Siam-Thailand Lineups For Japanese Tech Tree

First of all, I would like to clarify that the Thai Sub Tree has no intention of destroying the Japanese tech tree. The intention of writing this Sub Tree is to help increase the number of vehicles in the Japanese line up. and adding in the matter of abilities that Japan currently lacks such as ground attacks The number of cars and aircraft has decreased, etc.

I see Thailand as another alternative to Japan. both alliances and compensation for each other’s abilities But even so, the option of making it Pan-Asia or other Pans is a good way to make cars from other countries available to play.

Finally, if the Thai tech tree destroys the Japanese tech tree, or caused any inappropriateness, I hereby apologize.


That can be very much fixed by adding japanese things, but not in a way Ka-Chi was added as one chance event vehicle. Japanese tank tree needs more normaly obtainable japanese stuff like Chi-Ri I, To-Ku, Ho-Ni II, Ke-nu, Ke-Ho maybe O-I too. Then japan needs a lot of BR changes because stats wise moust of japanese tanks up to 5th tier are overtiered by at least 0.3 or more just because its japanese I guess or because only experienced players have balls to play japanese tanks there for increasing its K/D than it should be. By 0.3 for example Chi-Nu I, Chi-Tos and Chi-Ri II while Ho-Ri, Chi-Nu II are almoust whole 1.0 or 0.7 BR higher than they should be stat wise yet japanese tanks keep getting uptiered for no reason togeder with Chi-Ha kai and many others. There are pretty much no lineups. Also japan is probably only nation that lacks free tri color camo even so it was the moust common camo used on all japanese tanks on all fronts. While other nations have multiple free tricolor camos even so stuff like American tanks barely ever used multi color camo Irl because they were on offensive. And lastly people cant even get free 1st premium if they were suicidal enough to start the game with japan as their first nation. That all togeder makes japan the worst tank tech tree to play and I really know what I am talking about as japanese main that saw it get all worse and worse. Japan really suffer on the ground while the fix is so simple not by adding american or other nations copy cat vehicles that does not help one bit.

While I agree that a lot of Japanese vehicles are still missing, there are many holes in the tree that there is simply no Japanese vehicles to fill. I’d be the last to say there is no Japanese vehicles left, as I very much know how flalse that is, however the tree is severely lacking and a subtree is a way to fix that.

The positives of a subtree are improved lineups, new capabilities and the representation of new nations. Especially in the WWII area that you seem most interested in, Thailand would provide a national ally operating Japanese vehicles that we don’t yet see in game, such as the Ki-30 or Ki-36. Additionally Japanese influence in vessels like the Thonburi, or yet unseen variants of aircraft like the H-75N that served alongside Thai Ki-27s in WWII can help enhance the tree.

And even if you might not be interested in some or maybe all of the vehicles the subtree would offer, it cannot take away from the tree. You have the option to skip a vehicle that is added, while others can’t play a vehicle that isn’t.

Gaijin has also stated the number of vehicle additions per update is based on the number of available options a nation has, which is why US and RU vehicles get added so frequently. A subtree would not only add Thai vehicles, but also make Japanese additions more frequent.


Indeed, there are holes that cannot be closed in any way - for example, with heavy tanks, which can only be Type 91/95 and O-I. However, in general, any other niche can be closed even without resorting to paper vehicles, maximum unfinished.

The Southeast Asian countries do not have their own equipment that would occupy a niche that some of the Japanese vehicles are not capable of occupying. Besides, here we also add the point that, due to the peculiarities of the local military-industrial complex, there is practically no talk about the development of internal machines, but copy-paste of American/Soviet/British/German/etc trees is road to nowhere, gaijin alredy has recently been replenishing the japanese tree to a large extent with reskins from other trees. With the introduction of the Hungarians, the Italian tree became de jure a branch of the Soviet tree, and I would not want a similar fate for the Japanese tree.

Regarding your concern, I deeply understand your worries too. However, please be assured that we are not asking for Gaijin to copy and paste vehicles from other nations just to fill JP Tech Tree unnecessarily.

As a nation that relied on Japanese equipment and had an alliance with Japan during the Second World War, from the historical perspective, Thailand and Japan have had such a close alliance that, even now, some of Thailand’s vehicles are the utilization of Japanese technology, such as pick-up truck and so on. With the 2 factors into consideration, alliance, and utilization of Japanese Technology, I believe that the Thai place as an addition to the Japanese tech tree can be a little bit legitimized or reasonable.

For the worrying of copy and paste, in my personal opinion, most of the Thai vehicles proposed to the tech trees have their own specifications that make them different from US or UK tech trees, such as M60A3 TIFCS or F-5TH. In my opinion, I wouldn’t want for Thai sub-tech tree to be just “US Reskin”, we do have our indigenous vehicles that can be added (R600 and Panus AFV420 for high tier, for example), albeit some are quite close to the original design such as M41 or M60.

As an air player, I mostly look at the gap in rank VI-VIII of the Japanese air tech tree. Since Japanese Tech Tree’s main strengths are its agility and turning abilities, I looked at Thai aerial history and how close we were as a nation, how Thai pilots used to crew and utilized Japanese vehicles and believed that the addition of Thai F-5s and F16s would help Japanese Tech Tree become more agile in that BR range.

The Idea of a Thai sub-tech tree for Japan didn’t begin from a vacuum, it began in the period when War Thunder was still a WW2-focused game, believing that providing vehicles used by Thailand during WW2 would create more immersive and historical scenarios while also acknowledging Thailand’s interesting WW2 history and alliance with Japan during that period. As the game is now progressing into the Cold War period and beyond, I see the Thai sub-tech tree as an evolution of that idea. And, inspired by Finnish Sub Tech Tree for Sweden, I believe that Thailand would be able to find its home in Japanese Tech Tree.



