t played a lot its because it’s only played by a niche of veteran players who just somehow like it.

But 99% of the players see a Leclerc on its current state and can only wonder; “why the hell would I want to grind this thing when I would be better off grinding literally any other tank (other than Ariete)?”

If people suddenly found Leclerc being a 90 km/h monster with 680mm-pen shells that reload every 5 seconds with 3rd Gen thermals, I am sure MANY would suddenly become interested in it…

Let alone if it was also given some sort of functional armor too.


Absolutely, it’s in the best interest of both the community and Gaijin to have a well performing Leclerc! The Ariete is sad, that is true but at least we know that the Italian tree will receive the Hungarian Leopard 2A7HU in the future. They have that peace of mind that their tree will be quite competitive at top tier in the near future. France, as it stands unfortunately doesn’t. Plus, France really doesnt need a sub tree.





A number of these require new systems that fix issues across the board and not just Leclerc, such as acceleration related issues.
Thermal generation and smoke salvo seem quick to implement.


Making it more mobile with more firepower would mostly attract a few more good players that never picked up the Leclerc because they already had equivalent or better alternatives.
The average player values survivability a lot more than they value mobility. As long as the Leclerc can be incapacitated by a 20mm trough the mantlet, as it was revealed to TSK in a dream, it won’t get popular.

There’s also the cool factor, and as far as I know, the Leclerc doesn’t quite make it to the cool tank club for the general population.



I do agree with you, probably getting a better armor profile would be better for the average player, however getting reliable and good sources ( for the taste of the devs ) about that argument is hard.
Currently i have reported the sideskirt thickness, as you can see, a report for the armor should be excepted soon and at the moment we’re working on it, but i don’t think it will come anytime soon the release of this update, hence why for now i pointed out that maybe getting a better reload and mobility would help.


New Report: Leclerc MBT ( All Variants ) incorrect 12.7 MG Designation // // Issues


New report: AZUR NERA Incorrect Protection // // Issues


Just the reload buff alone would make the leclerc so much better


I whohearthily agree, but this is up to Gaijin- i hope that Developers do see this post and fix some of the issues, hopefully including the reload, which i don’t see anything wrong on getting to be fair.

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