Passive behavior explanation please

Can we have an offical response as to what passive play is. What you can do and can not do.

Me personally cant type and fight at the same time due to being a xbox/ controler user and having to explain why i am going for ammo, climbing or exstending away from the enemy There is so much abuse in chat about it

It is referring to things like space climbing, AFKing, sitting on airfield, etc

Just ignore those reports - they are mostly sent by the usual suspects - bad players with lousy stats. They get very brave if they have alt or numerical advantage…

There is simply no need to react on this nonsense - same as for provocations in all chat.

Despite sitting currently on a chat ban i received 2 times these “10 players” nonsense accusing me of hate speech, foul language etc.

As long as GMs are checking those reports carefully there is nothing to worry about.

Space climbing - i agree to a certain degree. If spaceclimbing is used to split up enemies, win by tickets or just to outfuel some enemies it looks for me ok.

A complete different issue are “uncatchable” Wyverns running across the map and racing between main and forward airfield - extremely annoying but from my pov fully intended by gaijin due to the way too low BR of this plane. Replay example:

Wyvern af camping for 13 minutes, running for 20 minutes

So we have just a **** player abusing af aaa cover - he is using the tools the game gave him. The only real negative aspects was his behavior in all chat as luring a fellow player into his af aaa did not work, i see this daily and it just extended the match time to the max of 25 minutes.

AFKing - fully agree, but sitting on AF is covered by “inactive player” functionality. The only really annoying thing is that these AFK guys are sitting on the runway instead of playing the game or helping you to win. Losing a bomb by accident might change their status…

Plug in a keyboard - problem solved. I’m on Xbox and I’m always the strongest communicator on my team.

That’s not passive at all.

It is very much passive to climb forever without engaging the enemy or completing objectives.


Nope, because I’m referring to people who abuse AA by just sitting on and near airfields.

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Why not give Aaa at airfields limited ammo with reload time. So say i am sitting at my af and abusing it the Aaa has only limited ammo to protect me unless i move out of it range

Not when it’s luring you to have to go get them, or decide to hit ground targets… It’s your choice to make, they are forcing you to choose and to do so before it’s too late…

And often people get upset, and try chase them, wasting thier time and opportunity to go for the other ground targets.

It’s not passive, it’s pure tactics.

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See my last post… It’s the same.

When you have a b29 that has dropped its bombs and just afk climbed to the edge of the map and is now 25km high and 50km from the battle and the only plane left on their team just to annoy or win on tickets or let Ai win on the ground, that’s passive game play.

Putting it simple passive game play is prolonging the battle without any attempt to be actively contributing to battle objectives.

Then you’ve only got one choice in that instance and that is to help the ground targets, and if they aren’t going to do the necessary damage, then bad luck.

It’s not passive just because they refuse to die to you.

What is genuine passive behaviour is this urge for peopel to complain about the map/mode, then quit out like they shouldn’t have even queued in the first place.

That is a very strong point, if i am out numberd and the enmy is bunched up would i be passive in kiting them from altitude?

Yes, if you aren’t ever trying to get a kill, destroy a target or safely return to base. If all your doing is wasting players time, that’s passive game play.

Fully agree, if the B-29 in this example has done the job (bombing something) there is no need to complain. His only defense is alt and distance and as long there are maps without giving cover if somebody want to land and j out it is mainly gaijin to blame for that, especially if rp income is connected to game duration.
If the B-29 wins by tickets the enemy team simply focused on the wrong targets…
Btw - it looks like they finally fixed the non-working prop tier af aaa on Golan Heights…

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I would be waiting for 1 to run out of fuel, ammo and make run to his base, then i could dive on him, yes no?

Its got 5 turrets

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Technically you are correct, but at BR 7.0 (Air RB) the B-29 faces stiff opposition able to outclimb and outrun it. There is pretty much nothing you can do if a smart jet pilot sets up for a high speed pass.

Have in mind that accuracy of manual gunners was nerfed multiple times, ai gunners open fire too late and they face early AAMs. In addition (thanks to real shatter cannon buff) a few hits are enough to kill a B-29, the damage model of all bombers was nerfed several times.

Some years ago (with game duration of 1 hour in Air RB) they were a real pain to kill with props as B-29s were at BR 6.0, comparably to prop fighters very fast and gunner accuracy was way better than today.

Main reason for space climbing were ticket leads combined with very high repair cost (~50k SL). On the other hand they could earn ~100k SL per match just with bombing if they survived…

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Make all the excuses you want, it’s passive game play and that’s what the question was asking.

Anyway can we please have an offical sticky on what constitutes passive behaviour. What you can and can not do to clear things up so that we all know were we stand

Best regards

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