OTO Melara Marder, The German-Italian TAM!

In the second decade of the 2000 Rheinmetall was wondering how to increase the service life of the renowned and battle-hardened Marder IFV, seeing the huge amount of platforms built and the potential that the various upgraded versions of the vehicle showed during the years.

As war scenarios evolve fast and seeing that large tank battles are less and less common, MBTs aren’t the most convenient type of equipment. Having the combat potential of an MBT, may be too excessive to deal with the majority of the modern era threats, but other armored vehicles can be lacking in firepower and combat capabilities. In this scenario, a new niche is created, where a sub-par MBT firepower is needed, but the cost have to stay way lower, the same niche where the existing CV90-105/120 light tanks are the landmarks.

With the german army close to phasing out the 1970s IFV, Rheinmetall took the opportunity and started a joint-venture with OTO-Melara to create a Medium MBT from the existing marder, in the hope to fullfil the needs of overseas countries that wanted to upgrade their militaries with low budget, the result was the Marder Revolution program, showed to the public for the first time at the 2012 Eurosatory, presented in 2 Upgraded versions, one as APC variant with theese modifications:

-Ballistic protection comparable to STANAG level 4+

-Mine protection comparable to 3a/3b

-Improved ergonomics by lifting the top deck

-Installation of MTU MB883 diesel engine that brings the power to 600hp


And one presented as MGS, with the same modifications regarding the engine and the top deck, but with a thicker armor package estimated to protect at least against 30mm shells and even stronger rounds on the front, with enhanced HEAT protection (actual values are classified). This version was developed as a private joint-venture between Rheinmetall and Oto-Melara, seeking to equip the IFV with the Italian B1 centauro turret and 105/L52 gun, transforming the platform into a Medium MBT in all senses.
In 2016, as Indonesia have shown interest into the project, at the Indo Defence 2016, lRheinmetall and OTO-Melara showed yet another variant, without the armor packages and equipped with the Centauro MGS turret with the same 105/L52mm Oto-Melara rifled gun (Standard HITFACT Systems: Digital FCS, Better Thermals than the B1 variant, LWS ecc)


-105/L52 OTO-MELARA rifled gun, on the B1 centauro turret, able to fire all the standard NATO ammunitions.

-2x4 smoke launchers, one on each side of the turret

-coaxial 7,62mm machinegun


-protection at least from 30mm ammunition all around

-600hp MTU MB883 diesel engine allowing a top speed of 65 km/h

-680 liters fuel tank giving the tank a range of 500km

-6.9m long hull, 3.6m wide and 3m high

-43tons weight

-4 crew members: commander, driver, gunner, loader

-2500mm trench clearance

-60% Gradient and 30% Side Slope


I think this vehicle can become a very good premium/tech tree light tank, alongside the MGS turreted version, boosting even more the light tank branch of the italian and german tech trees, considering the long experience and know-how on that class of vehicles of the mentioned nations. Being a modified Marder hull (both one with add-on the other without) fitted with 2 already existing turrets in game (with minor differences, especially on the B1 centauro one, having a similar armour package to the MGS one as seen in the photos) would be easier to model and would go in 2 tech trees.




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600hp and 43t, WW2 style :(