Move Wyvern S4 to 4.7 5.0 or 5.3. PLEASE

It is well-known that wyvern is a completely broken and busted vehcle. Even XP-50 isn’t this BROKEN. It is much easier to win vs 5 XP-50s on a larger map than vs 7 Wyverns on Tunisia. The problem with Wyverns is the far too low BR and insane top speed plus ammo count - and the early game impact… Anyone who nows how to play ARB can easily reach KD 3 or even 5
in ARB with a wyvern. And as far as I can see, things have become worse now. This week, almost in every game I play at br 4.3 and 4.7, I see at least one wyvern climbing to 4-5km altitude and kill everyone. Not to mention the fact that wyverns can easily kill any bomber or strike aircraft from 3.0 to 5.0.
Here are several records. Just to show you how easily wyverns win.
Plus the link to another post in this forum. Discussion over Wyvern S4.


Oh yes! Anyone that knows how to use a Wyvern has a huge advantage. It’s a post-war aircraft which sometimes gets to go up against mid-war ones. Usually if you are a bomber and you mark a target, Wyvern players completely ignore you, knowing they will get there first and to hell with your slow lumbering bomber, which has nothing to target when it eventually gets there. But then pay to win…

It’s out of place at the tier it is, and, abit like the Xp-50, is far too powerful. The Xp-50 is so because it gets an altitude air start. I hate the advantage both have - it’s just too big.


wyvern has already made most bombers and strike aircraft at 3.0-5.0 a joke. and it is superior to many fighters in air combat(due to its speed, of course). it has poisoned this br.


It might be prudent to limit the number of these aircraft you can have in a match. With US+brits you can sometimes get an overwhelming number of Wyverns and XP50s in one team. This is where PtW starts to destroy gameplay.


agree.this is important as well

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I fly the Wyvern and I agree, I bought it bc I kept getting killed by them and it’s also great for GRB. Think it should be 4.3-4.7, on par w/P-47’s, at the very least.


Except SM 92, B-18B or B7A2 - if they were flown correctly. All you have to to is to get above 5-6 km and their hp drop (even he is linear) makes them useless against experienced players. Despite i fly daily 2-5 matches, i can’t remember when i got killed by a Wyvern.

From my perspective fighter pilots killed by Wyverns are mainly rookies caught during the initial climb phase - and later in the match either due to a total absence of situational awareness or because their pilot skills are limited to point and click in headons. Turning away from them, picking up speed and a split-s if they are too close or a shallow climb up to 6 km and they are usually no threat. And even if you are low, with enough speed you can dodge their headon attempt unharmed…

It is correct that they farm a lot of clueless bomber players too, but this is mainly a skill issue on the bomber side. I mean if you get killed in a Me 264 by a Wyvern you are simply too low and you didn’t turn away in time to spray them down.

Despite i actually managed to crit a Wyvern at 9.800 meters some time ago (and he dove away faster than my rip speed of roughly 870 TAS) the Wyverns were a little bit tamed due to the BR increase a few weeks ago.

The removal of the af aaa on forward airfields helped too as this reduced their low alt runs in and out of the af aaa bubble and allows you to kill them much easier than before.

What i fail to understand is that the players do not use the few tools they have to change things. If you look at this thread:

Planned BR ranges October

…out of the 1361 posts actually just 3 (thereof one - #100 from me) player used the opportunity to address this issue in a thread specifically created by gaijin to ask for player feedback.

I fully agree that 4.3 was a step in the right direction and a relief for guys playing BR 3.0 - but if you want a higher BR it is up to much more players to address their concerns in the next “planned BR changes” discussion thread.


Roger that

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so your complaining that the wyvern is OP when speed is about the only thing it has going for it. if you see one climb to 4-5km go kill it your engine becomes noticeably weaker above 3k. as for being able to kill any bomber from 3.0-5.0 thats not hard if you have cannons.

i use the wyvern as a fighter and most of my kills are idiots who aren’t paying attention or dont respect the planes ability (a wyvern 1.5-2km below you is still a threat)

the wyvern is fast but fat it bleeds energy in a turn more so with flaps

you are asking its one advantage to be taken away because you cant catch it because most pliots are smart enough not to turn fight in it


XD sure buddy


If they finally fix the dogshit hispanos that do 0 damage yes they should move it up.

