M2010 8x8 APC

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M2010 8x8 APC



Unknown official name

Brief History
North Korea has a surprisingly long history of tank and AFV production, with some of their most recent developments being very interesting. During the Korean War, and for a couple decades after, North Korea relied on Soviet hand-me-downs, namely T-34s and their derivatives, T-55s, etc. In the 70s, the DPRK started development of their first MBTs based on their copy of the T-62 (Ch’ŏnma), which have continually been upgraded to this day.

Alongside these vehicles, North Korea has developed a number of APCs, primarily by taking Chinese or Soviet designs and ‘copying’ them. The M2010 APC is a result of the combination of features from the BTR-80, BTR-60PB, 323 APC (itself a modified Chinese Type 63 APC) and PT-76B.

The M2010 APC has a turret reminiscent of that of the PT-76B. It houses dual 14.5mm ZPU-4 (KPV) auto-cannons, as well as a coaxial 7.62mm machine-gun. The turret also has 2x3 grenade launchers, an IR searchlight, and a panoramic sight.

The M2010 has two variants that differ in a couple of characteristics but that are essentially irrelevant for the game. The first, the M2010-I, has the PT-76B’s 240hp engine and water-jets for amphibious travel, as well as BTR-60-style firing ports along the side. The M2010-II is a more mature design, with much more in common with the BTR-80. It has the BTR-80’s 240hp engine and water-jets (which may translate to better amphibious travel), as well as BTR-80-style firing ports.

The APC has the same crew layout as the BTR-80s, with a commander, driver and gunner. It likely also has the same armour layout as the BTR-80s, with roughly 9mm all around.

Some vehicles have been seen with Igla MANPADs but I personally don’t think these should be added in game, as that would drastically raise the BR of an otherwise 3.0-4.0 worthy vehicle.

This vehicle could be a fun low-tier SPAA/light tank for a North Korean sub-tree. It would be quite anachronistic, as it only has 2x 14.5mm KPVs (the same armament as the 2.7 BTR-152A). It would be faster and better protected than the BTR-152A (and BTR-152D with 4x guns), so I think a BR of ~3.7 might work best. Perhaps it could be given modern Chinese 14.5mm ammunition that’s slightly higher penetrating, to give it a more light tank role at 4.0+, although there’s no evidence North Korea use this ammunition.

  • 2x 14.5mm KPVT
    • AP-I
      • 39mm at 10m at 0°
    • API-T
      • 38mm at 10m at 0°
    • IAI
      • 3mm at 10m at 0°
    • AP-I(c)
      • 49mm at 10m at 0°
  • 1x 7.62mm (Coaxial)


  • Hull
    • Front
      • ~9mm
    • Sides
      • ~9mm
    • Rear
      • ~9mm
  • Turret
    • Front
      • ~9mm
    • Sides
      • ~9mm
    • Rear
      • ~9mm


  • Speed
    • ~87km/h
    • 10km/h in water
  • Weight
    • ~14.6t
  • Engine power
    • 240hp






The Armed Forces of North Korea: On the Path of Songun – Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans
M2010 APC - 나무위키
North Korean M-2012 8x8 APC derived from BTR-80

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A MANPADS carrier variant would make a good low tier spaa

I don’t know how people would feel about Iglas being at a low BR, I certainly don’t want that to happen.

I meant low tier for sams (7.7-8.7) not in general. Sorry for the misunderstanding


Issue is it only has 1 at a time, and there’s no indication it can be remotely operated. It appears like there has to be a separate crew member standing behind the turret to use it. Some NK MBTs which have the same MANPADs have a lot more electronics and wiring attached that indicate it can be used from inside the vehicle, unlike here.

+1 as long as it gets it’s Igla’s SAM’s

I’m pretty damn sure that if this vehicle and other like it were to be added, their MANPADs will all be remotely operated, regardless of if such was possible in real life, just like external MGs and other weapons on specific vehicles.

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Yeah, you’re right actually. Fair enough then. Not sure how many it carries in storage but there’s 1 storage box for them behind the turret. Could be ~4 but that’s a pure guess.

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