The Revised War Thunder Ordinance Chart, 2023 Edition 1

Hello everyone,

I am Pegasus. Many of you may recall several years ago a player by the name of Nyito published the first ever War Thunder Ordinance Chart. It served me well grinding every nation in the game during my several years playing, as bombing was something I found very efficient and relaxing.

In 2023, this chart is HEAVILY outdated and does not reflect the game today. I have been playing War Thunder for just shy of 8500 hours, so I took it upon myself to revamp this chart.

Please find the first edition below. Currently, it contains only the base bombing table for Air RB. Future additions will include guided munitions, rockets, torpedoes, and features for Naval and Ground, including suggested aircraft loadouts.

This chart will be fundamentally different from LEGION’s ongoing chart, as this is meant to be a guide for players to build and a resource to better customize their own setups. My personal opinions will not reflect your gameplay style: experiment and play how YOU want to.

Constructive criticism is welcome, and corrections can be submitted to me with evidence to display why. Please have a look out for the next edition!



“Ordinance” is a local government bylaw.

Also, this is kinda already being done: An actual up-to-date, intuitive, visually pleasing bomb chart - LEGION's Loadouts. Maybe see if you can team up?

Nice job so far!

Don’t get bothered by the speech police - and the conceptual difference between both approaches (You and Legion) is clear visible.

Imho both concepts are doing a great job for less experienced players and are therefore highly appreciated!

But the main problem of both charts are the same - they try to bring structure into a chaos created by gaijin. So the amount of bombs needed are on some maps not reliable as gaijin uses different TNT requirement even at the same BR on some maps and there is always the problem at medium BRs with bases being either respawning or not - and for bombers with mixed bombs the drop sequence.

A short example with a replay as evidence for amount of 60kg bombs in a BR 4.7 match: According to your chart in line 113 you claim that a pilot would need 14 (with bleed) 60 kg bombs to kill a base. Despite i bet 5€ that on some maps 13 are enough - you see me in the replay dropping just 9 bombs at around 5:15 - and i got rewarded with a base kill - for a respawning base on a 4 bases map, not the lower health non-respawning bases on maps with 3 bases.

This is caused by lower requirements on some maps - you will see the same effect on Rocky Pillars. So it again boils down that map knowledge is required.

I mean you can’t decide the match with one 60 kg bomb left, but you can drop it on another base if available and so maybe get rewarded with a second base kill counting for daily/special tasks.

So for both chart concepts - nice work and a lot of effort invested; but imho inconsistencies like in my example, the impact of different weapons in combination (so bomb a base and finish it with rockets) ot effects like respawning and non-respawning bases in the same BR range created by gaijin is hampering any serious attempts to bring structure in this chaos.

In any case - thx for your work and have a good time!

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I realized my mistake with the autocorrect wording after I posted it. My first post, so I’m not sure how to edit it.

If you read it you would have realized my chart is going down a separate path from legion’s. I think both have their place and it’s up to the community on how they use them! If he wants to work together on some aspects my DM’s are open to him, I’d be happy to

An update for the Japanese 60 kg bomb:

I use the B7A2 daily and since a few months every base (even in very frequent full uptiers to 4.7) can be killed with just 9 x 60 kg…

I’ve been suffering flying the Israeli B-17G and in every single ARB battle thus far, it has required eight (8) x 100/50 kg G.P. bombs to destroy a base (with bleed) and six (6) x 250/50 kg G.P. bombs to outright destroy one. 4 x 250 wasn’t enough and I haven’t tried yet whether 5 x 250 is enough with bleed.
I just unlocked the 500kg bomb loadout so I have to see what that works out to, but your 3 x 500kg needed for a base seems reasonable.