Abuse and use of report system to bully other players


while playing in the above match i am receiving abuse in chat, I have been trying to dog fight someone at alt who when i eventully I get on his six runs away trying to drag me down to his team mates. Then today i receive message after logging into game that i have been reported 10 times for passive behaviour and foul language, i admit to the foul language and am sorry for this, but the main abuser is sat on runway typing abuse

i will admit its pretty boring and i do wish i was more agressive but i still dont deserve the abuse and for the use of the report system


here is another example, i was going to shot down a pe2 but there was a enemy spitfire above so i think to exstand away and get hight and kill him first. during this 1 of there team thratens to have his team report me and have me band.

this behaviour has to stop, if i am being passive then say so and ill be more agrresive.

Best regards

tldr did you get a chat ban or something? You have 9 more to go sonny

No chat ban