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Description: The M55 SPH is a USA made SPG with a 203 mm gun and is based on an inverted M47 Patton tank hull. Its history began in 1950 when Pacific Car & Foundered was contracted to produce a new self-propelled gun carriage for the United States Army. It was intended to carry a 155 mm gun, but was also to be fitted with an 8 inch gun that could be assembled in a very short time. Two prototypes were started in the same year, the T97 with the 155 mm M46 gun and the T108 with the 8 inch M55 gun. The first prototype was completed on August 9, 1952, while the second prototype was completed in 1953. The first prototype was the M53, the one with the 155 mm gun. in 1956, the conversion of the M53 to the M55 began, as the M55 proved to be more efficient on the battlefield. It was used in only one war, the Vietnam War, but was soon replaced by the more powerful M110 howitzer. A total of 550 M50s were built in 1956 for the U.S., which converted the M53, and they were all retired in 1969. It was also used by other countries such as Germany, Italy, Turkey and Belgium. Italy used the 8-inch variant, the M55 SPH (this version is easily recognisable as the M53 had a longer gun at 155 mm), little is known about its history in Italy as the number of units in the Italian army was quite small. A total of 24 were delivered from the USA in 1960 and remained in service until the 1980s. After the withdrawal of the tank from active service, most of them were scrapped, but some of them were sent to some museums and national parks.This tank was based on the M47 hull, which was completely re-made inside to reverse the position of the engine, since it was decided to use as hull an inverted M47 Patton hull. Thanks to the Continental AV -1790-5B gasoline engine, it could reach a top speed of 50 km/h and a maximum power of 810 hp. The armour was mainly made of rolled homogeneous steel with a maximum thickness of 25 to 30 mm at the thickest part. The armament of the tank consisted of a cannon with a maximum range of 17000 metres and 10 projectiles in the ammunition storage and two additional projectiles in other parts of the tank. The projectiles were HE and AP and the rate was slow (1 shot per minute) since the cannon was a 203 mm.

Why it should be in the gmae: This tank will surely be an interesting Derp gun with the property of deal very big damage thanks to the 203 mm that will be balanced by the slow fire rate and by the small number of ammo.


Dimensions: 31.89 ft (9.72 m) x 11.75 ft (3.58 m) x 7.87 ft (2.4 m)

Total weight :50 tons (45,400 kg; 100,090 lb)

Crew: 6

Propulsion: Continental AV-1790-5B/-7B 12-cyl. gas. 810 hp

Suspension: Torsion bars and coil springs

Speed: 22 mph

Armament: 203 mm with 12 ammo, 0.5 M2HB HMG

Armor: 12 mm sides to 30 mm front (0.24-0.35 in)


M55 SPH 203mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

M53/M55 self propelled artillery (1952)

Esercito italiano nella Guerra Fredda... - Dati utili per wargamers


Self-propelled artillery mount M55 SPH (USA)

M55 SPH: Photos, History, Specification



Altre cartoline militari da collezione CFG017 ESERCITO ITALIANO BERSAGLIERI ASSOCIAZIONE NAZIONALE TERREMOTO FRIULI bluelankatours.com
Materiale - PO8944A# MEZZO MILITARE - CARRO ARMATO - SEMOVENTE M.55 con OBICE da 203/25 VG 1968
Obice semovente M55 | Obice semovente M55 132° reggimento ar… | Flickr



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Italy still doesn’t have a derp cannon like this, would be lovely to see +1

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Please no, Italy doesn’t need this, give us the DOMESTICALLY PRODUCED Palmaria instead.


What reasoning Is even this? This One was a post-ww2 artillery that could maiby go between 5.0 and 6.0. Palmaria Is a cold war arty that Will go at the same br of the OF40 (8.7). Those are two completly different veichles for completly different br.


+1 as long as everyone else gets theirs too.

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Unless the Palmaria has a stabilizer or laser rangefinder, its very unlikely to go any high than the AuF1’s BR of 7.0.


+1. Definitely need this in my lineup

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Yeah, I could also see the Panzerhaubitze 2000 added as well. But that’s a vehicle for both Germany and Italy. As well as a potential combined European Tech Tree since it’s used by several Baltic states.


Yeah that are also factors. I don’t actually remeber of Palmaria had those, I have to’ re-ceck

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Would be nice to get it on 5.0-6.3 as SPH, but with Palmaria(maybe on higher brs)

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+1 yes to italian howitzer

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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