Leopard 2A4 (1991)/Baulos 8 - The ultimate 2A4

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TL;DR: The final production version of the Leopard 2, equipped with upgraded armor and a more powerful round


The production of Leopard 2s for the Bundeswehr was carried out in 8 batches (“Baulose” in German). Throughout this production cycle the Leopard has been steadily improved in terms of electronics, firepower and protection. All those upgrades / innovations were included in the final production batch which began in January of 1991 and ended on 19th of March 1992 with 75 state of the art MBTs entering the ranks of the Bundeswehr.

Combat weight: ~56-57 tons
Protection: “C-technology” composite armor package for hull and turret, “D-technology” heavy and light side skirts
Armament: 120mm Rheinmetall L44 (42 rounds), two MG3A1 7,62mm machine guns (6600 rounds)
Mobility: MTU MB 873 Ka-501 12-cylinder Diesel engine producing 1500hp @2600rpm
Optics: WBG-X night vision / thermal sight for the gunner, stabilized 360° periscope for the commander

From the 97th vehicle onwards in the 6th batch the Leopard 2A4 was equipped with a new and improved composite armor package that greatly enhanced protection against both kinetic and chemical energy threats. The hull armor is identical to the later 2A5 and 2A6 versions many players are already familiar with while the turret front also gained a significant boost in protection that allows it to effectively stop many of the APFSDS projectiles found at and even above its rank and battle rating.

To improve the protection of the fronal arc the sideskirts were also improved. The new Leopard received new sideskirts that now also covered the upper hull. These new parts are easily recogniseable by their flat underside once again being identical to those found on the Leopard 2A5 and 2A6.


Estimated protection against KE projectiles (credit to @SPANISH_AVENGER)
This Leopard 2A4 retains the well known L44 cannon, but adds a new KE projectile. Alongside the DM12A1 and DM23 you are already familiar with this vehicle is equipped with the DM33 round which was put into service in 1987 and can already be found on the Japanese Type 90 and Italian C1 Ariete in WarThunder.
This round allows it to engage enemies with more confidence since it not only allows the reliable penetration of some lower tier opponents (e.g. T-64B hull armor) but also has an easier time against weakspots that might have required a very precise or lucky shot before.

There is not much to be said here, the Leopard 2A4 (1991) retains the great mobility of the first 2A4 variants.

Placement in the game
This vehicle would perfectly fill the gap between our current B-tech 2A4 that is functionally identical to the very early 2A1 version (irl differences between them don’t affect WT) and the top tier 2A5/6.

Placed at 10.7 or maybe 11.0 (with DM43) this is a relatively low effort addition for Gaijin that not only fills a large BR gap in the German high tier GF tree but also perfectly fits into the meta with its well balanced mix of firepower, protection and mobility.






“Leopard 2 - sein Werden und Seine Leistung” - Paul-Werner Krapke
“Leopard 2 in der Bundeswehr” - Frank Lobitz


+1 at 10.7 with DM33


Could also fit 11.0 with DM43 imo since it’s more of a competitor to the M1A1 and IPM1

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British document on C-Tech
C-Tech und D-Tech Schutz


It is probably 10.7 since the 2A4 we currently have is one of the first A1-A3 versions, brought to the A4 standard. But it is not a pure A4. I’ve been waiting for this guy for a while.

The problem is that Germany does not have a 10.7 or 11 lineup. The 2PL is in the same situation and lacks the protection and firepower of the meta.

Note: The best way to identify if it is a pure A4 or an updated A1-A3 is that in the updated ones the side hatch through which the bushings are discarded is welded and in the pure A4 there is no hatch at all.

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The PL is just 0.3 from top tier meaning that it’s not worth it to take it without 11.7s anyways.
10.7 on the other hand is quite a good MM at the moment and with Rank VIII coming some of the current top tiers will probably move up or get sucked up by the new top BRs as well.

That’s what I mean. Therefore, let him get DM53 and go up to 11.7 because he will be dragged into the meta anyway.
Also, there is no 11.3 or 10.7 lineup and also, it is the most modern MBT in Germany, it should use better shells.

P/d: I want to clarify that I have been talking about 2PL in this sense, in other topics. I wasn’t doing it in this topic, so perhaps the idea is out of context.

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While I agree on that I don’t think Gaijin does.
We have to wait for the new patch since that likely raises the top BR and allows the 2PL to move up in the first place (since we still pretend that you can’t buy your way to top tier because the squadron vehicles are 0.3 BR below top tier)

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