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Thai Full Sub-Tree

Hello everyone This time I have written all the Thailand sub-trees in Japan. Including airplanes, tanks, warships and helicopters. Everyone can go vote and express their opinions. And I will bring interesting things about Thailand for everyone to see.

Thailand sub-tree : Ground tree

Thailand sub-tree : Aviation tree

Thailand sub-tree : Naval tree

Thailand sub-tree : Helicopter tree

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Krabi Class, The Royal Sea Saber Of Thailand

HTMS Krabi (OPV-551), first of her class

The modified UK’s River-class patrol vessel, Krabi class is a class of offshore patrol vessel built by Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Dockyard with the technological support and assistance from BAE Systems Surface Ships, UK. Currently there are 2 Krabi Class OPVs under the Royal Thai Navy service: HTMS Krabi, named after the province of Krabi, and HTMS Prachuap Khiri Khan, named after the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan.


HTMS Prachuap Khiri Khan (OPV-552)

While similar in size and spec, HTMS Prachuap Khiri Khan also carries 4 x RGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles alongside the usual 1 × OTO Melara 76/62 Super Rapid, 2 × 30mm MSI-DSL/ATK DS30MRs, and 2 × U.S. Ordnance M2HBs at the cost of reducing its operational range and speed (From 10,200 km to 6,500 km in range and from 6,500 km to 43 km/h in speed).


Just wanna say you did a great job on these!


Thank you very much. I appreciate it 🙏🙏



D(r)iving Deeper, A little bit of Thai made IFV

15-tonnes Infantry Fighting Vehicle

As the cold war progressed and uncertainty began to fall upon Southeast Asia, Thailand began the quest for its locally made and produced war machines. The following information is sourced from the article “15-Tonnes Infantry Fighting Vehicle” by Napat Patch on the

The 15-Tonnes Infantry Fighting Vehicle (Thai: รถเกราะสายพานหุ้มเกราะขนาด ๑๕ ตัน) was one of the Royal Thai Army’s very few projects to develop and produce a domestic Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). It was an attempt to create a prototype to pave the way for national production and usage of a locally designed armored vehicle and to solve the existing problems faced with acquiring foreign vehicles.

In the year 1980, following the issuing of a self-reliance policy, many branches of the Thai Army initiated research and development projects, such as 7-tonned wheeled armored vehicle based on/modified from Cadillac Gage Commando Scout, and license-produced APC 6614.

The 7-tonnes wheeled armored vehicle, which was based on the experiences gained on the previous “Commando scout” reconnaissance vehicle but with drastic design changes. Source: กองทัพบกไทยในรอบ สี่สิบปี


The license-produced APC 6614 on display at the two-hundredth anniversary celebration of Rattanakosin on 9 April 1982. Source: ALL WARFARE ISSUE 138 P2

Side of the 15-tonnes Infantry Fighting Vehicle with letter ศอว.ทบ. Which stand for Army weapon produce centre (Thai: ศูนย์อํานวยการสร้างอาวุธ กองทัพบก)

Source: Battlefield weekly issue 481 Page 30

The 15-tonnes Infantry Fighting Vehicle (Thai: รถเกราะสายพานหุ้มเกราะขนาด ๑๕ ตัน) was developed by using a budget allocation from the Royal Thai Army. For this new vehicle, they completely redesigned the drive train and chose new more suitable components. In 1982, the WPC selected a Cummins VT-903 C 8-cylinder, 4-stroke, 350 hp diesel engine and a Allison CLT.754 transmission system purchased from a foreign country. Other components were supplied locally, but the tank still used mild steel to reduce the cost of the prototype. The first prototype of the 15-tonnes Infantry Fighting Vehicle was finished in 1985.

For more information regarding the development and armament of this IFV, please visit and learn more about Thai IFV history via the link to the article


Patch, Napat. “15-Tonnes Infantry Fighting Vehicle”. Tank Encyclopedia, 23 Aug, 2023.


