Lets talk about the state of Germany

Well, from everything i heard the KF41 isnt doing exactly great and many choose to use the Freccia over the KF41

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jup my thought


Rounds don’t spall, armor does.
Mass is involved for fragmentation, and how much the armor itself spalls tho.

it was confirmed that the weight plays a role into their damage calculation, and that is exactly the reason they increased QN506 round weight

@AlvisWisla i knew i was right found the datamine for you, or do you wanna say Oshida is wrong about weight influencing spalling?


If this was true then the i think 76mm shell of the 3 inch gun carrier would have almost the exact same spall as the pumas shell.

Except it doesnt.

Shini, that’s a rather rude message.
I never claimed anything in regards to weight, just added a possibility in regards to connections to spalling.

Round fragmentation isn’t spalling.

in reality yeah, but i explained it how it works in game

I really dont think this game has such a complicated mechanic where it takes projectile weight, armor thickness and -weight into account to create spalling inside the vehicle, I think it really is simple as higher round weight = higher spalling.

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Except in game, it is.

No, in-game spalling & fragmentation are separate things.
Fragmentation comes from the round itself which is how it can originate long after the armor such as with explosive-filled rounds.

How much excess pen you have also makes a difference.
If you barely pen something it will usually do less damgage unless it’s APHE of course

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But also worse performance at range.
PMC287 has more drag than comparable 25mm and 30mm rounds from Bushmaster, 2A42 etc.

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makes sense, didnt think that was coded.

theres also a damage caliber line of code and the PMC287 is unusually small at 8.5mm diameter:

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What it compared to the earlier mentioned 30mm of the US and 30mm ussr?

Puma APFSDS (Top and Bottom Left) BMP-2M APFSDS (Top Right) 30mm Bushmaster Mk44 APFSDS (Bottom Right) :

BMP-2M has a higher damage caliber, a higher ballistic caliber (for drag I think), lower crag constant, and lower muzzle velocity

30mm Bushmaster is slightly lighter, has a larger dmg and ballistic caliber, and higher muzzle velocity

Add to that ,that the BMP 2 M fires the fastest , badicaly the puma has the worst gun right?

not 100% sure since im not sure the exact calcs for the spall and the drag they use, but i think the Bushmaster and Mk30 are both pretty dogshit in WT.

This also doesnt take into account fire rate, overheating, accuracy, etc… all things the BMP-2M’s gun are best at iirc, not that gaijin gives a shit seeing as the Mk30 is known and reported to be incredibly accurate irl and the low cyclic rate was for heat management, but the BMP-2M firing about 3x faster has better accuracy and overheating lmao

Drag is actually “cx” and lower is better