Theoretical full Italian Ground Forces tech tree

Hello, I would like to share my “enhanced” Italian GF TT (Hungarian subtree + Romania included).
Full Word variant:


Paint version)
(WIP, only researchable vehicles are presented, premium/event/squadron are in progress, probably too many premiums XD)


I tried to avoid unfinished/questionable stuff for the showcase, though would be also cool to see such things as: P40 prototypes (75/18, 75/32), AVL 6634, AVH 6636G, Draco, Porcupine 155/39 and 44M TAS.
Also I forgot about Ferrari F333E((

Btw there is also my old air TT:



It looks lovely


Do you think they will also add Spanish vehicles in there?

Nah. The VRCC was based off a centauro and hence its in the Italian TT. Perhaps some tanks that fought on the civil war, but since they are on the nationalist side, theyre more than likely to be operated by Mussolinis forces as well.

I don’t think they will add Spanish vehicles (except maybe some related to Italian tech) to Italy, unless they expand TTs more in general.

Make a suggestion.

The F-16D block 10 is under the tornado ADV or is it with the F-16A ADF?

Not all planes are included here, I think it would go to F-16 folder or maybe into premium section (imo one day we will see MiG-29s and F-16s premiums).
PS I’ll probably rework it later, as it’s far from ideal.

I think the Romanian Osa could be the saving grace when it comes down to top tier SPAA


In close future, you should add Leopard 2A8IT and KF-51 EVO.

Great job!

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Very fun creation.
I’m glad you didn’t bloat low-tier with vehicles armed exclusively with 12.7mm armament.

should definitley be added. as an italian main i think this could make it one of the strongest branches

I like the ground TT but I have a question about the air TT,

why would Italy get the MiG-29 Sniper? I feel like it would go to Germany as it was upgraded by DASA and flown by German test pilots?

BMR-600 SIDAM 25

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It’s Romanian plane, modernization was made by Romanian Aerostar, Israeli Elbit and German DASA. Upgraded MiG-29 was assigned to Romanian Air Force and since I place Romania in the tree, this plane is also here (though I’m not sure if it should be in the regular TT or premium/squadron).


Ok, should probably be premium or squadron tho

Ah yes, I see the F-11F and the JAS-39 had a lovechild.

Why a MiG-21RFMM instead of the Lancer? It gets Python-IIIs and R-73s, as well as being a vast modernization in almost every aspect.

I use pictures from wiki and air tree was made before the introduction of the Gripen)

Lancer is presented at higher tier, exactly because of its loadouts, RFMM is for lower br.


Ah, sorry, I must have missed that.

I get it :)

Good work, maybe you should add your post in the suggestions, so the developers can notice it better

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