Leopard 2A7V discussion & bugs

You can pen it on level ground

you cannot.

Here’s the protection map for 3BM60 at 2km. Not sure what round they were using on their post, but it sure as hell doesn’t line up with what’s actually shown in-game.
image (3)


The protection map is totally irrelevant here!
The protection analysis though actually shows the truth.
APFSDS can penetrate the hull at 83° despite APFSDS having a 100% ricochet chance at 81° already.



Now let’s see their answer.


Aha :D

APFSDS ricochet has been bugged in the pen analysis for months?
This is a known issue and only proves why you shouldnt use pen analysis in these cases. The UFP is angled at 83 degrees and causes autoricochets.

In actual matches (the only situation that matters), your UFP is immune unless angled down.

On the 2A7V it isn’t, I’ve tested it in customs and it will not stop anything with OFL F1’s level of performance.

“consider camera vertical angle” is turned on in this image, you are aiming down on the UFP and causing a warped image of reality.

I’ve personally tested it and it was immune to everything except around the drivers hatch.

Looks like Gaijin has returned to their old ways, guess when they changed their tune after the review bomb it was just a temporary thing. Back to pissing everybody off

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“Immune to everything”

Sure thing buddy.

Any other Leopard 2 (apart from the PSO) has no problems from this range.


Dev server my beloved

Nothing changed between it and live for the upper plate, so that’s irrelevant.


Yeah the ufp doesn’t bounce still, even at 81-82 degrees its ridiculous. I’ve died several times due to this.

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The point is not what it is immune to, the point is that the armor of A7V is completely wrong bro

yeh it is.

KK just tested and seems like the autobounce is bugged still, unluckers. my bad.

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598mm at 100m killed loader, engine and transmition

Sure at this angle you can ricocheat ufp but from here you can easily shoot the turret ring, driver hatch and LFP so i still dont get your point. In very few situations do you have control about what angle your UFP is espeically so in urban enviroments.

You can even ricocheat into the turret ring from one spot. This is all in a custom game too.


Hm now i just wondering are they really imbecile or they just pretended to be one?
Swedish tender my A what is a god damn German tank have to do with Swedish tender?
maybe they don’t like to talk like normal people maybe action is what they want yeah and great job screwed over people that wasting time finding info for these guys