Move Wyvern S4 to 4.7 5.0 or 5.3. PLEASE

It is well-known that wyvern is a completely broken and busted vehcle. Even XP-50 isn’t this BROKEN. It is much easier to win vs 5 XP-50s on a larger map than vs 7 Wyverns on Tunisia. The problem with Wyverns is the far too low BR and insane top speed plus ammo count - and the early game impact… Anyone who nows how to play ARB can easily reach KD 3 or even 5
in ARB with a wyvern. And as far as I can see, things have become worse now. This week, almost in every game I play at br 4.3 and 4.7, I see at least one wyvern climbing to 4-5km altitude and kill everyone. Not to mention the fact that wyverns can easily kill any bomber or strike aircraft from 3.0 to 5.0.
Here are several records. Just to show you how easily wyverns win.
Plus the link to another post in this forum. Discussion over Wyvern S4.


Oh yes! Anyone that knows how to use a Wyvern has a huge advantage. It’s a post-war aircraft which sometimes gets to go up against mid-war ones. Usually if you are a bomber and you mark a target, Wyvern players completely ignore you, knowing they will get there first and to hell with your slow lumbering bomber, which has nothing to target when it eventually gets there. But then pay to win…

It’s out of place at the tier it is, and, abit like the Xp-50, is far too powerful. The Xp-50 is so because it gets an altitude air start. I hate the advantage both have - it’s just too big.


wyvern has already made most bombers and strike aircraft at 3.0-5.0 a joke. and it is superior to many fighters in air combat(due to its speed, of course). it has poisoned this br.

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It might be prudent to limit the number of these aircraft you can have in a match. With US+brits you can sometimes get an overwhelming number of Wyverns and XP50s in one team. This is where PtW starts to destroy gameplay.


agree.this is important as well

I fly the Wyvern and I agree, I bought it bc I kept getting killed by them and it’s also great for GRB. Think it should be 4.3-4.7, on par w/P-47’s, at the very least.

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