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I assume what this is trying to show is the entire ufp is supposed to be composite. Not quite sure what im supposed to take from it.

when we say the model needs to be remade we are speaking about all the internal stuff that you dont see XD, it is more work then just placing X there

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The internatls seem to be fine but the base 15mm of armor is definetly wrong. That base armor is much wider than 1.5cm.

Not exactly sure what part of my comments your responding to.

meaned in general, like the UFP plate you dont see the thickness if i am not wrong, but definitly could be wrong

As far as i can see the different ufp plates all look visually different in terms of thickness so at least the visual model theres seems to be fine.

No, the model lacks the third and fourth layers.


As the model stands currently in game theres
5mm of rha/8mm of rubber/20mm composite screen/ 15mm of base armor. Thats 3 layers of actual armor.

So what is the 4th layer supposed to be.

Is this the UFP? Cus if so, that’s a wrong as hell layout. The 4th layer is above the above the engine and driver space btw.

So more like an overlap with the hull roof?

Gesamtwerk Leopard 2


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Gaijin does know, and that old forum report proves Gaijin’s penetration itself is correct.
I am curious about how it has correct penetration without alleged correct mass.



u got it completly wrong Alvis, we arent talking about the penetration, in war thunder the weight of the pentrator decides how much it will spall, more weight =bigger mass more spall. The heavier gajin makes the round the more post penetration damage it will do.
They did it already as well to balance the damage of the QN506, they gave it a weight increase in the round to increase its damage since its performance was to bad.

Another example all APFSDS for this Bradley 25mm weights 0,1g the same as the Puma 30mm and russian 30mm weights 0,1mm as well . Only the Chinese 30mm weights 0.13g to balance its damage because it performed so badly


Even if the penetration WAS wrong its still got better penetration than most other autocannons.

But as the puma relies entirely on its gun the damage is pretty painful.

Honestly, there might be another factor that might make that buff come sooner then we anticipate xD

What’s that?

People complaining about the kf41s gun performance.

Only way itll possibly get fixed.


Well, from everything i heard the KF41 isnt doing exactly great and many choose to use the Freccia over the KF41

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jup my thought


Rounds don’t spall, armor does.
Mass is involved for fragmentation, and how much the armor itself spalls tho.

it was confirmed that the weight plays a role into their damage calculation, and that is exactly the reason they increased QN506 round weight