Planned Battle Rating changes (table updated 04.08.2023)

In order to adjust and improve balance in battles, we have made a planned change of Battle Ratings for fleet and aviation - and in ground vehicles, we focused on a specific BR range from 7.0 to 9.7 - vehicles that are from the time when a qualitative transition has been made from one means and types of defense to other, more advanced ones. For example, ground vehicles abandoned homogeneous armor in favour of the active use of dynamic protection and with that, combined multi-defense armor. Regular kinetic ammunition has been replaced by HEAT-FS, fin-stabilized , and guided weaponry. Finally, laser rangefinders, stabilizers and thermal imagers have appeared.

Thanks to these changes, early era vehicles based on the principles of simple armor and simple sights will become even less common with vehicles more relevant to dynamic protection and advanced fire control systems. Intersections will remain of course as they were in reality but this is another step towards reducing them.

With these changes we also continue to “pull up” the units of lower ranks following the increased maximum BR of top ranked vehicles. The announced changes are truly global: they affect more than 100 units! That is why, in the future, we will adjust BRs again but in a more precise way - following the statistics to see which units will become more or less effective under new conditions and your valuable feedback! In the future, we may also change not the BR of such vehicles but their characteristics: for example their fire rate or ammunition nomenclature.

Balance changes for units that haven’t received BR changes

  • T-54 (1947) — Fire rate has been changed from 7 to 8 shots per minute.
  • ZTZ59D1 — Fire rate has been changed from 7 to 8 shots per minute.
  • Type 69 — Fire rate has been changed from 7 to 8 shots per minute.
  • ZTZ88B — Fire rate has been changed from 8.4 to 8 shots per minute.

As always, we are waiting for your feedback. Please do not forget to add arguments to your suggestions. Also, please remember, forum got upvote system - if you like suggestion made by other Player, do not hesitate to upvote it!

We have updated table after checking your feedback. Updates marked with blue font.


So, one thing. The Merkava Mk.1/2B still have the old placement of the top APFSDS shell at rank 4, shouldn’t it go down to rank 3 like with most tanks that have the one top shell at rank 3?
Also, 2S38 and TURMS should go up, the changes to their balancing have been practically reversed with everything else going up.


Why is the Kikka in the sheet, but doesn’t have any change ?


Should be fixed in few, thanks.

please click here


Why exactly are the AMX-30B2 and the AMX-30B2 BRENUS moving up? They dont even have a stabilizer. At least only move the BRENUS up, and keep the B2 at 8.3


The Z-19 and Z-19E are currently 11.0 in RB as far as i know, but shown as currently being 10.3 in the sheet.


So in general it is 7-9br decompression + soviet buff? Why buff soviet tho? No reason to


Why didn’t the ROC F-104G have the BR downtiered?

it’s more than totally fair it going down as the japanese 104J is going to 10.3 , they are extremely similar and the only difference of the two is that the taiwanese has a ground attack ordnance and ballistic computers, but both have no countermeasures and is kinda unfair comparing italian 104G mainly the german one sharing the same BR of taiwanese one and those having countermeasures

and yet the japanese 104J should go down to 10.0, as it is the worst 104G variant ingame and have nothing of usable secondary armament and no ballistic computers except by AIM-9Ps, and the F-1 is superior to it in almost every way in 10.3, mainly in multirole options, radar and airframe


Qn506 to 10.0? it has 4 ATGMs that dont work because they never lock onto a target even if they stand out in the open and youre not allowed to manually fire them, so youre locked to using a 30mm similar to what japan has at 8.0 and have access to small ATGMs that cannot pen anything so are uselss as the 30mm kills the soft targets.

can you please either fix the lock on ATGMs so they actually work or just dont move it up in BR, dont make it more uselss than it already is.


Will the Wolfpack be getting an option to remove the camo netting in my opinion it looks awful with it.


Type 89 got huge nerf with new atgm phys model, it shouldn’t get second nerf in a row with br rise.


So what about F104A, it almost destroyed the entire 8.7. There is also 11.0 who has no counterattack ability against F16 and MiG 29.


Move PLT02 from rank V to rank VI PLEASE and give it the UAV 🥺🥺


Why is the VFM going up to 9.7 and has absolutely no thermals. Or any redeeming quality to justify its br movement. Its literally a Leo 1a1a1. Now at 9.7. Id suggest give it thermals. Or move it back to 9.3


Type 90 lineup should not meet 12.0 CAS, tank must go 10.7 into lineup with AH64DJP


New to forum and idk how to edit. But i would even say to move the vfm5 to 9.0. As like i said before. It is a CARBON COPY of the 1a1a1 which would now be at 9.0


I support everything that’s going up.
9.7s that were deemed as good as the ex-9.7s that went up earlier this year.

This is great decompression.
M60 AMBT getting to be the same BR as TURMS-T as it should be again.


Some feedback regarding reload rate changes:

I noticed many of the platforms based on the T-54 are receiving a rate of fire increase, likely to compensate for their lackluster stats.
I am wondering why the same isn’t being done to the M60 series of vehicles, they currently hold quite poor performance relative to their Battle Ratings and could use any help they can get.

The Chinese CM11 already showcases that a buffed reload rate for a M60-based vehicle is possible.


True I now have to suffer even more in that Chinese junk called the qn506 that i wasted too much time getting


Type 89 is not being nerfed in BR.
This is BR decompression, so its relative BR is mostly the same.
However, it should’ve been 8.7 for a couple years now IMO as someone that uses it.


Because this is BR decompression, so both AMX-30B2s go up.
Which I support as someone that uses them.


I support that.