Leo 2a7v and 122b+

PSO-VT would be a downgrade, but still appreciated i’d say.
EMBT2017 would be a sidegrade if Gaijin would finally decide that the Leclerc can indeed load in 5 seconds, i hardly think we will see Leopards reload being lowered to 5 seconds, so the EMBT would give to Germany an alternative with a better reload, and to France an uparmoured MBT to use.

Regarding the light vehicles yes there are some stuff that can be added.

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if the normal pso and 2a7v get fixed , we are honestly fine for mbts for quitea good while i would say, we only need the lights. of course other nations need lights more urgently. but the 11.3 ones would be real nice


I want funny HX3 with 155mm gun on it. Eurotruck at it’s peak.

and i want working armor and not the worst possible “guestimate” for nato tanks
oh and fixed challengers…

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Nope, I have shot, and done prot analysis on those, where it says i pen, in game, i dont. Same angles, distances, heck, even at point blank i cant penetrate. So that picture is useless to prove a point

I can go into a game, right now and do this. If you and the 2A7V are on flat ground you can easily pen the middle of the UFP with ~600mm and less.

DM73 is exactly the same as DM63 penetration wise, just with a different propellant, and DM63 is pretty much DM53 with TIPS propellant, which lowers barrel wear to a similar number of shots to what DM33 had, temperature independent peak pressure in all climates etc. Penetration remains the same.

The DM73 maintains exactly the same penetrator of the DM63 currently in service,” Mr. Henselmann explains, “we worked only on the propulsion system, mainly to increase the combat range rather than to increase performances, as requested by the customer.


So the difference in this game, between 120mm DM53, 63 & 73 is ZERO. The only difference you see in penetration values is because of longer barrels, not because of different ammunition.


The 2A7V and 122s are absolutely busted lmao. It’s just that you are mostly a german main so you have nothing to compare it too.

50% winrate on my SEPv2 (with the F-16C in my lineup, so no 11.3 excuses) vs nearly 70% on my 2A7V. Surely that is a player issue lmao.

The thing that I disagree with on the OP is that these tanks should be nerfed. I’m much more in favor of adding the 2A7HU, Merkava Mk.4 Barak (with fixed armor ffs), Leclerc XLR (with fixed everything lmao), SEPv3 and vehicles for other nations to get those up to the same level as Germany and Sweden.

I’d be pretty sad to see those two nerfed even more, when their armour values can’t even match a goddamn prototype Germany created back in 1992 (no, in fact 122s do not match them either, despite their significantly better DM state compared to the 2A7V).

It’s just that you are mostly a german main so you have nothing to compare it too.

Type 90 is better. Trust. No cap. FR.


You are wrong, DM53 and Dm63 are the same yes, with Dm63 having a new propellant that makes it more stable yes.

But DM73 is a bit different, its Performance gets increased by 7%, yes it isnt much but sth. You know what that includes? A penetrarion increase and keeping more energy flying further.
Meaning the dart will have higher penetration at like 2km then DM53

What @SaekoB forgot to mention is that both DM63 & 73 also use SCBD, as such their chances for explosions are significantly smaller.

Additionally if the pending report for wrong density is acted upon, all projectiles based on DM53 will see a significant increase in penetration :))

Btw, DM63 is slower than DM53, as such, the faster flying DM73 will perform proportionally better, as its MV is higher than 53s.

Doesnt DM63 have the same “optimal” velocity as DM53 but isnt so sensitive to other climates? IIRC DM53 was slower than it should be at cold climates while being faster than it should be on hot climates

~1750m/s optimal (21C) for DM53 versus ~1720m/s optimal (21C) for DM63

~1780m/s optimal (21C) for DM73

Kinda doubt those 30m/s will make a difference ingame

They do, now as much as you think, but they do.

thats why i said 7%, doesnt feel like much, but it can still be a slight improvement overall at range

I doubt features like that are modeled in the game, might be wrong.

oh they are, rounds have they individual explosion chance and how much dmg they deal.
Thats why HE rounds are way deadlier to you if they explode etc

Well then, however the impact this will have is probably minimal.

leopards would become quite a bit more surviveable if we get DM63