Sick of being told about passive behaviour

For all you arcady types out there who just want to charge at your oponnent head on and know nothing else, I’m sick of Gaijin allowing people to be charged with passive behaviour, and I’m sure others are too.

Look, if my team have fought to win on tickets and I’m the only one left, I will for the sake of the team circle around my airfield, like it or lump it. I’m NOT heading out to attempt to bomb things, being the only one left against one or more fighters where I’m certain to be shot down only to lose the match and get a repair bill.

Where I WILL conceed is when the tickets are against my team and I’m the only one left. If the opposition let me or I think I’m safe to do so I will land and J out. Sadly, some aren’t kind and will wait to dive on you if you attempt to land, then complain when you continue to circle for fear of being dived on. Most decent players will land and j out if you give them a chance to, so move away from the airfield and let them! Don’t threaten to dive on them and then complain if they do this!

Passive behaviour is flying AFK or sitting on the runway doing nothing (in which case the game now ends if someone does that). So stop complaining about it, and if there are enough of you, find some other way to win.

Don’t sulk and complain about passive behaviour, this mode isn’t arcade. If you can’t find a way to beat some poor sod who is left circling his base in a B25 against a team nearly full of russian fighters then you all need your heads banging together.

If you are going to lose on tickets because the opposition ground pounded and are now nearly all dead as a result of their sacrifice, then if there is one enemy left alone they owe it to their team to try to win.


Just ignore it, been there. Little kids who want you to die for them. Btw your better off after 1 bomb run RTH. There is no team in WT apart from squads


Yea, what you’re doing isn’t passive behaviour, it’s players trying to make you ‘qualify’ for the rule because they actually can’t function.

That’s actually quite incorrect. Whilst you’re gauranteed a ‘teammate’ by making a squad, you can often find them on the field.

Being closed like you are, will make you not see anyone else.

And this is where the negativity and assumption that nothing is worth anything comes into it.


There are no teammates only expendable blue enemies


only time i report people for passive behaviour is when they spawn in their m22 do nothing all game and just die or if they spawn in an actual tank go in the furthest corner of the map sit there and kill maybe 1 tank if lucky and doesnt move from that spot at all

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That’s not quite passive if it’s watching that flank.

LONG ago I had a guy all upset with the game not working for them, and I said I’d squad with them. So we enter match and he immediately goes behind a rock in spawn, and tells me that he’ll watch me die.

Little twerp was absolutely being reported for passive behaviour, and I even called on the team to do the same as that was a genuine instance of it.

There’s a lot to it, but really, just being out wide, or watching a flank, or even trying to just even pace yourself, are all valid things to do.

You just have to consider if that M22 wasn’t there, could another light (or medium) have headed out that way, got past where they would’ve been, and caused ‘risk’ for your team. And if that’s even remotely possible, then they’re fine to me.

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yeah i understand if they are watching the flank but they sit there 20 min while we are losing the point and most of the team left etc but yeah i agree also all m22 most of the time just 1 spawn leave if they die and spawn into something at the br they are its fine

also asked them to move and come help multiple times etc

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Many do that, but when they ask, it easily turns into a demand and an expectation.

Yes, Gaijin should not “ding” players who are in 1-3 place on their team and are the last person alive.
Other team circles around the AF waiting for you to Take Off, but why should we? THEY are the passive players, just circling and waiting for an easy … “cradle love struggle” instead of actively going out and scouting and killing ground forces and AI planes.
They call landing to repair “passive” but that is a required mechanic. Circling a map spot endlessly is the ACTUAL Airfield camping. Maybe Gaijin should add a red circle on the map like in Tanks, where if a player circles for too long, their engine fails.

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Yea, how dare the fighter pilots expect to do air combat with other players in Air RB? If you don’t want to fight, then land and J out so the game can end. Some people don’t want to ground pound and bleed tickets when there is only one plane left because it would be a simple win in a 3+ vs 1 situation, especially against a bomber. The passive behavior is staying within airfield AA range and staying protected. You aren’t taking an active role in accomplishing anything if you are circling the airfield, and you are just wasting everyone else’s time. It isn’t about bleeding tickets for a win, it is about having a singular player (most of the time) refusing to engage in any sort of combat (PVP or PVE) when they determine they cannot win or it isn’t worth trying to. If you are the last plane, especially a bomber and refuse to accept that you have lost the game because there is now a 3+ to 1 advantage over you, then you need to stop acting like you haven’t lost the game. Just fly out and take the loss while trying to get a kill on them, or land and J out so the game can end.


