[POLL] Revert back the maps change to original for RB/SB

Should the maps revert back to the original for Realistic and Simulator battle?

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  • NO
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The new update bring more downgrade to the maps such as Sand of Sinai and Mozdok now they even worse now and most of the map that gaijin downgrade it should be revert back to their original self for Realistic and Simulator battle once they were fun and use more tactics not some rush kills and die like crap CoD maps to meet demand of some less tactics players.
Map like these should be gone for good especially the high tier

and this
also this is how new crappy Sand of Sinai
just revert it back noone want these abominations of the maps.
Here the main new update log for sand of sinai
Update - Official News, Development Blogs and Updates - War Thunder — official forum




Played it once … a bit early to make a call on that.

I think symmetrical maps are better than this adjustment.

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These map changes are the worst changes I’ve experienced in the years I’ve been playing. Instead of addressing specific issues they’re just gutting the maps. They might as well just have one map, completely flat, with no rocks, trees or buildings.


Stop runing the map, is absurb right now 90% of the maps for GF are stupid urban areas or old good maps chopped and reduced.


New Sinai is crap. Map was never the best, but the flanking battle was primary, everyone focused it, and it made skilled sneaky players the deciding factor in winning the game.


never was the best yes but still acceptable and don’t deserve to make it even worse now its truly garbage.


its not the right place for suggestions.

Then where? so i’ll share and put it to the right place

really, where?

New Sinai is absolute hot garbage. Nobody will go to A because anyone that can get some elevation off what remains of the hills on the C side will just blap you (before this was a risk too but less so because your team could flank the hill folk), B is in a similar situation, and C is still just the C cap.

Actually making any sort of flanking play is now absolutely buggered, there’s no more options for pushing the hills and gaining map control that way, so it just becomes yet another match where whichever team has more respawns in their lineup wins because all that’s left to do is just c[bleep] b[bleep] rush cap and hope you get enough kills to make it worth it.

Gaijin, please. Please. Please please. Stop screwing over every halfway interesting spot on a map. Maps are becoming just as boring as World of Tanks, and that game isn’t exactly known for it’s quality in map design…


you know whats funny certain nations ingame are now better at those maps because of some reasons same for other maps that got changed


WT slowly becoming like CoD which is something I really do not like at all. I don’t play CoD for this reason. Love the BATTLEFIELD type of game and WT brought that feeling for me. First they blocked the paths with added rocks or terrain for some funny spots to snipe in, then they red zone certain hills of maps, now they red zone side of maps e.e hate it so much.


All maps got crap. the ARB is spoiled. They took away the heli pvp game. those few good tanks up BR and nerfed (Object 279, Leopard 1, Begleitpanzer, The All Tiger and All Sherman, Penetretion and BR, the IS3), it was my favorite game, I couldn’t wait to play it every day. Ée this is what it became. It’s already worse than COD


I seriously have to ask who the fudge is making these terrible atrocious map changes ?
Have the devs or the person in charge making these changes spent any time playing these maps through different tiers ?
Why are they pretty much neutering the maps forcing only certain types of play-styles benefiting only certain vehicles ? The maps prior to all these changes each had their own advantageous spots, spots and points on the map that allowed for some map control and strategic planning .Map knowledge used to be a important part of the game, now its all just flat terrain, reduced cover . You have certain vehicles whose play-style depends on flanking and exploiting less accessible areas or reaching parts of the map before other slower vehicles can get to them. Those vehicles are now forced to fight a battle where they cant use terrain or locations on the map to their advantage. The engagements and maps with the changes are becoming so linear and boring, they are making map knowledge and strategic areas of the maps pointless because everything is being blocked off or turned into flat ground .

Every single map change the devs have done recently in my opinion are terrible , been playing since the beta days and this is by far my most hated change in the game so far they implemented. I can deal with compression issues and gameplay mechanic issues etc but ruining the maps and forcing limited linear playstyles is terrible and detrimental to the game and has reduced my enjoyment of the game the most when compared to anything else . Why these changes are being made with out any actual player input? They could easily test these changes during the dev server and ask the community for input by holding a vote. Or they could leave the original version of the map on live and let us vote by introducing the new variant as well .
I enjoyed Sinai, I enjoyed mozdok, I enjoyed most of the maps before these absolutely asinine changes they made to them ruining those maps . I personally cant stand to play some of these maps anymore because of these terrible changes regardless of what tier I play them with.

