The issue of "PVE" matches

so multiple times I have been in matches with the same people that want a “PVE” match so they can be lazy in their grind which screws up future events for anyone who grinds them in sim, these specific people will go as far to tell your location to the enemy and even TK. People like this destroy the economy and make the grind in it worse, I might get hate for saying this is an issue but so be it


this is an issue of people doing “PVE” matches not about getting actual advantage modifying the game, the issue with realism is the lack of NATO v Warsaw Pact preset,the presets are heavily lacking and need a reword for each EC set


I have seen a lot of matches like that. Today the enemy players (and some players from my teams) even suggested reporting me just because I didn’t play by their rules and just like a normal PVP session.
There even was an allied player who constantly reported my position to enemies XD
One of my friends even received a warning in the game for being reported too many times for “passive behavior” just by killing other players on those “pve” matches. Just by hearing that, I’m a bit scared of being banned just for playing the game normally.


lol, this is actually against the ToS… Can’t be colluding and organizing ‘alliances’ between the teams.

What would they do to stop you doing anything though? TK you? lol… So dumb…

(Flaggers need banning)

Don’t be scared. They may want to get you into trouble, but you’re not doing anything wrong and won’t be banned for “playing the game normally”. It’s not THEM that decide the rules and the punishments.

On the contrary, what THEY do is against the game rules and can actually lead to temporary or even permanent game bans. Air Sim EC is NOT a PVE playground, and noone can punish or harass you because you play PVP,m only because they wish it to be PVE.


Yeah, I’m pretty aware that they can’t do much to me in terms of banning me just for playing the game. However, I’m not sure if the game is aware of it, and just by getting tons of reports, I won’t be banned automatically.
Anyway, I’m just going to go play it normally. I have a ton of screenshots and a video of every kill made during last few days, so evidence is on my side XD

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I can send you the link to a server replay of the match I was in with the PVE people if that will get them punished faster

Nope. Even a ton of reports will not get you banned, if you have not done anything wrong. All reports are checked by people, who decide if indeed you did something forbidden or not. And if we see someone spammed reports against you, they in turn will get into trouble as reports spamming is also a punishable offense.


No, please use the ingame reporting function (chat report) if you read them organising PVE lobbies. This will get all necessary information toghether automatically, which we need for proof anyway.


fair enough, I reported them to the best of my abilities, kinda curious what the punishment is for people that tried to organize PVE lobbies

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NATO v Warsaw isn’t anymore realistic than any other combo.

it is more so for the fact I do not want to go against the same plane in sim that I am flying myself

IFF for high BRs, and getting in close for props.

IFF is nice if your radar picks up the aircraft and what of planes that lack radar? also this is going off topic for this topic, this is on the issues of “PVE” matches not overall state of EC

Well, I like PVE matches in EC.
I’m not always aiming to see how much damage I can do in Mig-21Bis for example.

well as the GM stated those matches are not allowed because that is now how EC was built or meant to be played, it is a PVP mode with PVE elements but it is a PVP mode first and foremost

Well, in his post he’s talking about organized PVE.
I was more addressing matches that just organically occur to be PVE.
Then again, when I F-14A bombed I also shot some players that tried to intercept me.

Well, in the end it’s my decision if I want to engage an enemy or not.

As you say what is frowned upon is organised PVE, especially if the PVErs then feel they have the right to abuse, harass or insult players who play PVP and kill them…

Which clearly they don’t.


honestly I personally I think that players that are caught doing this should become unable to partake in future events like this as punishment and deterrent

personally I like the organic pve lobbies since I play attacker at high tier, but with the missile bug that’s still here I am having to use attackers as bombers. I have dropped jets for the most part unless it’s the event so I actually have a fighting chance against a player since it’s always a one sided fight when I get jumped in an A7 or in the A10.