Source: Unused assets in War Thunder ( From the reddit post by gszabi99 on r/Warthunder


There was also a Thailand leak a few days ago. The list is most likely fake but I think this is the first tine we see a full Thailand leak list


On the topic of Thailand I think it would be fine to see the exported Chinese design vehicles for the sub tree. They are in service with Thailand and such should come together ofc China should get them as well even tho stuff like the VT-4 are only meant for export but it would be fair.

I might list some of the Chinese stuff in service with Thailand but any help would be nice since im still new when it comes to Thailand. And not just China but other nations exported stuff too.


Thailand VT-4

Thailand VN-1
This is all I could find for fround forces

Type 71E


Chao Phraya-class frigate

Some of these are actually Thai designed but built in China.

Thailand Gripen C

Also sorry for the long posts

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…This is going to upset some, if not many, Chinese players. Even if it’s only the export version, many Chinese players might not like the sight of this. I hope this doesn’t spark the infraction between War Thunder players. After all, we should all be here to have fun…

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Well, we have this stuff in other TTs, so if they will be upset - ask to delete some vehicles from Ger tree, for example


I see. Still, in my opinion, I would want for the VT-4 to be in Chinese Tech Tree, even if it’s classified as “Thai vehicle” (Similar to premium Sherman in other Tech Trees). And ,in it place, I would love to see TH-301 as the high tier tank, maybe before reaching Oplot-T(Object 478DU9-T).



Thyssen-Henschel 301 (TH-301) had quite a story with Royal Thai Army. During the trial for new vehicle at the Cavalry Center, it performed quite satisfactorily. Moreover, to sweeten the deal, Thyssen-Henschel also offered Royal Thai Army its right to locally produce most of the components, technological know-how, and even the right to export the locally produced products as well. However, in the end, TH-301 lost to Stingray, ending its potential of becoming the first and only locally produced Thai MBT (To my knowledge).


Source: TH-301 - Tank Encyclopedia


I apologize I don’t mean to start any flame wars I just thought with recent additions like Hungary which brought soviet and exported machines like KF-41 it would only make sense Gaijin would do the same with a Thailand sub tree. HOWEVER unlike the KF-41 which was only added to Italy, China should most definitely get these stuff as well.

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The Gripen is a Swedish design not a Chinese one

Yes im aware I was listing not just china but other nations exported stuff

The only sub-tree i would like to see in Japan is S.Korea

As for weapons from China that are used by the Thai military (not including firearms, SAM systems, and other combat support equipment), they are as follows.

Tanks and combat vehicles

VT-4 [MBT-3000]


VN-1 [ZBL-09]


Type 85 [Type YW531H]


VN 16 [ZTD-05]



DTI-1 and DTI-1G



Type 62 (There is no exact information on when it was received.)

Type 69-II


Some have changed their guns to 105mm to be used as aggressor



HTMS Chang

HTMS Naraesuan Class

HTMS Chao Phraya Class

HTMS Kra buri Class


HTMS Pattani Class


HTMS Similan


As for having Chinese weapons, I personally have no problem with this matter whether it will be in the Thailand sub-tech tree or not. Because it is considered a weapon that Thailand uses. Just like the other weapons that were written above. This will increase the variety of car models. Including the introduction of weapons for export to China. But on the other side, Chinese players are dissatisfied with this matter. I also understood the conflict before. and may spread into chaos again Therefore, I think that we should carefully consider whether it is a good idea to include Chinese cars in this research tree or not. Or if you really want to import the game Maybe have those cars in the Chinese tech tree first. And maybe try to gradually add it in later, it’s still possible. Or if it’s not appropriate or have dissatisfaction We may not have to import it as well.


I don’t see why Chinese vehicles specifically shouldn’t be part of a subtree. Having vehicles present in multiple trees is the games way of representing successful export, which China currently has. The only issue I see is if China wouldn’t get these vehicles, which I agree would be bad. China should get these vehicles too, ideally before they are added anywhere else.

China especially has a lot of foreign vehicles in their tree, so I don’t see why they specifically would have such big issues.

As long as China also gets the vehicles there is no reason to hold them back. And even if there was I don’t see why China would get en exeption that other nations don’t.

Edit: I don’t mean they should all be added from the start, just not treated differently from any other Thai vehicles when choosing what to add.


This was proven to be false.