Leopard 2A7V / 2A7HU discussion & bugs

There’s a “Leopard 2 and its prototypes - Inaccuracies and Discussion” thread by @Toxindragon, but it doesn’t deal with vehicles like Strv 122 and its sub-variants, other than that, no.

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And the armor holes

another update, no leo, disappointed



Gaijin just refuses to give anything better armor than russia, or any rounds that could pen russian tanks lmao


It’s so fucking joever…

We have no reliable evidence that armor enhancements compared to the prototype submitted to the Swedish tender were ever carried out,

Old armor package tested in the swedish trials

New armor package - identical to whats found on the Strv 122.

Really “no reliable evidence”. Dont they know how what a modern Leopard 2 looks like? Why do they think they use the same armor as the TVM?

This is due to the fact that the Swedish versions of these tanks received their own, completely new, reinforced armor package of their own production, both in the hull and and on the turret

The same armor that the Leopard 2A5/6 later adopted? The TVM Mexas 3rd generation addon was never adopted.

so at this time we don’t believe that it’s possible to further enhance the protection of this tank

So they “believe” that Germany was incapable of replacing the hull armor with the same armor they used in the turret? That was developed in 1988?
Weird that we all have the statements that the internal armor was improved.

Leopard 2A7V presented in the game is based on the “B” package. However, according to the data we have, this is not the case

So the base armor without the addon provides the 600+ KE armor value that is known from D-tech? In game thats currently not reflected.

Really this is not even funny. Are they doing this on purpose?


“…As for the difference in protection between the Swedish versions of the Leopard 2 and the German Leopard 2A7V (the Swedish versions have more, which may seem illogical)…”

Gaijin: "Guys hear me out! Germany and US uses armor from the 80s up to this day (Source: Trust me)



@Toxindragon on suicide watch rn

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love that bullshit excuse to make sure taking the swedish trails for a tank that is 20 years newer now
And pretend like nothing changed xD

Using protection analysis lool
and not showing vs what kind of ammo lmao dm53 from L44 at 900mm ? or the swdish sl… m95 from strv with 589 pen at 0 meters
then it looks the same if you don’t consider the vertical angle

if you use the angle it looks a lot different :D

could be wrong so if yes tell me :D and i just delete that post
sorry i have no idea how to make spoilers in the new shitty forum :-/

And yes they said 600mm so i had to test a bit and took dm53 from the L44 because it was exactly 600 and the sl…95 because it was close to it…


I am SO done


currently i am gonna get the vilkas and then just quit war thunder for some time blatantly not worth playing


My SSD felt whole 50gb’s lighter all of the sudden.


Armor issues must be fixed! GAIJIN’s actions were completely intentional!


The information we provided is completely useless, right?

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He is completely fooling us…

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Well you see, Swedish Metal from 25 years ago is better from a 5? years old tank composite.
Like, honestly, go by logic, if the Leopard 2i armor made by Sweden was that good, why Germany decided to develop the 2A7V? To have worse protection? lol


Do they even play thier own game? The only way they got 600mm pen flat at 0m distnace is via the CV90120, using that its still wrong tho.

like what is this bullshit?


you are aiming down at the UFP there buddy, of course it goes through

I think we players should unite together to boycott gaijin and stop palying, like we did last time.