One Spawn Quitters

Hi Guys, What are your thoughts about players leaving the game after using 1 tank/Heli? Gaijin need to do something about this, It really affect the game. What are your suggestions for penalties or consciences? Thank you.


Gaijin does do something about it, it sells them those vehicles to do this with.


Me, don’t care. There isn’t much difference between leaving after one death, or those that blindly just drive to the same spot to die over and over and leave with 3 deaths and zero kills or assists.

For those that are concerned about it, I suggest to join a squadron, or squad up and play with 4 others that will actually probably work together (maybe using voice comms), than a team of of randoms from the internet all with their own agendas/tasks/events etc.


They could fix the fundamental issues with the game that cause 1DLs. That might help. Things like buggy gameplay, spawn-campers, bad MM, dev bias. etc.

If you have a reason to quit a match after 1 death, 9/10 times you’ll quit regardless of the penalty. Except now you are making people who are angry at the game’s current state even more angry because they are being punished for something not within their control.

Last time I 1DL, was because I was basically spawn killed 30 seconds into the match. I saw no point wasting my time respawning.

On top of that, had a match the other day, was already kinda pissed by several BS situations. BMP tanking 3 crit hits and then being shot by someone literally firing through the wall at me. But figured, hey, why not respawn. Was spawn killed 10 seconds later by 2 guys sat in spawn. What a waste.


They will shift the blame to another issue. Same way they did when the economy was worst. People thought making more SL in match would stop one death leavers, they were wrong.

Only one way to stop it, punish people who leave. Force them to have 2 ground vehicles on a lineup and when they keep doing it make their timers longer and longer.


SL was only one of the issues, but as long as ODL is allowed, Gaijin is responsible and not the player.


They are only allowed for people who want to screw over the team.

If a normal player who brought a full line up leaves after one death, they will be punished.

Now a one death leaver, they will bring one ground vehicle and maybe a heli or airplane of some kind. They leave? No punishment, onto the next match.

The snail is to blame for allowing this behavior because it benefits them, after all, most one death leavers are usually using a premium vehicle when they do so. But don’t take the blame off the jerk who doesn’t give a damn about the team.


I bring a full line up. 2 MBTs, a SPAA, A Heli and a Jet. I’ll still quit after 1 death, especially if A) the entire team has already quit, B) the enemy team has won, C) They are camping our spawn point, D) WT Bullshittery occured and I can’t be bothered to deal with it again.

75% of the time, respawning isn’t going to “save” the game. Just giving the other team more money.

Also, if you enforce people to spawn twice, what stops them from just suicide rushing into the middle of the map, firing into the air until someone kills them, or just sitting AFK somewhere on the map? Or even just spawning and then J-ing out?

Nothing would change from “banning” leaving after 1 death.


You bring a full lineup, and you’re the one who gets punished, those who don’t bring anything are fine.


This is such a weird design choice, we know it’s frustrating but we do it anyways even though it doesn’t do what we say it does.
At best I’d argue crew lock is a façade to pretend it’s for a good reason but it’s really time gating your progress to force you to either wait or spread out your time over different trees meaning you won’t progress as fast, especially if you consider how poorly rewards scaled in the past and longer games didn’t’ give you anything, you’d either waste your time in game or with a crew lock.


There is a punishment system, crew lock.

Also, lots of reasons to ODL, I think it will be particularly prevalent at high tier up until late this august simply because 1 spawning a premium, going for as many kills as you can, die, rinse and repeat is the best strategy to get that shiny new Swedish stryker.


I rarely get Crew lock out, even with 1DL because my main tank I use is a Premium. Doesnt get crew locked. I can hit play again instantly. Though even if I do get crew locked, is rarely for more than 1 minute. I just go make myself a coffee.

