Team killing policy - follow up thread

wow he pushed me out from the map what a ass le max_trebog, a complety lowskiller his states 14.000 deaths with tiger 14.000 kills

I tried pointing that out, and others did too. When I have to chase up a GM to actually show them the seriousness of the situation where a SQUADRON squad takes out an ENTIRE team, and still have to show that they did it to multiple matches to get any action, is that the true ‘system’ isn’t working in any way.

After all, they shouldn’t even be able to kill more than 2 in a quick succession without being stopped or flagged to be checked…

But it doesn’t.

If moderation was to be done effectively though, and with communication, then maybe… But not automatically, or by ‘stopping the effects’ by making FF off as they have done in the past…

I honestly think the removal of FF has actually caused more trouble than it has fixing it in the modes it’s had it removed from.

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Another team killing and trolling thread:

When playing PvE Helicopters a troll kept ramming into me for 3 times - until I left - and went unpunished every time. Means I had to pay all the repair bills on top of the joy of being bullied out of a match.

Which leaves the question why ramming doesnt result in a teamkill here. He had a very fast and manoeverable helicopter (while I had the opposit) and just kept flying over me to touch down with his gear onto my rotor blades. That meant I would crash every time while he remained undamaged.

With that, take that directly to Game Masters… Whilst you can report it via the ingame reports (Right click, complain feature), that sort of antics needs to be directly raised as actual griefing.

Take the replay link from the server replays section with the timestamp to make it ultimately easy to identify. (You could report it through the server replay report function, but I’d absolutely escalate it directly)


Imho the player who teamkilled you 3 times (i can’t believe that - what a pathetic move) uses a flaw in the friendly fire damage detection.

The old forum thread is full with examples like that - same with the bug report section. Guys deliberately rammed teammates - and if the “rammer” crashed during this attempt, the ramming “victim” was on top blamed as team killer…

Imho the fellow player above gave you the correct advice - the GMs are usually not allowed to interfere with the auto-ban system for “tracked” teamkills - but in this case we can assume exploiting faulty game mechanics and griefing; GMs like @Schindibee are happy to process such reports…

Thanks for the advice guys. I have taken this issue to Schindibee in hope that he can have a look into it to make the gaming experience better for everyone.

Not only does griefing deserve a zero-tolerance policy as it adds to an overall toxic atmosphere but I think the whole mechanic of being able to deliberately ram into teammates without at least having to pay for the repair costs needs to be looked at.


technically is teamkilling too when u are in a dogfight and a coming “teammate” shoot from your rear to take the airplane your are dogfighting with

Dude - i have zero clue what you want to say.
Is this a question or a statement?
You might consider rephrasing your post - i got lost…

As long as he doesnt kill you too in the process its not a teamkill.

usually, they ruin my dogfight AND plane…

did u see “?” somewhere?u get lost?your problem. not mine.

Imho the real problem sits in front of your screen. You pinged me with this:

Besides that your post lacks grammar and a clear question - and requires plain guessing what could have been your issue - the answer you got from the fellow player above was equally to a statement “it gets dark at night”.

If this makes you happy: Fine for me.

But - I kindly ask you to use a translator in future conversations with others - and i ask you to stop pinging / quoting me. I mean i am always happy to support - but with replies like “your problem” you just get added to my “ignore” list.


Another team killing thread…:

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It’s actually insane how silly some of these players have become. I cannot understand it.

In most cases, the cause is - the decision to stop wasting time on WT - permanently. But due to efficiency of Gaijin at players retention (and attractivity of game in some aspects, yep) it can be uneasy thing. Did you know, for example, that if you request to delete your account - they do NOT delete it. Just do not. They “set it on deletion” for 90 days.
And if you just write “stop” during any of those 90 days - bam - you still have you account intact. Uneasy thing, yes :)

So the most reliable way to terminate account, is through getting a bunch of easy kills :D

I’m TKing in ARB at start for a whole few days already (mostly - F-4S-s, dislike those prem-zombers), every match, 2-3 players during takeoff.
Got ~70 friendly frags so far :)

  • several notifications about 10 or more players complained me
  • got 24hr ban two times. No perm.ban - which was surprising, i actually expected it instead of any temporary bans after first ~50 TKs in a row :)

So rn i’m continuing TKing, despite it being pretty boring - except moments when people rage in chat :D
The tolerance of Gaijin ban system is really frustrating :)
Im’ worried a bit, because i’m running out of SLs for fines - so soon i will not be able to recover jets, and will have to go down along BRs in TKing activity.


Annoying when you bail early due to idiots then get crew locked …War Thunder gets switched off when that happens

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Fully agree.

Frankly spoken your little “experiment / case study” is rather disturbing, not only due to the total number of team kills, also due to the missing punishment.

I kindly ask you to post when you come down to the 3.7 - 5.0 BR range.

Thanks in advance!

Edit : In order to accelerate your test when you are at prop BR ranges - use a float plane /flying boat like a Bv 238 or H8K and select airfield as spawn location. You spawn in at low alt and can pepper much more poor souls in just one approach with dropping your bombs immediately on the runway - see post #2

And just to make this clear: I do not support your approach, but if it helps to debunk the “auto-ban” team kill punishment functionality as ineffective, the whole player base would benefit in the long run - if we assume gaijin would take this as an opportunity to rethink their own approach and would stop this nonsense.


omg, never thought about that possibility ) Thx, will try tomorrow (3rd 24hr ban activated just recently).

if you want to get banned, there’s an easier way… it involves google