Leopard 2A6A3: "I'm the upgrade"

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To get quickly to the point, this suggestion is a proposal for adding the recently revealed A3 upgrade for the Leopard 2A6, but as a modification to the already in-game Leopard 2A6.


Even before the politically initiated upgrade leading to the 2A7V, a programme to eliminate obsolescence and weak points on the Leopard 2 fleet was initiated in order to ensure its usability and supply, i.e., operational readiness, in the future. The first approach was to introduce modifications of the 2A6M ‘+’ to the 155 Leopard 2A6/2A6A1 and 19 Leopard 2A5 tanks, which were undergoing conversion at the time.

Thus, the majority of the 2A5/2A6/2A6M fleet would be the same again logistically and for training, and operation, but would not have covered further modification need, nor the capability upgrade of the most modern version at the time, the 2A7. In consequence, and on the basis of the Leopard 2A7V, which was being developed then, a new assessment was made.

The new approach was to examine all modifications of the 2A7/2A7V as a possible measure for this programme, and to reduce the number of units to compensate. Accordingly, 51 Leopard 2A6s
and 50 Leopard 2A6Ms (i.e., about one third of the total fleet) will be upgraded under the heading of Maintaining Operational Readiness. No new demands were made other than be “like the 2A7V” whenever possible, so reasonable and economical.

This contract was signed in March 2019, and the first vehicle was handed over in July 2021. According to the delivery schedule, the conversion will be completed in 2025. In contrast to the Leopard 2A7V, the Leopard 2A6A3/2A6MA3 programme exclusively involves conversions for which vehicles have to be withdrawn from the active force. Faster processing would have further reduced the number of tanks available to units, something that would not have been justifiable.


Later on, 17 vehicles of this type would be scheduled for an upgrade to the Leopard 2A7A1 standard which include Trophy APS.


Main differences between the Leopard 2A6 & Leopard 2A6A3 are:

  • programmator for firing the DM11 HE-FS round (though, the Bundeswehr is replacing all the older L/55 cannons with the L/55A1, which has the programmator built in as a standard!).
  • SPECTUS driver camera (front & rear), with a thermal viewer for night driving.
  • ATTICA 3rd generation thermal camera for gunner & commander, mounted in EMES 15A2, and PERI R17A3 sights.
  • Additional armour plate for the hull roof; important to note, this plate is designed to deflect & shatter APFSDS (described as shatter plate by Frank Lobitz).

Miscellaneous differences:

  • L/55A1 allows for use of more modern APFSDS munitions (such as the recently unveiled DM73 APFSDS, and the upcoming DM83 APFSDS).
  • the tank has more boxes, which are always good :)
  • rear of the turret looks slightly different.
  • EMES received a weather protection just like on the 2A7Vs.




  • Crew: 4
  • Length: 10.97m
  • Width: 3.76m
  • Height: 3.03m
  • Weight: unknown as of today
  • Ground Clearance: 0.45m
  • Grade: 60%
  • Slope: 30%
  • Top speed: 68kph
  • Maximum reverse speed: 31kph
  • Cannon: Rheinmetall L/55 or L/55A1 with integrated programmator
  • Ammunition: DM63 APFSDS, DM73 APFSDS, DM83 APFSDS, DM11 HE-FS programmable
  • Engine: MTU MB 873 Ka-501 producing 1500hp at 2600rpm
  • Transmission: Renk HSWL 354 with 4 forward and 2 reverse gears (in the game it’s 8 forward and 4 reverse)


  • Gesamtwerk LEOPARD 2 Entwicklung, Einsatz und alle Varianten des Kampfpanzers Leopard 2 und der Leopard-2-Kampfunterstützungsfahrzeuge - Bundeswehr und International - by Frank Lobitz, Published by Tankograd.



+1 we need an actually good leo man…
they butchered my boi the 2A7V

how so?

Sure but not as a modification.

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just not as good as we expected it to be. the ufp sucks and the model is fairly accurate as a whole but its the little things that make us dissatisfied.


Gaijin.net // Issues
Gaijin.net // Issues
Gaijin.net // Issues
plus the devs statement about the armour being the same as a nearly 30 year old version of the tank in sweden:
[Development] Answering your concerns regarding spall liners, MBTs and Aircraft - News - War Thunder

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im no tech mods, so i cant really say much on those bug report progress.
But as an strv122 fanboy and my own research,
strv122 uses MEXAS and 2a7V should be using AMAP iirc

Fair but i think the main contention for players is the inconsistent standards of source information that gaijin accepts as well as the inconsistency in implementations of vehicles.

Not the most useful option at the moment, but as a future variety, why not. +1 from me

The Swedish version uses MEXAS-H tech-B, 2/3 generation of protection. Germany, as you noted, uses AMAP-B tech-D, 4/5 generation, with a nanocomposite.

The company artificially lowers armor values to make one gaming nation better than another. Although irl, the Swedish version is one of the worst at the moment


Leopard 2A6M A3 has gross vehicle weight of 63.9 tons - Tankograd Publishing: Militärfahrzeug Spezial 5093 - Fahrzeuge der Panzertruppe der Bundeswehr Heute, page 67
the version without the mine module will weigh slightly less.


Can you post that page?

I don’t have the book, but I have a low-quality screenshot.
Bez tytułu

2A6A3s weight would be 61.5 tons then… it’s making me think whether it also received D-technology armour now as well, since the shatter plate alone won’t be that heavy, and other improvements can’t account for such an increase.

Also looks like it also received new final drives (identical to 2A7Vs).


They are going to butcher every Leo 2AX they add new in game, due the wrong usage of swedish trials documments, this thing only show how, if Gaijin want Gaijin do, if they dont want trust me, they wont do it, even if you take the CEO and devs and put it inside the tank with the producer telling how, why, and with what protection they made the tank, they won’t change anything to it. They lied about “yes we hear the community” they lied about “a better armored leopard” they did nothing about “the Leopard 2 PSO issue” and much more… . At this point is just pathetic how they lie and laught about us (the community). I lost any kind of trust in this developer, even if they say “we´re going to add the EMBT to the game yey!!!” the only think im going to have are like: Another nerfed/bad implemented/modeled MBT for the game, probably using the armor of the 2A7V due at the wrong use of swedish trials documments yey!"


You also got one of those Frank Lobitz Leopard 2 books. Right in the moment I’m reading in it. 👌🏻

+1 L/55A1 and New Ammo sounds interesting.

+1 I absolute think this would be a great idea to see added to the game. While I don’t think Germany needs at this very moment another top MBT (to succeed the 2A7V to be precise, as much as I would love to have a 2A7+) I honestly think it would be nice to see this modification of the 2A6 in the game since it wouldn’t be a vehicle as strong as the 2A7V but have still have some of the nice improvements of the 2A7V. Heck I wouldn’t even mind if they made this a researchable modification for the 2A6 already in the game as it could remain at its current Br though I think a separate vehicle would be better. At the very least if Gaijin does add some intermediate Leopard 2 between the 2A7V and 2A6 (so not being particular if it should go before or after the PSO) prior to any that might follow the 2A7V I think this would be perfect, otherwise maybe in another year or two it might be suitable as a squadron, event, or premium vehicle.

+1 and i wish it can be added as modifiction for Leopard 2A6, just like T-72B3UBH of T-72B3, because i dont want to research another top tier Leopard with C-Tech hull

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If they won’t add it as a mod to 2A6 I would love to see it as it’s own Vic.

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