The game does not need smaller maps there should areas that provide CQC but maps should be larger and more diverse like they used to be especially when approaching higher tiers , the maps all had their own advantageous spots that allowed for map control and forced smaller miniature battles to occur for those spots or locations . Some advantageous spots caused a tug of war in matches to occur because of its importance in map control. I also want to mention that blocking of or closing the play area of certain parts of the map is a really lazy fix to a problem.Example the recent changes to Mozdok blocked of the north western elevated hills that allow you to cover the path from A flag to B , this is such a lazy change on the devs part and leads me to believe these changes were made without thinking about how this would affect the dynamic and play-style of the map. They could have instead moved the spawns farther back and introducing more hills/cover or even paths out of spawn for both teams if this part of the map was problematic. Or they could have adjusted the west part of the terrain leading to that area of the map allowing either team to get there within the same time-frame as well as add plenty of cover for the spawns, this then forces smaller battles to occur around portions of the map that are important for map control. I feel like all these changes are just making the maps and game-play extremely bland and linear in a terrible way .

I really hope they revert these recent map changes.
Why is everything being made flatter , some of the maps now have less overall cover then their original versions? Some maps that had issues with seeing the enemy from spawn to spawn got even worse by turning parts of the terrain into a flat wasteland that nobody asked for EXAMPLE:Fields of Poland,Normandy …
Some maps did have issues with lines of sights into the enemy spawn allowing you to snipe the opposing team in their spawn. Those parts should have been addressed but while some problem areas in certain maps were adjusted, in doing so they ruined the entire map instead of just blocking of the line of sight into the spawn with some hills/cover . I also want to point out that they have reduced the overall playing field/map size on some of these maps which is really dumb. Especially at higher tiers where the vehicles performance and overall speed/acceleration makes the larger maps already feel small and very limited. It honestly feels like with these changes they just want linear battles that don’t allow for any sort of strategic game-play or planning through map/vehicle knowledge and want the matches to be short and linear.

I am in full support that the all the recent map changes should be reverted and player input should be asked for before any map changes are implemented. Why should the entire map or large portions of the map be made worse to fix one problem area instead of moving the spawns farther back and adding cover that reduces gradually as you leave the spawn area so people cant just spawn camp someone who just spawned without giving them a way to defend themselves.
These map changed have really bothered because overall for the most part it has made the game and maps less enjoyable to play.


I agree with everything you’ve said.

I don’t think so.

The worst and least enjoyable part about war thunder are its maps. There isn’t a single one that doesn’t have some huge issue. I don’t know how they have consistently failed to make a decent map.

I think they are just simplifying the gameplay and map design for whatever reason.


They were making good maps, untill lowskills from reddit started crying about campers and small maps.
So we ended up with massive, but completely flat maps with 0 tactic.


Flanking is not any particular amount “skilled”, lol, you’re literally just driving around the side of a map. Did you have to train for years under a master sensei to figure that one out? It’s the right thing to do for certain vehicles, but no more “skilled” than doing the different right things for other types of vehicles.

Nor is it “less linear”

Whether it’s a good idea, it depends. IMO it’s good if SOME maps don’t have good flanking, but SOME maps do. It makes your lineups matter, and doesn’t let you just hyper focus on one niche game style, which I think is more fun, actually. You need to be a well rounded player to consistently do well. Playing light tanks with no flanking isn’t fun, so don’t bring those on that map then. On ones with good flanking, DO bring them, etc.

“Not literally always being able to flank well” is not “dumbing down the game”, it’s the exact opposite: If you ONLY know how to do well by flanking, you’re the one who is asking the game to be dumbed down by letting you only ever learn one tactic. People knowing how to do various tactics in various types of tanks in various favorable situations to different playstyles, and do well in all of them, are much less “dumbed down” than “Every single time I can do my one pony trick”

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That Sands of Sinai change is better, it’s finally open instead of being line bias.
Sinai is open & long range, just as it should be.