Su-11 and Wyvern immoral premiums at low br

The Su-11 can reach 900 kph on sea level easily after take off, it’s just a 8.7 plane at 7.3 and they are paper Tigers.
. I just bought it and their cannons are also too effective and fast, it’s almost like Ace combat laser gun.
The wyvern is totally immoral at 4.3 and no fighter can energy fight a wyvern, I had difficult to get them in a P-51 which is probably the best energy fighter at this level land have air spawn. The wyvern has many ammo, nice speed, air spawn it’s an all around aircraft that can do better than the A2D1 but still sitting at 4.3 while it should be 6.0 at least along with the other best attackers in the game.


Forum posts are changing nothing.

Add your opinion next time in “official” requests for feedback with a simple like:

Wyvern specific issues are here:

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True about forum power, I have only ever seen one person think Wyvern is fine as it is (but a player who hates “cold war” yet looks like they enjoy spamming Concept 3 and Wyvern at 4.3, and doesn’t even do well in that!).

I’m sure it was 4.7 when I bought it years ago.

Su-11 isn’t at a too low of BR unless F-84G is.
F-84G is a 7.3 if it didn’t have airspawn, and is nearly identical to Su-11 in performance.

Su-11 and F-84G are no where near 8.7 as you claim.

Wyvern I think is fine. Definetly not 6.0 material. At best maybe 4.7. Like many, many aircraft. It probably just needs to loose air spawn. That makes a far more signifcant difference than you’d think.

A2D-1 is the better part of 200 kph faster, smaller turn time, better climb rate and has a much larger bomb load and even a Radar, There is a reason why its a much higher BR (though that being said, I can see it getting a small BR reduction for Air modes with split BRs)

Maybe try not dogfighting the Wyvern then. You should have a smaller turn radius, but perhaps favour hit and run tactics. The same you would fight anything else British at that BR, like a Spitfire.

Wyvern’s engine is the most fragile in the game.
Which led to its dropping BRs to begin with.


There is that too. Likes cooking itself right?

More that 1 7.7mm round reduces its power by up to half.

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Started at 5.0, and it was fine there, idk how it ended up at 4.3 to begin with.

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I just assumed “stats from matches” with all the players who bomb/go for GTs before, making it safe making them perform badly overall.


Being easy prey for every fighter in its BR range. Additionally after being moved 7.3 everyone seemed to forget the Su-11 exists.

… Wait, people are losing dogfights against Wyverns?

It’s a brick that can’t turn.


It’s a brick that if it does turn it becomes exponentially easier to kill. I love using the Wyvern for boom and zoom, but goodness if you turn in it you signed your own death warrant.


Imho the OP wrote energy fights, imho a difference.

On top of that - every few hundred matches you meet pilots in Air RB which are using the Wyverns with a joystick - way less energy losses compared to the average mouse aim user results in way better (actually surprising) agility.

Check old wt forum - you find “confessions” of Wyvern users confirming that…
But most of their users are not aware of this and have no clue about ACM and energy management, so from a general perspective you are right.


I guess I know what to buy if I decide to switch tech trees.

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The Wyvern if flown properly can be devastating, but you can’t say that you have difficulty killing it with any fighter, because the Wyvern will lose all dogfights against them.


With regards to AirRB - not true as not relevant, as the key for a proper usage is exactly to avoid any slow combat and to use superior speed in the first place. You won’t start a dogfight / turnfight with an A6M whilst flying a P-47, but the P-47 can dictate the fight due to its way superior speed.

So an experienced pilot can remain untouchable by disengaging at will - whilst the performance advantage of speed and energy retention in a straight line allow him to pick his fights.

It became a lot easier to kill them since October 2023 when they removed aaa on the forward airfields, but the problems with them early game are still there.

I linked above a quote from 2022 - i had to break off / pull my airbrake as i attacked a Wyvern at 9.800 meters - as he managed to outdive me, and my rip speed is between 870-880 TAS at this alt…(i flew an SM 92).

I mean even if you don’t trust me - this entire thread from 2021 - 2022 describes in detail the challenges whilst flying and/or fighting them - from the perspective of highly experienced (and successful) fighter pilots:

I don’t care which BR they give the Wyvern, the problem is that even 4.7/5.0 there are many new players who get killed by the Wyvern, because even with the FW190 F8 with two 30mm cannons and with inferior performance to the Wyvern I happen to get 3/4 kills, and the same thing goes when I fly with the Do 335.

So they move it down to where nothing can catch it?

The only planes I’ve seen Wyvern’s outrun is Zero’s. Literally everything else can easily catch them.