Yeah that’s pretty much it, having used the Wyvern i confirm.

Is a really good strike fighter because of the 3 x1000lb bombs and speed (at low altitude), but once you get dive on by one guy he will catch you most of the times (unless you dive hard and are almost borderline wing ripping speeds).

The Hispanos on the other hand… they are “****Spanos” and barely do any damage.
Damage model is mediocre, you will get on fire quicker than any other japanese prop for some reason.

For Air RB i would remove it’s air spawn, since that’s what i would actually legit say is an overpowered advantage, but increasing it’s BR? that would be an unjustified huge nerf.

The Wyvern is only amazing if you don’t own it. Like most Premiums.

Bit of a brick to be honest. Hard to drop bombs with any accuracy at that speed.
Can have some good games with it but it’s not guaranteed, it won’t take hits well. Certainly no P47 in that department.

If players are getting results with it at 4.3 then they deserve it as 4.3 UK is a pretty miserable place to be compared with Russia/Germany or USA.


wyvern is a CAS already has too much air combat capability now.
why it’s at 4.3 currently? because so many Russian and Chinese idiots use it to bomb only. Right now, during events, I always see more that 8 wyverns in a single match. And this is why. It’s also the reason why this disgusting monster should be moved to 5.3(with better flight performance, of course)



i complained about this on the subreddit and got downvoted to oblivion by all the wyvern users i posted that during the last event too so it was even more used than normally


hispano do no damage? you don’t really play ARB recently, do you?
wyvern S4 has biased acceleration, biased top speed as well as biased firepower. to make it not so broken it has to be moved to 5.0 as well as removing air spawn.
plus, you talked about wyvern being dived on. the problem here is all other strike aircraft and literally all bombers can be caught by a fighter and this doesn’t need the fighter to dive. in the meantime, it is often the case that a fighter can’t catch wyvern unless he dives all the way from 3000m alt. plus we have japs and Soviet fighters that can’t even reach wyvern (or it’s your skill issue), due to Soviet rip speed and jap engine. till now, the best wyvern hunter I have flied is P-47D28, which is a 5.0 fighter. Oh by the way. even if wyvern S4’s air spawn is removed, it can still climb faster than many 5.3 fighters. This is ridiculous. Stop defending for a such biased and broken vehicle.


F-104 is virtually an F-22 at 9.3. Nothing at that BR can catch it. It has made playing 8.3-9.0 hell. Only the stupid will try to turn fight in one of those. Anyone with even one braincell will just run away then come back in when you stop chasing. Everyone else’s F-104s are at 10.0. Why are American F-104s at 9.3? They can go to 9.7 at least.

Remove the XP-50’s air start and you remove the one thing it has going for it. The Wyvern can go to 6.0 hell.


Wyvern definitely could be higher, but so could most of the US tree since they have the issue of high population/use dunking stats (aka Wyvern issue as was 4.7 when I started).

5.0+ though… Nightmare fuel of matches of Ju288 and Wyverns spammed to oblivion. Yeah, it might seem funny but the current Ju288 matches are NOT (on the whole), and not every Ju288 or Wyvern is just a bot/blind grinder and real users of vehicles should not be hamstrung too much (Say that mostly these users ended up on same 6 v 6 battles or whatever, which are not ideal (but better than the 16 v 16 moron-fuel)).

But hey, most vehicles are where they are due to “average” use so just a big flaw in the system when vehicles or nations are more popular than others.

Next “BR Update” people could help by supporting those asking for a BR raise on the Wyvern, I have been one of the very few for YEARS. No counters to the idea, just no support either. Got it to 4.3 so far so it is a start (not me personally off course and I am sure more a stats thing than community action).

6.0 Wyvern hell = more Ju288 hell = Hell for EVERYONE in those 6 v 6s. Not a NO but a “be careful what you wish for”… cough ATGMS… cough Helicopters… cough Modern vehicles in a WWII geared sandbox.


i still remember chasing a wyvern all the way to the edge of the map to shoot it down the only reason i managed to do it is because the game repsawned him in front of the map border


it is clear that gaijin doesn’t play this game at all…