The Freccia with OWS30 should be considered for implementation instead of the Dardo OWS30 which is currently considered

Right now, under the “previously suggested vehicles” section, the OWS30 turret on the dardo chassis is under the ‘considered for implementation’ section, while the OWS30 turret on the freccia chassis is unconsidered

I believe this quite… strange? The OWS30 dardo would be quite redundant, as we already have a dardo with a 30mm cannon.

However, if the Freccia OWS30 was implemented then it would bring a new weapon to the chassis as both the Freccias in game have 25mm’s.
Besides that, the Freccia OWS30 would also bring the ability to fire mouse controlled missiles in the form of the Kornet to the Freccia chassis, which would be a big upgrade for the Freccia, while the Dardo can already fire mouse controlled missiles of the TOW family.

Link to the ‘considered vehicles’ page in question:

I hope my points made sense. If you would also prefer the OWS30 on the freccia over the Dardo, please comment so we can bring more attention to this topic! And if not, why?

Also, would it be worth it to ask the opinion of the suggestions moderators? I do not know if they should be bothered

Passed to devs really doesn’t mean anything.

What it does is that certain suggestions are sent to the develop for review so they can see if they want to do something with it. Keyword being if, because the majority of passed vehicles never saw the light if day.

For the forums it’s more a monthly tradition and showcase rather than it being a meaningful event.
Because of this I wouldn’t worry much about what got passed and what didn’t, they’re arguably just as likely to make it to the game regardless of their status on the forums.

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I really dont see the issue, just because one is passed it doesnt mean another wont be in the future.

They use the same OWS turret, so the Dardo can also fire Spike, Kornet and INGWE.
With the OWS the TOW is not an option.