Theoretical full Italian Ground Forces tech tree

The only thing I see that you have not added are the Italian seaplanes of which the strongest in my opinion is this one and deserves to be in the game


This one I think should be updated is missing seaplanes and some aircraft such as: ‘Dive-bombers’, ‘Bombers’ and ‘Strike aircraft’. I’ll leave you a link to one of my suggestions on what to add to Italy for “Dive-bombers”, “Bombers” and “Strike aircraft”. I hope it can help.

Even for aeroplane technology tree it seems to me that you have done a good job, it just needs to be updated

I tried to avoid unfinished/not flown/armed planes, though I won’t mind seeing some of them in the game, especially stuff like Z.511 and Re.2006.

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looks fantastic but the lack of good toptier antiair breaks it to me, like, isnt there any misile one or at least on with irst from hungary or spain or something?

Romanian SA-8B (OSA-AKM) is probably the only option.

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Leopard 2A8

Italy has some good missiles anti air but they are all too advanced for the game

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Another WIP iteration of full ground and air TT:

  • ground

  • air