Leopard 2A7V / 2A7HU discussion & bugs

Hi guys,
I’ll post all the relevant reports on the 2A7V (and 2A7HU) here so we can keep track of what has been fixed.

Problems with the tank and their current bug report status
Forwarded as a suggestion: 4/21
Acknowledged: 5/21
Rejected: 7/21
Pending: 4/21





Hopefully Gj fixes the 2a7v cause right now it feels more like a side grade

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Curr Version is already .17 afaik, so the “rework” didnt make it to live, atleast i cant see any difference.
We probably need to wait for the next patch.


Sad that the old thread got closed, its unlikely this one will get so much traction as the dev one.

But im suprised myself, i actualy have a good feeling about this.

For some reason…

Well we got do much disapointment the last 2 major updates, a bit more wont hurt

ah so the last part of pso composite is composite after all, i always wonder why they put 10mm of rha in the last part of composite array

“GuYs iTs jUsT ThE DeV SeRvEr, It wIlL Be fIxEd bY ReLeAsE”
Whenever someone says that, show them this or the 100 other examples.

This update should never have been released this week and there should have been another dev server instead.


It did.
The datamine is for .14 which is live server at the moment.
“Rework” is probably just fixing some of the most obvious problems like tracks being labeled as composite screen.

Smin recently stated that updates and reworks are still being worked on and should come sometime this or next week for most big things to be done. At least for now there is hope but playing the 2A7V just feels like a inferior strv 122b+, the improved thermals are nice but its like the extra hull armour isn’t even there.

they pushed this update live way too early, almost everything has issues

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Now the Germans can feel the pain of having a half arsed and unfinished top MBT. Doing much better than us though with 2.5 very good MBT’s and a supporting lineup.

U talking about the US here?

Added 3 more reports as pending

still waiting for the further update

also, great work on the summary, really thankful


Protection comparison between the 2A7V currently in the game, and the TVM in the Swedish trials (which had B-technology armour mind you, we have D-technology for the turret).

Green is protected.
Red is penetration.

Gaijin had one job, and they messed it up. They straight up artifically nerfed it to the ground.



Honestly quite amazing.

Wish they will let us know something today.

All the armour stats.

Thing of note;

  • beak still artificially nerfed

Absolutely agree. I don´t know why but this update was rushed as hell with a ton of bugs and errors with the new vehciles and they released with all of them. Seems like they thinked some like:

Gaijin employee 1: Oh they´re complaining about the nerf of the new vehicles and we cannot accept Germany having a good vehicle, we need to do something!.

Gaijin employee 2 Ok let´s put the update live already and if they complain we just answer with “we´re working on it” and they just gonna wait for nothing being fixed

Gaijin employee 1: Good thinking let’s do that and then we don’t have to give the new Leopard its real armor, the DU for the Abrams etc…


Where did you get these exact stats? I want to compare it with the 122B