Japan could definitely use these Thai Vehicles, and it better comes with Thai Crew Voices too. since we probably wont get SK vehicles on JP tree.*sad. VT4 and Oplot could become really useful since they lack tanks with good armor in top tiers.


While ground would certainly benefit, I think air is where a Thai subtree would provide some of the most vital aid; ranks 6-7 are a misery machine of a grind, and with few adequate candidates for Japan that don’t begin to enter copium the likes of which mirror the F-16AJ.

Thailand by contrast perfectly complements that gap not only with a wide assortment of aircraft which would make grinding somewhat bearable, but also quite enjoyable, as well as providing some multirole and CAS assets Japan is sorely lacking.

The way I see things, there’s little to nothing Japan reasonably loses through gaining viable content to flesh out the gaping wounds in the tech tree and applying standards to deny Japan such content that has not been levied against other nations, especially in the state the Japanese tree is in, feels disconnected from the actual gameplay and the fact that this is a game where the grind is not just about the raw RP cost, but the quality of vehicles during a grind that matters.


Yeah obviously people that already have japan researched can skip those but new ppl wont be able. I just dont want copy cat american and british vehicles in the japanese tech tree to make it like chinese tree. It also makes simulators pain that you dont know who is who. I dont mind japanese tanks with thai crew in japanese tree to make more line ups but american things or stuff nah thanks.

Air tree does not even need sub tree. That is full tree. Only thing that needs extra vehicles and br changes is japanese tank tree which is just terrible rn. And adding moustly american and british stuff with Thai crew does not help. I just prefer japanese tanks in japanese tree.

yeah. the JGSDF tree right now full of holes. we still haven’t even got a type 90 Prototype yet. maybe they could put it to 9.7 or something. STC or STD is what it’s called i think?, and we DEFINITELY need the b78 IFV and 105 GSR. the latter’s gonna be hard to implement though.

If I’m being honest, a single pretty mediocre rank 7 that uptiers horrible does not make for an adequate experience. I consider Japan’s air to be effectively barebones after rank 4.

The tech tree in general needs pretty substantial facelifts specifically in the jet brackets more than possibly any nation as of present.


This is a proper suggestion for sub-tree of Japan.
I strongly support this idea


Tbf I only play to the rank V in air. As I play ww2 stuff only. I dont really care about top tier. I have it researched but jets and guided rockets that target you from many km away by click of a button or MBTs with all the tech just isnt enjoyable for me. Does not have that right vibe to it.

Ok then I don’t see how a Thai subtree that fills out brackets above that would matter to you either way. I say accepting all the candidate aircraft for ranks 6-8 from Thailand would be highly welcome as there are more players than just yourself.

I mean Its not like I really can change game development anyway.

Never said you had to, but I think one must approach issues in a game from a gameplay perspective all the same, and quality of play experience with Japan is certainly below average in the air in ranks 6 and 7, more than any other nation as of current. 3 rank 6 and 1 rank 7 aircraft which are all 4 anywhere from mediocre to rather inadequate all things considered.

Asking players to play through such a miserable grind in order to acquire some of the genuinely enjoyable rank 8 aircraft Japan has to offer effectively creates the unhealthy game space in which free to play models get criticized for all the time.


Japanese tank tech tree is a lot worse. Yet it keeps getting uptiered mainly just because its only played by already experienced players and you cant even choose japan as your starting tank nation.

In my experience, I actually find Japan’s ground forces in ranks 6-7 less painful than their air at the same bracket. That said, Japanese ground forces at WW2 brackets certainly perform worse than their peer air brackets that’s for certain. Overall I think the two branches face issues in separate spaces. Still, of the two I would say that the air bracket’s high-tier problems will affect players for a greater period of their time playing the game, assuming a standard grind to top tier.

Regardless, I think Thailand offers content that does help to alleviate issues pertaining to the Japanese tree’s shortcomings, and I would make the case the strength of Thai air power is one of the most notable benefits.

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Come now, don’t be so down! While we may be just players, our voices do matter in the development of the game! After all, that’s why we have forums, discussions, and suggestions in the first place!

You might not know this, but I love interacting with people with different opinions, including the one that I may not agree with too, and I value your opinion quite interestingly and highly! I can sympathize with your concern regarding the integrity of JP tree, that it might feel less JP with non-JP vehicles, especially at the low rank. And, in my opinion, low BR Japanese Air Tree is already quite solid on its own, but, with the addition of Thai vehicles, albeit quite a few for the pre rank V, it can provide some a little bit more flavor for many to enjoy!.

In my opinion, the real addition of Thai vehicles would be around rank V+ jets and some ground vehicles, they would be quite nice additions and add quite verities for the players to grind or enjoy!
In my opinion, F-5s would resolidify Japanese as the agile tech tree, and the Vickers 6 ton and M8 would be quite nice platforms to start the Japanese tech tree, allowing the new players to grind the early part smoothly until they reach the cream of JP Ground (2-3, in my opinion).

In the end, this is the discussion, and I love your opinion and your honesty. (^-^)


Thanks, I also respect your opinion and I understand that you mean it in good way to improve japanese tech tree. I just dont want more copy cats from other nations and tbf I would go as far as removing the existing copy cat american vehicles for japanese tank tech tree. But I am fine with Thai crewed japanese vehicles, things made by japan for Thailand like Thonburi-class or some unique thai vehicles.


This I can agree with 100%. There are only positives in having Thailand in Japan