Sick of being told about passive behaviour

You’re very conveniently leaving out the absolutely busted airfield AA that you’re circling. It takes half a team to guarantee killing an airfield camper and at least half of those people will die to the AA. Stop trying to defend a ridiculous game mechanic and your abuse of it.

Passive behaviour is also flying NASCAR around an airfield for 15 minutes, letting the AA prevent anyone from being able to harm you.

Most maps have asymmetrical ticket bleed. Most maps also have periods of rapid ticket bleed, half of the time because the AI planes decide to collectively ram it into the ground. I’ve had games with over 2000 tickets left drop to 0 in under a minute and a half. The ticket system is terrible with its current implementation and a lot of the time it simply isn’t possible to recover from a ticket deficit because the match will end within 10-15 minutes of starting.


Wrong, show us the rules on passive behavior


I am not wrong. “Accepting or allowing what happens or what others do, without active response or resistance.” (Oxford Dictionary) By circling the airfield and doing nothing, you are accepting what has happened in the game with no response or resistance. Textbook definition right there.

“You must play fair and not intentionally disrupt your team’s gameplay. For example, you must not hurt your teammates on purpose (“friendly fire”), block their movements, or stay inactive (“AFK”) during a game session. You must not use cheats, bugs, exploits, or other methods of unfair play.” (ToS, Gaijin) First, circling the airfield so the airfield AA kills targets coming after you can very easily be considered “unfair play”. Go ahead and try to argue that point when the airfields use unavoidable hitscan guns and you aren’t able to get the kills on the enemy yourself. Second, circling the airfield can be considered being inactive. You aren’t AFK, but you also aren’t doing anything to actually progress the game, so you can also consider that “intentional disruption” since you are intentionally doing nothing.

So it would seem reasonable to say waiting for tickets to bleed out by circling the airfield for safety would be unfair play, being inactive, and intentionally hindering your team. Seems against TOS to me.

Circling the airfield could be considered passive behavior just as much as space climbing to avoid combat. You can say “wrong” all day, but the TOS is not in your favor here. Gaijin added the passive behavior report for a reason. That reason is for people who refuse to take action in game when they are clearly able to to delay the game or try to avoid deaths.

The fact that you want others to prove your argument by “showing us the rules on passive behavior” just shows you also don’t know them or how to find them. You are arguing this from a standpoint of “I feel” instead of “it is”. You FEEL like it is not against TOS, but TOS SAYS no unfair play, intention hinderence of your own team, and no being inactive. Circling the airfield checks those 3 boxes quite easily, whether you feel like it shouldn’t or not.

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“I will circle around the airfield SAMs until you lose” in a TDM game mode and I get reported for it? Lmao. You’re gonna keep getting reported and very rightfully so


Yea, no… That is actually tactical, same as the bomber outclimbing you, because if you don’t coordinate or think before you go to engage, you WILL mess up.

You either climb to catch the bomber, or you hit the ground targets to hit the tickets. You either wait for them to come out, or you get all of you to go for them, at the same time, to try and get them down, compared to all of you, one by one, swinging in to get a hit and dying to the AAA.

Your wrong. Try and enfirce your point of view and see if it gets you anywhere. And who are you or anyone to dictate the rules of the game

Read these,

You can get as many dictionaries zs you like untill Gaijin says what passive is or what defines passive behavior untill then you cant be punished for it.


And what will happen about said report?

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Given a sufficient number of reports, I would imagine gaijin will take whatever action they deem necessary

Ive had the 10 reports its just a notification to tell you that 10 reports have gone in. That is it end of

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None of these have an official response from a Gaijin employee, I showed you the actual Terms of Service from Gaijin. My proof is more credible than yours. Again, show me an OFFICIAL response from Gaijin to match my OFFICIAL data from Gaijin and then maybe we can discuss it. I’m not trying to force my point of view, I looked at Gaijins TOS and explained how it could be interpreted for the cimcumstances described. You are the one trying to convice people that it is fine to do with absolutely no proof to support it while also yelling “You’re wrong” to everyone that disagrees.

You have provided no profe on passive behavior, There is nothing in the TOS about passive behavior.

Im not trying to provide proof, i have tried to find out what gaijins official stand is on passive behavior. No result, i wish someone from gaijin did so to stop all the crap in game chat

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That’s unfortunate, lets hope Gaijin do something about it

I clearly explained it here how airfield circling can be considered passive behavior and how it can be applied to Gaijin’s terms of service. I quoted the TOS and then used key words to describe the behavior. If you can’t accept that you are wrong in this situation after being shown the actual TOS and getting an explaination of how it can apply, then you are just ignorant and want to stay ignorant.

It needs to be sorted. You cant enforce something with out stating what is by your own definition. I dont like af campers, but i dont like players who think they can dictate the rules more

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How you concider it, your not a GM. If i circle the airfield what are you going to do about it. Nothing about airfields in the tos

You are trying to enforc your point of view, by adding to it

Nono, I think it’s pretty clear. AirRB is a team death match, if you refuse to participate in the said TDM you are passive and should be sanctioned.

The airfield is there for a reason as are it’s defenses. You can take them out.

It’s not passive behaviour, it’s actual tactics, and requireing you to take action to make your win.


No, you really can’t. The airfield and it’s defenses are there so you can land, rearm, refuel and take off again. Choosing to circle the airfield so as to extend the match is abusing that


It’s not abuse, it’s calculated play and forcing you to play whatever hand you can to cope with that.

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There is nothing in the TOS about airfields

2. You must play fair and not intentionally disrupt your team’s gameplay. For example, you must not hurt your teammates on purpose (“friendly fire”), block their movements, or stay inactive (“AFK”) during a game session. You must not use cheats, bugs, exploits, or other methods of unfair play.

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