When Team-Killed please: Penalty x Booster

Sometimes you get team killed while carrying a booster. Now, booster is a very material thing. Gaijin charges for them, so clearly a loss of booster is material. If I use a 500% I have to think what flags my plane has and take them all down to avoid triggering someone into fighting whatever war is taking place in his head. I trust you know the rage is real, that’s why the chat is down, yes? But most of the time I forget to take those flags down,.

So, please can you multiply the penalty by x(1 + booster) in order for the other party to share in the loss. This largely applies to the first three minutes or so while the gang is taking off and you get shot down for lulz. Past the first three minutes the TK can be completely legit due to own missile mistaking a friendly’s exhaust for a flare.


I actually very much support this idea. I think it would be great to see. I recommend making a suggestion for it in Suggestion → MM/Eco/Prog.


I support this!

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wait arn’t you TEC’s patreon or something???

I like the idea, but i miss the refund of the booster of the team killed guy.

That would actually give the victim a 2nd chance…

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There is a lot of it going on lately but i cant see gaijin refunding a booster due to exploiting it

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I support this as well, it would doing a TK at takeoff bear an uncalculated risk… NICE!

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I support this, good idea. +1

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Only problem I can see with this is that people will abuse this to get free boosters.

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Mhm - things get complicated with such positions - as it would require 2 things:

  1. Either a team mate / squad mate willing to shoot you down


  1. A shortcut to get unintentionally team killed by a random stranger.

So applying pure logic (if we assume that there would be strongly increased team killing fees if they are connected to boosters) it should be incredibly hard to find a friend or random stranger to kill you on purpose.

For guys looking to get unintentionally team killed by others - it is imho the duty of gaijin to ensure proper and “fair” game mechanics which minimizes such behaviour.

The current replay system allows you to track player actions / view with option 2 (= player view) - so a guy flying on purpose into the flight path of a friendly missile or into the bullet/shell stream of a friendly in order to save a booster should be easy to identify - and to be punished.

It should be (at least in theory) easy to prevent misuse/abuse in Air RB. The fellow Ground RB players have imho mostly to deal with reckless game play (FAB 5.000 or driving into friendly arty) - so outside clear cases like killing a friendly nuke aircraft - you might be right with your assumption.

I am not sure if most of the players got the legal implications of your statement.

If you invest real money in order to create a certain effect (like a booster) it is the duty of gaijin to protect your investment in order to gain the assured effect.

That’s why i never understood why they haven’t stopped teamkilling on purpose in general and especially ramming friendlies just in order to blame the innocent victim of a ramming attack as team killer.

It doesn’t matter if you talk about video games or real goods - as soon as you promise a certain effect you have to ensure that this effect can’t be taken way due to faulty mechanics (like here team killing) - customer protection laws in some countries are very stringent as soon as real money is involved…


The problem with that is that Gaijin probably made it such that the boosters have the same (or similar) principles as loot boxes, in which they assume the customer is aware of the risks of the purchase.

In this case, TKing is not a faulty mechanic, as it’s a part of the game (and is intended to be allowed against other teammates, no matter how unfair the other players make it out to be or how unintended the TK was suppose to be). The booster is technically not ‘lost’ when TK’d, as the booster is applied to the end of the match anyhow. Only the person’s performance in a match affects how useful the booster was to them, which can be partially (or fully) influenced by the teamkill, to which the player who did the TK can be punished.

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If you are running a boostrr dont be the first to take off. 1 you wont be the first seen by enemy, 2nd you can kill team killers 😆

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Better yet, grab a 2x 500% boosters and then go TKing. Whoever offs you is in for a surprise.

Cause the repair bill is gonna be what, SL 50k x (1 + 750%) = SL 425k.

There’s gonna be YT vids how ppl stack boosters for 5000% gain just to smack get revenge killed by a teammate. [Insert meme face of a guy with a coffee mug]


PS But I think after a few vids like that nobody will ever TK a friendly for whatever reason being completely afraid of a ~SK 2,000,000 repair bill.