Point is, the answer isn’t punishing players. Even the most servere punishment, like a 3 Day ban, wouldn’t ever work. Not only are there un-intended reason to quit, like internet dropping, or getting DCed from the game server. but there would be loopholes. Only 3 day ban for 1DL, well, I’ll spawn twice, suicide and now its just 2DL. same affect on the game, no ban.

Fix the issues with the game that CAUSE 1DLs. Reward players a significant bonus for staying (like a reward multiplier that stucks up the longer you are active in game), etc.

The most they should do on the punishment side, is to have a requirement to bring at least 2 vehicles to GRB, and to prehaps apply the current Crew lock out to premium vehicles. That’s it


They’re not going to change anything because selling premiums is their bread and butter, so they need to stop pretending crew lock is needed and drop this archaic system that was bad 10 years ago and is bad today.


Definetly needs an update


They need to allow multiple respawns of the same vehicle, crew lock does nothing and can be bypassed by just suiciding your remaining vehicles.

Even if they did this and lowered repair costs. People will still leave after being spawn killed. They would have to redesign all the maps to make spawn killing either not worth it or impossible.


So just turn it into arcade, got it.

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Crew lock doesn’t happen if you’re being spawn camped.
Progress is being made as long as you’re engaging enemies.


Okay, so, let’s take this situation:

A player tries to unlock some kind of high rank vehicle (4+). The main vehicle that he/she uses is the one before that, which gives research points bonus.
5 slots are unlocked, the amount that players can get without spending premium currency.
To combat the long repair times/high repair costs, and otherwise take some stress off (Folks don’t expect much from low BR vehicles, generally), the player…
Chooses other vehicles mostly from rank 1, if not reserve.
Practically, it could look like this:
Tiger 2 P (6.3 BR, Rank 4, the main vehicle, researching Tiger 2 H), 15 cm sIG (1.0 BR TD, armed with 150mm gun), flakpanzer 1 (1.3 BR AA vehicle), He-51 C-1 (reserve vehicle, with those funny 6 7kg/0.5kg TNT equivalent bombs), and Hs-123 (1.0 BR bomber plane).
Which, in a way, can be seen as trolling, but it would be a legitimate strategy (I suppose), to bypass some requirement to have more than 1 vehicle in the lineup, or similar restriction to fight the 1 Death Leave. And the thing is, this lineup isn’t exactly terrible - it is possible to do something with these vehicles (aside from perhaps He-51), though it does… make the more serious and dedicated teammates rather confused when the 2nd grade reinforcements arrive…

Should these kinds of lineups become a… standard, of sorts, in realistic battles? If not for Premium users, who have a premium tank as a main, and a second one as the techtree variant best for researching whatever is being researched at the moment, but for average, non-premium players?

I think entire way of how research is done has to be reconsidered. Maybe make it so, that a bit of research points are collected for all the vehicles that are related in a techtree (say, You do play with flakpanzer 1 a bit, and although You don’t research flakpanzer 38 (the next vehicle in the tree), you still get some progress in it). And if flakpanzer 38 is researched, the research points go to it’s modifications. If it’s also spaded, they go to the next vehicle, and so on.
Another thing, that… research point bank can only be used by spending golden eagles, which… is not usually accessible for average players.


IF they added that kind of requirement, i’d guess it would be within 1 Rank. Bring a rank 5 tank, you’d have to have at least 1 other from Rank 4 or 5. That being said, everything else you said is right. So you’d waste some SLs on a second respawn. But avoid the lockout


I don’t normally one death leave but I am considering it now. Every game seems to be dominated by 1-3 players who get 6-10 kills each. Doesn’t matter whose side they are on. Being against their team is pure suffering. Being on their team is a waste of time because they hog all the kills.

The only thing that changes if you get rid of 1 death leavers, is that those dominant players will start getting 10-15+ kills and nukes consistently. IDK maybe that is what you want?


Just longer locks across all the crew slots of a nation, and even going to the other nations as well the more you do it could make it a better hint to the player that they need to actually play, not just be mindless, and think they are psychic…