Apparently now links and Forum embedding doesn't work?

For example:

No embedded topic, nor even at least a clickable link!

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I am coming to the opinion, that these things are actually breaking…

A few days back the forums were just not working at all, and failing to load anything in various links an such.

So desperate to have all these godawful features, and making it look good, and ‘enticing’ and in the meantime they’re ruining the actual conversations and discussions that NEED to be had about the playerbase as a whole which cannot work CIVILY on a forum such as this that they ‘need’ all these ‘features’ to ‘control it’ because no-one has time to actually moderate it.

I noticed the inability of anyone to open anything that has been community flagged a few days back to view it, which is actually stiffling of any discourse at all by a malicious few who can, and do, and have been flagging anything and everything they cannot actually accept or even engage in the slightest about, which is one of my pet peeves about the forum from day one because it was obvious it was going to be abused, and was abused, and continues to be abused more because of this new feature.

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Yeah, I can’t understand what’s their angle with the flagging system.

Ever since the Day 1, we proved that the flagging system is used as a form of abuse more than half the times, and, now, we don’t even have a way to prove it because they don’t even give the chance to check it up.

Like, seriously- what’s their angle? Instead of listening to our feedback, they literally made the problem worse.