Mission score

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how come when i have done more than 1st place player he still has more mission score than me?

BR of vehicle matters, you get more score for kills if the enemy is a higher BR than you. so he might have played a lower BR vehicle.

yeah, i just checked, the Wyvern is 4.3 and the B-25J-30 is 4.0


You can get points for hits/ damage taken, even with out an assist


Also, in AirRB, “Light” ground targets (e.g. vehicles, AA, armored cars, howitzers) give less SL/RP than “hard” ground targets (e.g. medium/heavy tanks, pillboxes), so there may be different score with them too. (i.e. more score for hard targets)

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Ground targets dont have a fixed score. Some ground targets give more score than others, like light pillboxes, or full damagemodel targets give more than artillery and AAA.

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Maybe he killed some bot planes?

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Even the gunners in his turrets can score, watch replay and post link to, it would be interesting to know, he may of damaged AI AAAat a base

As explained by fellow players above: Impossible to answer without replay link.

Regarding score in general - I quote myself from another thread:

In other words - even such small things like the small bomb bonus have an impact on mission score…so if the B-25 has used smaller bombs or finished already damaged bases, it is no prob to get a higher score - besides the already mentioned circumstances like different quality/score of ground kills and, ofc, ai planes…

I’m still wondering how bombing points are calculated. At low ranks (piston engines) I get more points for larger bombs. Sometimes I even get more points for destroying a base with napalm than for destroying a base with a conventional bomb. On the other hand, at higher ranks (jets), the smaller the bombs, the more points they give for destroying the base.

Mate - i have zero clue. :-)

I play just for fun and stick to planes which are easy to fly with a generic joystick profile - bombing and especially base bombing is extremely complex and depends on a hell of factors - you might want to read this post:

Hmh … My example above proved the exact opposite. I dropped 600 kg on a base and got more points than the fellow Pe8 player with a Fab 5.000…

Arbitrary and capricious Snail mathematics…

Maybe it depends on BR, maybe a specific plane or something else. You can even get different score using exactly the same bombs in 2 different jet bombers. For example Tu-14T and Ił-28.
Using 100kg bombs in A-20G-30 i get 405 points, using 1000 kg bombs I get 465 points.

ok thanks everyone

I have found that multiple bombs of the same combined weight do more damage than 1 big 1 when ut comes to base bombing

Agreed - but u might want to discuss this with @superbuster11

Have a good one!

Put your mouse over the score to see a breakdown of what a player did to get that score.

I’m doing a research, I get different results in different battles.
Germany almost done (it’s really hard to do because there is many faster props than my bomber), next I’ll do USSR.