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How much excess pen you have also makes a difference.
If you barely pen something it will usually do less damgage unless it’s APHE of course

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But also worse performance at range.
PMC287 has more drag than comparable 25mm and 30mm rounds from Bushmaster, 2A42 etc.

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makes sense, didnt think that was coded.

theres also a damage caliber line of code and the PMC287 is unusually small at 8.5mm diameter:

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What it compared to the earlier mentioned 30mm of the US and 30mm ussr?

Puma APFSDS (Top and Bottom Left) BMP-2M APFSDS (Top Right) 30mm Bushmaster Mk44 APFSDS (Bottom Right) :

BMP-2M has a higher damage caliber, a higher ballistic caliber (for drag I think), lower crag constant, and lower muzzle velocity

30mm Bushmaster is slightly lighter, has a larger dmg and ballistic caliber, and higher muzzle velocity

Add to that ,that the BMP 2 M fires the fastest , badicaly the puma has the worst gun right?

not 100% sure since im not sure the exact calcs for the spall and the drag they use, but i think the Bushmaster and Mk30 are both pretty dogshit in WT.

This also doesnt take into account fire rate, overheating, accuracy, etc… all things the BMP-2M’s gun are best at iirc, not that gaijin gives a shit seeing as the Mk30 is known and reported to be incredibly accurate irl and the low cyclic rate was for heat management, but the BMP-2M firing about 3x faster has better accuracy and overheating lmao

Drag is actually “cx” and lower is better

Correct, the BMP-2 has better performing projectiles for their muzzle velocity / mass and almost triple the RoF.
The Bushmaster 30mm overheats slower.

cx should only be the drag constant, lower is better yes, but theres more to it than just the constant.

Probably yea.
The 20mm for example lacks this stat but also has extreme pen decrease at distance.
20mm DM63 loses 74% of its penetration across 2000m, 25mm APDS only loses 31%.
25mm is where rounds start having a Cx value.

What is that in comparison to other 30mm rounds in game?

So i make a theme:

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Why have the topic automatically close after 7 days?

Also, @FurinaBestArchon ight be a good idea to make the suggestion on the English forums unless you’d like to do it yourself @NER055

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So we even haven’t pre-moderation. 7 days is a rule for ru forum. I’d appreciate it if you could do that theme there:)


Either myself or Furina will then! I’ll talk to them about it, seeing as they know more about the Leo 2 than myself.

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The truth is that between 2A5 and 2A6 there is almost no difference currently. It would be great if they added an upgrade mod to the 2A6. Recycling would be good.


I don’t know why it hasn’t been brought up before, this is a great idea.

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