Leopard 2A7V's UFP can be penetrated at 83º...?

Somehow, it appears as if the add-on armor is substracting protection, instead of, well, adding it.

APFSDS shells bounce off at 81º angles on every tank. However, 2A7’s UFP seems to be penetrated even at 83º angles.


Isn’t it the driver port?


It penetrates across the whole plate, I only chose that spot to show the absurdity of the whole crew dying to a 83º sloped plate impact hahahah

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It may be a new bug? VT-4 just got penetrated at more than 81° too


Happens to the abrams every day

Im convinced there is no slope overmatch for ricochet, or atleast it was removed for large caliber APFSDS since it only benefits Western MBTs. Its still in the stat cards though, but non functional

it seems it is possible for Strv 122s too
those 'composite screen’s seems to make this situation


Drivers port only on the Strv!
That is a common weakspot between the Leos.
Problem is that the Strv 122 actually ricochets on the rest of the hull roof while the German Leos don’t.


I made a bug report for this!


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already exists Community Bug Reporting System

Oh, my bad! I was just so astonished that the bug still remains after all this time that I was starting to think maybe it wasn’t reported xD.

pfff, well that would have required them to actualy fix anything yet

Reports for leopard 2a7v rn