Leopard 2A7V / 2A7HU discussion & bugs

yeh it is.

KK just tested and seems like the autobounce is bugged still, unluckers. my bad.

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598mm at 100m killed loader, engine and transmition

Sure at this angle you can ricocheat ufp but from here you can easily shoot the turret ring, driver hatch and LFP so i still dont get your point. In very few situations do you have control about what angle your UFP is espeically so in urban enviroments.

You can even ricocheat into the turret ring from one spot. This is all in a custom game too.


Hm now i just wondering are they really imbecile or they just pretended to be one?
Swedish tender my A what is a god damn German tank have to do with Swedish tender?
maybe they don’t like to talk like normal people maybe action is what they want yeah and great job screwed over people that wasting time finding info for these guys

Regardless thats not the point of this thread, there are still issues like mobility, model errors or ammunition.

thx for all your work guys but the snail just wont listen

Can we not give up so easily?Please, every one of you players is a force, as long as we are united.We should unite with players from other countries.

Boycotts again? We forced their hand last time, i don’t think its gonna work a second time…


It won’t quite work this time, the last time it happened it was because of a change that affected basically everyone in the community. This only affects people who play top tier, so the boycott will have a limited effect methinks


So what other methods do we have?

except for leaking classified infos ?
Should we draw sticks who will leak them ?
Lmao :D

Nor will they accept documents that reveal secrets

I mean I have some rough ideas but they honestly will probably fail. I’ll still list them.

  • Some sort of a poll on how the community feels about Gaijin’s implementation of heavily researched bug reports. Also moving forward, what even is the point of making researched bug reports if they are poorly implemented or not even implemented at all?

  • mega list of underperforming aspects for nato mbts (ex. 2a7V still doesn’t bounce apfsds on ufp, no DU or D-tech…Leclerc armor still doing jack)

  • More resources spent on processing and implementing bugreports on Gaijins part. Currently it seems like no matter how many sources you have, even if God himself said so, it is not enough. ‘This is a secondary source’. Issue closed, not a bug.

  • More direct dialogue with the developers. The developers should actually read the bug report/suggestion, and spend time on the information that has been passed over to them. Some bug reports have even dozens of sources corroborating a fact and yet they are ignored, simply because they ‘believe it to not be so’.

  • Listing of sources used for changes made to vehicles in bugfixes and their reasoning.

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pretty do like post to get rid of stock HEAT poll do it seem to work

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Frustrating that german Leopards are that much worse than swedish ones, even if they’re almost 30 years more modern.


clearly all countrys are as backwards as russia…
Why make better armor if you can slap era/nera on top of it and say it stops 9000mm

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Screenshot 2023-12-21 201555
Screenshot 2023-12-21 201536

has someone made a bug report about this already? The original hullroof armor is 82° for both strv 122 and 2a7v its just the additional armor on top of it thats diffrent on the strv 122

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probably not because most seem to delete the game right now because of gaijins great “answer”

They are very reluctant to not give germany a tank with sufficient frontal hull armor that might bounce enemy standard shells. Its beyond me that its always worse than what russians or swedes have. Its on purpose.


I have made a poll relating to gaijins implementation of bug reports. I have little faith it will go anywhere, but eh