Leopards w/ spall liners are way too op

might have to do with ussrs available wallet warrior line up of turms, 2s38, bmp 2m, T-80UK + whatever air shenanigans you wanna add

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As a wallet warrior/tryhard/whatever-slur-they-wanna-call-me, I can say that many of my losses these days in GER are due to one-death leavers in Leopard 2A7s, 2A5s, and very few Clickbaits. Russian T80BVMs still doing their zoomy thing and avoiding death because their ammo goes black every time I hit with DM53.

Yeah i remember those very disgusting and tbh i love see Russia getting stomp it satisfied my bloodlust very well if ask me do i feel bad for other nation that get in the crossfire? yes i do

Awwww who flag my truth fact does it hurt someone feeling?

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So lets do a recap of germain/sweden main arugmentation to keep their veichles OP:

  1. It is like that in real life so it should be in game
    -In real life russian teams should have 3x more tanks than you, so each tank can be used at least 3 times in a single game

  2. russian tanks have a strong ufp too all you have to do to kill a leopard is aim the weakspot
    -When you aim on a weakspot of a russian tank you are guaranteed to oneshot it 85% of times, specially on lfp and driver hatch or sides, meanwhile leopards already have a bigger space inside to disperse spall, more crew and more armor too all littered with spall liners everywhere making every penetrating hit a gamble, in fact most of the times the shell at best will kill 2 crews (if lucky)

  3. Bvm when released got higher winrate

  • This statement is no comment by itself but lets analize it to demolish completely their argument, the bvm is one tank that got this winrate for a while (still inferior to leopard in this situation) in this update we have sweden with at least 3 of them and germany with 1 and they usually end up in the same team
  1. win rate of tanks as someone stated STRV122 70% lecler 66% ariete 65% ztz99a 63% type 10 63% 2a7v 62% (doubt about that) merkava 62% challenger 3 58% t90m 55% m1a2 40%
    -Lets analyze this data, nato nations got a similar winrate, other tanks are basically carried by the fact they end up with germany and sweden most of the time, as we can see USA, USSR and Britain got a similar one because somehow they are going more times than not in same team with USSR against the rest

  2. Leopard 2a7v has almost the same weakspots of 2a5/6 against 3bm60
    -Fake for most part, the hull add-on armor usually end up shattering the round on ufp so the only weakspot is the lfp (unreliable)

  3. I don’t have problems dealing with leopards (and other personal, fake, experiences)
    -This statement don’t deserve my time

  4. The last one are people posting themself shooting leopards in protection analysis claiming is not op and can be killed easily aiming for weakspot

  • For some obscure reasons those people never post a gameplay against germany and sweden paired togheter where they do all the things the claim to be able to do.

Final considerations, they are exalted people who are trying to cover up the evident fact leopards can’t stay in this dominant condition to keep the gameplay alive, when you will get actual facts and proof under their nose the reply will probably be “skill issue and l2p” so the best we can do is let gaijin understand we don’t like this kind of gameplay and hope they wil listen to more unbiased players and revert some changes

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sure if they would explode everytime a single apfsds hits the ammo ;)
and would have to be attacking while nato tanks are waiting trenched? in

Im sorry all you have to do vs leopards is shoot driver hatch to kill 3 of 4 crewmembers…
And russian tanks 85% oneshot ? sorry what ? more like 40/60 except shooting drive sprocket? which seem to nuke it 9/10 times ( but that is not always possible…) shooting driver hatch will kill driver and engine the ammunition in between will remain unharmed because black magic i guess ?
And sideshots is weird because of ru era performance in general
because last time i checked 652mm pen is more then 200mm relic armor and still eats it like 5 out of 10
And the bigger space in leopards is meaningless if you still have that bs weakspot of driver hatch where 3 of 4 ppl sit behind ;)

I had to laugh so much lol
the 2a7v add on armor turns the auto shatter ufp into a penetrateable? area
as shown here by @Drag0oon in his post showing it with 598mm pen on 100mm penning the ufp lul

Anyway i like how people just ride all day on how op the 2a7v is while sweden have basicly 3 of them with even better armor lol

oh and with the reallife stuff you should be careful what you wish for
because then half of russian relic side era bags would
Either be empty or filled with rubber or egg cartons or smt


I’ll be happy for Brits to have Canadian Leopard 2A6M CAN since Challenger are really not a good tanks to play with

russian tanks already explode when something hit their ammo, all tanks have problems with ammo disappearing and not exploding but on russian one you notice it more because ammo always get hit
honestly i die everytime someone hit my driver hatch even with crew maxed out and qualificated with sl
And again, to kill 3-4 leopard crew you have to get a perfect shot that most of the time is impossible to have when all his team is searching for you or his hull is behind some cover,
Btw im talking about both nations as you can see in the previous comment, sweden and germany paired togheter is what it makes them OP (and the spall liner too)

ammo do not explode charges do so you are wrong here propelant is more simillar to dm63 one than you think

I will add that since then I have seen people pen the UFP often enough to make inconsistent compared to the Strv122s. Shells like 3BM60, DM53, Type 10 and M829A2 have all penned the “most armoured” area. :D

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you do realise that even rounds like 3bm42 etc have powder around it ?
Or do you want to tell me that this is just garbage to fill the space between round and casing? XD

most ru tanks that i killed in recent games where
Either crew knockouts or fuel explosion and rarely ammo racks because i stopped shooting at them
because of that funny rng moments


Last time I checked Russian ammo uses 4Zh40, 4Zh52 or 4Zh63 charges first used in the 1980 which are made up of HIGHLY combustible and sensitive components. You are claiming that there is a 25 YEAR difference between when the Soviets and Germany developed inert charges for their munitions.

There is also further charges around the APFSDS itself that are still highly combustible. There is no way that Russia developed a inert charge for its rounds and not advertise it to hell and back let alone not at all. There are also plenty of examples of this being untrue in Ukraine too, both with T90Ms and normal T72Bs and anything in-between.

You are lying.


damn, any idea how high that is ?
Maybe a new record ?

legends say it continued traveling up to the orbit and was the succesful start of russians tank space programm

Not one of those are ammoracks you troll
maybe first one with a big maybe
but i dont see a flying turret there btw…

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wow first picture of a destroyed leopard ( and i think its a turkish one hit by a kornet
Why move when you can stay alone in the open and play arty lul)

Anyway for each one of your pictures i could upload 50+ of ru tanks without a turret xD

Anyway thanks for proving that you run out of your initial post with leopards op bla bla and resort to derailing this thread more :)


the second one was a training accident in Poland where anover vehicle drove into the barrel

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Top leopard had a fuel fire which then turned into both a hull and turret bustle fire. This is not the same as a ammunition detonation.

The bottom leopard was in a training accident, these happen just as much with Russia as anyone one else.

Just like with Russian tanks, a good example of what happens when you don’t train your troops to effectively use equipment.

how about not lying