Leopard 2 MBT "Technologieträger": Advanced Technology Demonstrator

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Leopard 2 MBT “Technologieträger”: Advanced Technology Demonstrator


Hi and welcome to by 6th suggestion, which is about the MBT “Technologieträger” :popcorn:

After I already suggested other vehicles, mainly the russian Flankers, its time for something new, a Tank ! Since we finally received Hardkill APS in game along with Challanger 2 Black Night and T-55AMD-1, I think other Nations should get thiers to. This one is, in my opinion, Germanys easiest-to-impliement-option for a top tier MBT with Hardkill APS, since the base vehicle (Leopard 2PL / 2A4) and other parts (e.g. add-on armor) are already existing in game.

First of all:

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Basic Background

The emergence of the new Russian main battle tank T-14 Armata has shown that the German tanks are no longer up to date. The Ministry of Defense demanded the redevelopment of a Leopard successor. However, according to current estimates, this new tank should not be able to be introduced before 2030. But in addition to the constant improvement of the Leopard, currently in version 2A7(V), further research and development has already been carried out on the basis of the Leopard 2. As a result, the MBT Revolution is now emerging.


In addition to the chassis, the turret was also taken over from the Leopard 2A4 unchanged. On the other hand, the entire interior concept, optronics, fire control, communication and command technology as well as the main and secondary armament including self-protection systems have been completely redesigned and thus brought up to the latest state of the art.
In order to better protect the crew, not only was the armor improved, but some defense systems were also modernized or newly introduced. The tank has a new smoke machine with 40mm cartridges, which can now be fired manually or via the fire control system which can be triggert by the LWRs. In addition, the smoke throwers can be rotated separately, rotating the entire tower is no longer necessary. The resulting fog should also be denser and larger and thus be able to distract the enemy more.
The SEOSS enables accurate engagement of targets while on the move, both day and night and under conditions of limited visibility. It is equipped with a 2 axis stabilizer, 3rd gen thermal, high resolution camera and other useful features.
The core of the MBT “Technologieträger” is a standard Leopard 2A4 but upgraded to the Leopard “Evolution”-Standards, with massive additional AMAP armor on the turret, front and side hull. The turret armor is identical to that of the Leopard 2PL already in the game, the front hull armor was equipped with the armor package of the Swedish Strv 122, among other things.
According to sources, the sideskirts should have a protection of at least 600-700mm at a steering angle of 60° (this can possibly result in ~300mm at 90° / flat angle) against Chemical rounds. In tests, the AMAP sideskirts were able to withstand a tandem missile with up to 750mm pen at an angle of 90° (flat).


However, this is the 1st gen of AMAP, the protection of the 2nd gen AMAP is unknown, so I suggest the AMAP 1st gen for Leopard 2PL (which should have it in the game anyway) and MBT “Technologieträger” to use.
Against armor-piercing shells, the new AMAP-ADS (Advanced Modular Armor Protection - Active Defense System) was installed, which allows shells fired at the tank to be intercepted by directed energy projectiles.
Mounted on the turret is a 12.7mm machine gun operated by the loader in the tank. It is supported by new cameras with night vision devices and a laser-based distance meter.
The tank’s main weapon remains a 120mm L/55 cannon for the time being, which is now 1 meter longer than the L/44, thus increasing the projectile speed and thus the penetrating power. An upgrade to the L/51 130mm cannon is already planned by Rheinmetall.
Like the Leopard 2A6, which is already in the game, the "Technologieträger"´s L/55 fires with the same ammunition, thats including DM11, DM33, DM53, DM53A1 and DM63, as well as the new „PELE“ and “PELE-PEN”. The newly developed PELE is an inert cartridge. It contains no explosives and is therefore extremely safe to use. Upon hitting the target, the low-density material inside the projectile is compressed enough to rupture the warhead, resulting in a large number of fragments traveling solely in the projectile’s trajectory. This is particularly advantageous with semi-hard targets. PELE can be upgraded to dual-purpose ammunition or armor-piercing rounds.




There is a total of nine AMAP-ADS devices around the entire turret, equipped with three small multi-frequenzy pre-warning planar Radars, passive Electro-Optical Sensors and tactical Laser Radars, which have the advantage of almost not being detected by the enemy (since there radar signature is low) and the speed of the incoming threat is nearly irrelevant. The AMAP-ADS system is so far the only one that relies on “Opto-Electronically diractable energetic charges with low volume expansion” countermeasures, which pose almost no danger to people and animals in the immediate vicinity, in contrast to the Drozd system, whose splitter even at 1000m can still be dangerous in the distance. On the MBT “Technologieträger” there are four AMAP-ADS modules on each the right and left turret side, another one next to the main gun, while each module has only one charge.
The multi-frequency radars detect a threat 10m to 35m before impact, targets are attempted to be soft-killed here, the Electro-Optical Sensors cover everything in a range of 2m around the tank, 1m before impact the hardkill countermeasure is used to defeat the threat. The Sensors, Soft and Hardkill devices also cover the top of the tank, so aerial strikes can also be defeated as well.
The AMAP-ADS system is also being tested on Marder 1A3 and to a lesser extent at Boxer IFV as well as Lynx, in the side skirt mounted version known as “StrikeShield”.

Thanks for your time, hope you liked it - Little thanks to @Yoshi_E for helping out with information :D

[Will add more if there are some (more) important / declassified things]
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I will surely wait this in game, as fast as possible. Thanks for creating such theme :)


This would be an excellent MBT for Germany, with all the bells and whistles. I hope eventually we will see this being added, hopefully also with composite turret-armor which will not be destructable, unlike the standard Leopard 2A5+ spaced armor wedges. o7

Some more pictures



This would actually improve top tier experience for Germany. Considering base Leopard is still a 2A4, it would not be massively better than Strv 122 I think. In any case, would be nice addition


I didn’t see it here, or elsewhere, but were the gunner thermals upgraded? Would be a shame if they still had the 1st gen ones from the 80s…


“The SEOSS enables accurate engagement of targets while on the move, both day and night and under conditions of limited visibility. It is equipped with a 2 axis stabilizer, 3rd gen thermal, high resolution camera and other useful features”
There was in text


So that vehicle will be useful in game, but question how gaijin will do it armor.

I was under the impression SEOSS is the commander’s sight. I’m talking about the gunners sight.

So i don’t have information. Sorry:(

i neeeeeeeeeeeeeed it! +1


Tank waifu. This must be the coolest looking Leopard 2 variant and I want it so bad

That tank is fat.+1

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This or the 2a4 revolution/evolution after the leopard 2k pls


Lovely machine.

But surely will add as later as possible. Even if it will be…

We need that Tank now for the German Tech Tree
With his 120 mm l55 canon or the 130mm gun

It will be worse armor then sweden again. Because Gaijin didn’t find materials

Don’t worry, i shall send them a very strongly worded email in Swedish

+1 Add as soon as possible