Punishment isn't harsh enough it seems

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not remove it, but punish every intentional teamkill harder (like a 24 h ban).
The issue is differentiating an intentional teamkill from an honest mistake.
That requires human interaction for now and that is a workload much to high to handle.


Just a Q, if a teammate drops nuke does my vehicle counts as destroyed?


It doesn’t.

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Then I cant find a reason why people would team kill.

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Well, because these shitheads have accepted life will give them nothing in their future so it’s their way to make entertainment by making other people suffers? lol

Its far too common for nukes to be team killed ive only had 3 nukes and one of mine were team killed thats 1 in 3 times you get team killed.

I don’t see any reason to make nuke plane vulnerable to friendly attacks, 24 hours imo is too low for such a heinous act, since so many trolls enjoy doing something like this, how about we make it something more productive? I wasn’t joking about the golden eagle fine, this will be a good addition to preventing something like this from happening for whatever reason the friendly fire has to stay.

  1. 10,000 eagles for intentional teamkilling nuke planes, manual review required
  2. 1,000 eagles for intentional teamkilling in air ab/rb, and ground ab/rb
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Nah, because of two things.

  1. People in planes being greedy and flying in front of your gun burst to steal your kill

  2. The same thing as 1, but it’s a missile

I’ve regularly TK’d, most on accident by a bad missile track. This will just cause controversy in the player base, add a pay-wall behind making minor mistakes, and ruining people’s accounts when they just wanted to goof off a bit.


Jealousy, or they just don’t want the match to end, so they can get more kills and rewards…

Luckily there are ways to get help with anger management, maybe you could give it a try…


Get your wallet ready for a swarm of team mates racing to the spot where you just called arty to. Nice way to get some free GEs… :)


I’m lucky I hadn’t met one, the dude who got shot down wasn’t even me, it was someone on my team and it caught my attention that he didn’t manage to drop it, saw a blue nametag who was the one who took him down had me boiling with a rage lol guy had a wingman some more escorting him then a mouthbreather decided to ruin it.

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This imho the 3rd post in a short time dealing with team killing nuke planes.

In one i saw a reaction by gaijin:

Usually we see a while later this:

I don’t have experience in top-tier air battles, so far I only researched my British aviation tech to Canberra territory, and haven’t played them ever since, but when I was there in air RB, 3 out of 10 matches I’ve witnessed teammates shooting other teammates during the take-off, or right after, it happens not long after the match starts, those should pay with eagles lol that’s why I say intentional.

Speaking of accident, one time I was in the Strela and trying to get rid of someone going after my teammate’s fighter, I accidentally locked on my teammate instead of the enemy and was very close to hitting the button lol I know things like these are bound to happen one day. Maybe only fine those who shot down teammate’s nuke.

The only reason i can think about is that a nuke in that situation will end a game, so people that will potentially still get more RP and SL can’t get more because of that nuke
By stopping the game you are basically ending a potentially fun and god only know what the next one will be.
Also for the “immersion” and “realism” side nukes don’t make any sense

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Or even better:

Permanently lock the entire lineup the player that teamkilled the nuke carrier used in the battle

3 Month Ban

Automatic week long ban if they teamkill again no matter if it is accidental or intentional

Permanent chat ban

Nickname reset without being able to change

Decal ban

Decorator ban

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Just think about the cuban missile crisis where 1 soviet officer refused to launch, you might not be here today

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Hnnnnnnnnngggggghhhhhhh I liked this one, this is a somewhat creative punishment.


I think you are enjoying this topic to much 😆

So You got angry that someone was able to get the nuke so fast?

You should get banned for that imo.