Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade

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The Italian company Leonardo in 2017 presented an updated version of an example of the M60A3, the purpose of this update is to give the possibility to those nations that have the M60A3 in service, to have an economical update more in line with the MBTs third generation which have a higher cost. Naturally all the main systems and subsystems have been updated, starting from the main gun which is no longer the M68E1 105mm but the new Oto-Melara 120mm L45 (the same as the Centauro 2) which offers greater firepower and better mechanical characteristics thanks to the Low Recoil Force. This armament, combined with the LOTHAR sight and TURMS digital fire control system, gives hunter/killer capabilities and increases effective range, the weapon is capable of firing standard 120mm NATO smoothbore ammunition. The secondary armament consists of a coaxial 7.62mm MG and a 12.7mm remote-controlled heavy machine gun mounted on the turret roof. The engine has been updated and develops a power of 908hp, the transmission has also been overhauled as well as the suspension, track and wheels etc. all this to achieve better mobility and performance. The Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade would be an excellent addition for the Italian TT which with this MBT could be more competitive.

Specifications - Performance:




2-Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade
3-Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade
4-Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade
5-Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade
6-Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade
7-Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade
8-Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade
9-Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade
10-Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade
11-Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade
12-Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade




Looks funny +1


Strv 103 round 2, Italian style + stabilizer?

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I love these wild upgrades to old tanks, and Italy would really benefit from this. +1


I don’t really understand, this is a Leonardo upgrade of the M60A3. Similar to the AMBT, M60-2000 and M60A4 aka Super M60, shouldn’t this upgrade package go to the US tech tree?

All of your examples are US upgrades while this is an Italian upgrade. There are plenty of upgrades of foreign vehicles in the TTs of countries who did the upgrades.


Did the Italians ever use this upgrade package?

It is an update designed by an Italian company for export, its place is in the Italian TT.


Italy needs a TT M60 since they did use them


You are trying to claim another Italian veichle for the Usa tt?


But the base vehicle IS american… and the Italian army never used this mod? The last m60s they used were the M60A1s if my information is correct

yeah but this doesn’t make this M60 american at all. So for You is F104S and ASA are american veichle as well?


No, but that’s because Italy used those vehicles.
Italy isn’t using this upgrade package.

Are you aware that the US has used ADATS?


Yes, the US did in fact build ADATS on the M2 Bradley chassis and only cancelled the orders after the Cold War ended.

Yeah But do You know some suggestions rules?
If a country made a veichle and It Is not used by anyone it can be suggested for that country
If a country made a veichle that Is used by someone that Is not that country It can’t be suggested


That’s true.

Did they use it?


cancelled aka never used


Has no reason to go into the US tech tree, It’s like saying the F-104-S should be added to the US tech tree because the base design originates in the US. Thats not how it works in game, if a nation such as Italy, which used the M60 in service and also license produced it, proposes an upgrade for a vehicle then that vehicle goes in the Italian tech tree. Leonardo is an Italian company, the M60 used was made by OTO Melara, the US tree has many vehicles which never entered service so your argument is void.