M2018 6x6 NLOS ATGM Carrier

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M2018 6x6 NLOS ATGM Carrier


Unknown official name

Brief History
North Korea has a surprisingly long history of tank and AFV production, with some of their most recent developments being very interesting. During the Korean War, and for a couple decades after, North Korea relied on Soviet hand-me-downs, namely T-34s and their derivatives, T-55s, etc. However, in the 70s, the DPRK started development of their first MBTs based on their copy of the T-62 (Ch’ŏnma), which have continually been upgraded to this day.

They haven’t just built MBTs, however. They have a number of other AFVs, such as SPGs and tank destroyers (conventional and ATGMs), which this vehicle is. This vehicle, as far as I’ve found, has no official name (not been released anyway), so M2018 6x6 ATGM Carrier will have to do.

The vehicle is a derivative of North Korea’s 6x6 APC, which is thought to be (highly) inspired by their Soviet BTR-80s, although some features may have been taken from their older BTR-60PBs. It is essentially a slightly shorter BTR-80 with the 2nd set of wheels removed, and was first revealed in 2010 along with their 8x8 APC (which formed the basis for another ATGM carrier). In 2018, it was first revealed as the basis for an NLOS ATGM carrier – this vehicle.

The ATGM variant of this APC mounts a new turret carrying 8 ATGMs. These are the Bulsae-4 NLOS ATGMs, a unique indigenous ATGM. It is possibly inspired by the Israeli SPIKE-NLOS, and Chinese HJ-10. It’s performance is unknown but it likely is similar to both of these, perhaps more similar to the Chinese HJ-10 than the Israeli missile given their closer political and military ties. The biggest issue is that NLOS weapons are not in the gane, and may very well never come to the game. They would allow players to control the ATGMs from a camera on the missile, being launched from behind cover and hitting targets across the map. 2 solutions to avoid this are a) add it as a regular SACLOS ATGM or b) add it as a F&F ATGM.

The vehicle has no secondary armament. It has LWRs and smoke grenade launchers on either side of the turret.

Everything else is unknown but it is highly likely the engine and general armour layout remain the same as the original 6x6 APC (and by extension, the BTRs on which they were derived from).

This vehicle would be a great top-tier ATGM carrier for a North Korean sub-tree . The BR depends on how the ATGMs are implemented – I could easily see 11.3+ if it is added with its actual NLOS capabilities, but otherwise a BR of 9.X or so works if they are regular SACLOS missiles, or 10.X if they are F&F missiles.


  • Bulsae-4
    • .>750mm penetration
  • 8x ATGMs in turret, likely 8x more in the hull
  • NVDs/thermals
    • Unsure on particular sights, pure conjecture
    • Both SPIKE NLOS and HJ-10 have thermal sights so highly likely this does as well


  • Hull
    • Front
      • ~9mm
    • Sides
      • ~9mm
    • Rear
      • ~9mm
  • Turret
    • Front
      • ~9mm (Estimated)
    • Sides
      • ~9mm (Estimated)
    • Rear
      • ~9mm (Estimated)


  • Speed
    • ~ +90/-14km/h
  • Weight
    • Unknown, likely similar to BTR-80A (14.6t)
  • Engine power
    • 260hp


  • Smoke grenades
  • 2x Laser Warning Receivers






북한판 스파이크 - 나무위키
North Korean M-2012 6x6 APC derived from BTR-80
Bulsae-4 M-2018 NLOS ATGM



Keep up the solid work on the NK vehicle suggestions 🫡 This one is really solid, I’ve never been aware that NK developed these kind of vehicles. I hope to see them in a United Korea tree.


Never knew about this one! +1


+1, For the Korean tech tree or USSR as a event vehicle

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Relegating the many unique North Korean vehicles to events or premiums in the (already quite full) USSR tree probably isn’t the best idea…


I didn’t know tech trees were something that can be “full”, either way it’s the only other tree it could go to if not a Korean tree, which I’d prefer more tbh.

They have 5 quite saturated lines, and plenty of premiums and event vehicles. There are countless other Soviet tanks that would do better in the Soviet tree than North Korean ones.

China? Close relations, plenty of Chinese vehicles and weapons have gone to North Korea, potentially including the technology for the ATGMs that this vehicle carries.

But fair, quite a few people want a United Korea tree. I think I’d be happy either way but I have my preferences.

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This looks fun, hoping for it to come soon

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+1 for china