Mid-map AAA

Is it just me or mid-map AAA just got super effective?

There was update without changelog (yet) and 2 games in row at BR 4.3 (Air RB) I have been critically hit and shoot down by AAA around mini-bases.


Same here - it looks like that just a few maps even have aa around the mini bases - but if aa is there it creates trouble - if you fly a Japanese plane and you come too close u are dead at lower speeds or u have a critted engine at higher speeds.

Edit: Replay - midmap AA turned my planes yellow at ~ 1.600 meters and created a BBQ at 2.000 meters, classic Japanese fire death (around 8:45)…


Dont fly low and slow in mid map or you will get shot, been like that for a while

Not really “for a while”, but “a while ago”. The effectiveness of AA mid map was actually fixed and decreased few months ago in a patch.

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All i knows is on some maps like front line i get shot if i am slow and low

It and airfield AAA effectiveness seems to fluctuate every few weeks. Sometimes its harmless fireworks, somedays you get pilot sniped at 3k AGL…

Depends what map your on, i know 2 maps you can attack the enemy on there main AF if your low enough

I meant in general. It appears that the AI AAA accuracy is on a slider at Gaijin HQ and what it is set at depends on how good a day the on-call dev is having.

I think you Might of saiď something bad about gaijin and they increasedy your visability 😆

I would never say anything bad about that wonderful company. /s

In that case I’m surprised that I’m not targeted by friendly AAA as well ;)

There waitìng for you to use multiple boosters 😆

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All type of AI AA seem buffed. 650 kph approach speed and getting turned yellow/red at 3km from any AA that is on the freakin map is not fun. So it’s not only on slow planes.
I put ARB on hold now for a couple of weeks to see when this is getting fixed.

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Yeah - i just came out of match in which 2 Wyverns were killed by aa defending mini bases, the lower one could not even drop, the higher one was on fire before he dropped - Smolensk map…

Can’t confirm “classic” Mid Map aa - still harmless, but the aa around bases have insane aim and are deadly now…so just check if there are aa emplacements around min-bases, avoid getting near them and you still can play Air RB…

Edit: Affected maps:

Laizhow Bay (killed by own AA)
Operation Kuban

This is 3/29/24 now, 4 months later. Playing sim, BEST dogfight yet at 11.3. Fighting a F5E mid map. Closing the gap after about 4-5 passes, going hard. BOOM, he’s on fire from outta nowhere. STUPID mid map AAA. Get rid of it in Air battles of any kind. Bases? OK. AF? OK. But Mid MAP?!?! It’s time for them to go. Specially since I got taken out about 3 second after the F5 crashed from the SAME THING.