You are wrong. If 3 players decided to fly fighters and cant win on tickets, that is there problem. You are allowed to circle your airfield and you are allowed to stay safe. What your saying is some made up crap and is not officiall.

I have been there, some goby kid in chat giving it big in game and getting his gamer clan to report. Do one!

Your given a map, a spawn, aircraft of your choice. Win the match with out breaking TOS. That is it


I agree. Though I hope Gaijin improves the team situation, so there is more teamwork


You get these players who like to dictate the rules but can not produce them. Kill thief is another.


You’re very conveniently leaving out the absolutely busted airfield AA that you’re circling. It takes half a team to guarantee killing an airfield camper and at least half of those people will die to the AA. Stop trying to defend a ridiculous game mechanic and your abuse of it.

Passive behaviour is also flying NASCAR around an airfield for 15 minutes, letting the AA prevent anyone from being able to harm you.

Most maps have asymmetrical ticket bleed. Most maps also have periods of rapid ticket bleed, half of the time because the AI planes decide to collectively ram it into the ground. I’ve had games with over 2000 tickets left drop to 0 in under a minute and a half. The ticket system is terrible with its current implementation and a lot of the time it simply isn’t possible to recover from a ticket deficit because the match will end within 10-15 minutes of starting.


Wrong, show us the rules on passive behavior


I am not wrong. “Accepting or allowing what happens or what others do, without active response or resistance.” (Oxford Dictionary) By circling the airfield and doing nothing, you are accepting what has happened in the game with no response or resistance. Textbook definition right there.

“You must play fair and not intentionally disrupt your team’s gameplay. For example, you must not hurt your teammates on purpose (“friendly fire”), block their movements, or stay inactive (“AFK”) during a game session. You must not use cheats, bugs, exploits, or other methods of unfair play.” (ToS, Gaijin) First, circling the airfield so the airfield AA kills targets coming after you can very easily be considered “unfair play”. Go ahead and try to argue that point when the airfields use unavoidable hitscan guns and you aren’t able to get the kills on the enemy yourself. Second, circling the airfield can be considered being inactive. You aren’t AFK, but you also aren’t doing anything to actually progress the game, so you can also consider that “intentional disruption” since you are intentionally doing nothing.

So it would seem reasonable to say waiting for tickets to bleed out by circling the airfield for safety would be unfair play, being inactive, and intentionally hindering your team. Seems against TOS to me.

Circling the airfield could be considered passive behavior just as much as space climbing to avoid combat. You can say “wrong” all day, but the TOS is not in your favor here. Gaijin added the passive behavior report for a reason. That reason is for people who refuse to take action in game when they are clearly able to to delay the game or try to avoid deaths.

The fact that you want others to prove your argument by “showing us the rules on passive behavior” just shows you also don’t know them or how to find them. You are arguing this from a standpoint of “I feel” instead of “it is”. You FEEL like it is not against TOS, but TOS SAYS no unfair play, intention hinderence of your own team, and no being inactive. Circling the airfield checks those 3 boxes quite easily, whether you feel like it shouldn’t or not.

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“I will circle around the airfield SAMs until you lose” in a TDM game mode and I get reported for it? Lmao. You’re gonna keep getting reported and very rightfully so


Yea, no… That is actually tactical, same as the bomber outclimbing you, because if you don’t coordinate or think before you go to engage, you WILL mess up.

You either climb to catch the bomber, or you hit the ground targets to hit the tickets. You either wait for them to come out, or you get all of you to go for them, at the same time, to try and get them down, compared to all of you, one by one, swinging in to get a hit and dying to the AAA.

Your wrong. Try and enfirce your point of view and see if it gets you anywhere. And who are you or anyone to dictate the rules of the game

Read these,

You can get as many dictionaries zs you like untill Gaijin says what passive is or what defines passive behavior untill then you cant be punished for it.